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Our first wedding anniversary is coming up and I and my hubby would love to buy each other something very special, a vintage diamond pendant for me perhaps? I would love to buy my hubby a rather spectacular watch that will make him lost for words. Our anniversary is on July 19th and I am already stuck for ideas, any creative ideas will be much appreciated. All I know is that I want it to be a romantic and celebratory day.

As you all know I make fashion jewellery as a hobby and thoroughly enjoy doing so, however sometimes it’s nice to have the real deal. I’m talking diamonds! Now I know that many people are not fortunate enough to own diamonds, so it makes me feel quite superficial talking about this and I’m sorry, but I think every girl should have a diamond engagement ring, not massive so that it screams from a distance, but a nice elegant and respectable size. Take note gentlemen.

Also, even if I buy somebody something I always add a personal touch, I try to make it from the heart as much as possible. I take great pride in wrapping up gifts and try to make it look as cute or sleek as possible. There’s no point buying somebody a gorgeous watch and then handing it to the person in a plastic bag, which would be my worst nightmare. I know that sometimes it’s impossible to find the perfect gift bag, so what I do is buy a plain one and decorate it myself! Do you have any other tips on this matter?


Jo said…
I think depending on your budget you cannot go wrong with a Rolex Oyster, they are timeless and are handed down through generations of families. They are so much classier than alot of the wannabee copies. It's a sound investment!

Ana-Maria said…
The one year wedding anniversary sounds VERY exciting!

You shouldn't feel about about wanting a diamond. As a matter of fact diamonds vary in price even for "identical looking" ones. All that changes the price tag in a diamond are the angles at which they are cut; the material is always the same. A very expensive diamond is a very brilliant one. That diamond will have angles that permit a great deal of reflection of the light coming in. Yeah, so a bigger diamond could be a lot cheaper than a "perfect angled" smaller one. =)

Anyway, I hope you'll have an AMAZING time and you'll find a great watch. I'm not sure what your price range is for watches bur has some very reasonable watches.

Keep us updated on the plans =)!
Ana-Maria said…
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Tali said…
Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary!!

Men are impossible to shop for BUT when it comes to big presents/occasions.. you can never go wrong with a masculine but elegant watch. They are timeless can be passed down to children one day..

I study gemology at the moment im so fed up of diamonds (too many measurments involved)... but I think even if they are small a real diamond is always best, treasured and wanted (and every girl deserves to have at least one :) )

What are you planning to do for the big day?

Tali said…
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Anonymous said…
i think apart frm the watch you should do something like make a scarp book of your first married year together or something like that seeing as the first anniversary is paper. i know what you mean abut the diamond mine is a gorgeous tilogy but it took us ages to find it as i waned princess cut and apparently the grade of diamond to do that cut with has to be good and also ben became obsessed with getting the best cut,colour clarity etc but its stunning and wel wworth all the trouble. diamonds make a girl feel very special.
On our 1st anniversary, i booked a couple's massage/facial at a spa. It was so relaxing. And best of all we got to be in the same room. I also bought him a watch as well...Gucci. Couldn't afford a rolex at the time, maybe one day. Congrats!And most of all have fun and enjoy each other.
Muhsine Emin said…
aww thanks girls :)

@tali im not entirely sure yet, i would love to go abroad for the weekend but finances are so crap at the moment. x

@anonymous, a scrapbook idea sounds perfect :) i love thoughtful presents, it doesnt always have to cost much, sometimes a piece of paper with meaningful words is much more valuable than an expensive ring.

@mommylovesmakeup ahhhh a spa day would be PERFECT :)

Charlene said…
Aww, 1 year already? time flies!! :) A watch sounds like a really good idea! Especially if needs to change out now haha....but you've gotten some really good recommendations thus far, I say yes to Fossil, I too bought a very elegant one for my hubby for Christmas...and if you can't find that...a weekend of treats for you both, full of pampering sounds fitting!
Muhsine Emin said…
@Charlene I know, 1 year has gone sooo fast, i cant quite get my head around it :) thanks for the tips too xx
rufflesandrouge said…
sound very exciting - congrads :)

I feel the same way as you do about packaging - one year for the BF I wrapped his gift in a "newspaper" except it was actually a paper I had printed off the computer with pictures and faux articles about us
Kirsten Read said…
1 year goes in so fast huh? Ours was last month - I surprised my husband with a trip to Florence which is where he originally whisked me off to propose! Unfortunately while there I was unwell but our anniversary was still such a special day ... I was given a single diamond on its own so i can decide for myself what i would like to do with it and some designer goodies ... i love the idea of a memory scrapbook or a treasure hunt that leads him to something or somewhere special. We went a bit silly on gifts this anniversary but think it was just the novelty of celebrating our first year as a married couple xxx
Tali said…
Maybe you can have a weekedn in Windsor or Edinburgh(no clue how to spell).. its not abroad.. but its away. And more budget friendly! xx
dαnnεεl said…
Happy 1 year Anniversary!!!

What are you going to do for the big day? Going to dine at a fancy restaurant? or are you going to cook for him/cook with him? I always love to cook with my hubby. We enjoy cooking together.
Nisha said…
Dont feel bad, my hubby knows that Diamonds are a girls best friend and we are also trying to budget but us girls deserve the BEST!! A great gift wrapping technique i love is using wax paper... you get a really sexy transparent zen look for pennies, also I like to attach a fragrant flower like a lavender sprig or a nice orchid under the ribbon or twine!!

For my first anniversary we went to disney and I planned a great tasting platter for him, I included Fresh fruit and chocolate, caviar and nice wine, food in bed is always a fav!!

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