Olive Oil & Brown Sugar Exfoliator!

Don't ever go and buy an exfoliator again! Make your own!!!

I saw this natural tip on anaderol1977 natural skincare tips video and had to give it a try!

All you have to do is mix olive oil with brown sugar until you get a desired paste - Voila. How quick and even better how natural?

I have to say i'm in love with it, you can add more sugar if you want deeper exfoliation or less sugar if you prefer a gentle option. I made mine into quite a thick paste as I really wanted to shift those dead skin cells. I would recommend you do this once a week on your face and as often as you like on the body!


Catanya said…
A really yunmmy exfoliator! Will definitely try!
Ditzymakeup said…
Oh thanks for this will defo be trying it this week!
loveaudrey said…
How funny that I just posted about scrubs! I'm def gonna try this, thanks for the tip.
Kaz said…
wow, how moisturizing! i don't think this is ok for oily skin, though. probably for my rough patches on my elbow! thanks!
Carly said…
I need a good exfoliator, gonna try this out!
This same mix was on This Morning on Friday ;-)
Belle Du Jour said…
Great tip, its exactly like the FRESH exfoliator but for 1/8 of the price. Another good tip I use to exfoliate my lips in prep for a nude lip is vaseline and kosher sea salt. Works great! xx
Chrissy said…
I will do this once I run out of my exfoliator, but...olive oil is quite expensive! Eek. Here, at least. :( But I'll have to see. Wasn't it sticky??
I will be trying this :)

Anonymous said…
Thats what i use for scrub! all the time-except i use white suagr instead of brown-its the best i have come across-everything out there ruins my skin!


Aleksis said…
I used to just do sugar with water...but the water melts the sugar too much...I guess this is the answer I was looking for! :) I'm gonna try this tonight...I bet it smells pretty good too.
Wuschel said…
sounds like I need to give it a try too.
Lily G. said…
Oh wow, looks easy to do and works great. I need to try this!! Thanks for the tip!

Thanks for the tip! Can I use it for my face or should it be used only to exfoliate the body? XOXO, Marta
sherona said…
That is a great tip..
Last weekend I ran out of eyemakeup remover and I thought about the olive oil tip of yours.. so I bought pure olive oil and I wet a cotton ball with water and added a few drops of olive oil.. and voila.. my eyemakeup was gone :D
I also put it in my hair as a mask.. and honestly i think i am in love with olive oil.. because my hair is so soft and shines like crazy..

as for the scrub.. i was actually thinking about.. i currently use honey+ brown sugar and that works just fine..

thankss :D
amynicola_ox said…
i'm definitely going to try this! i love my fresh stuff with sugar in it, but this is purer & for a fractionof the price!!xx
bubblegarm said…
yayy im so glad u all like the idea :) xx
bubblegarm said…
@chrissy its not sticky at all, try it :)

@sherona yay im so glad ur loving it, olive oil is AMAZING!

@lipstick on the cup, u can use this on the face and body, I used it this morning and my skin feels amazing :)

ClassyDea66 said…
you just saved me a trip to any cosmetic related stores... I will definitely try this experiment and see how well it works... i bet it's way healthier for your skin than any other exfoliator!
Angie said…
Thanks for the tip. I'm supposed to be avoiding products that have a bunch of chemicals in them, which is really hard to find. I'll definitely give this a try.
tina_mbc said…
Actually that's a great idea, the very besics of any exfoliator, without any chemical stuff, and they are 100% natural and home-made? I 'm sold! lol :)

What a great tip. I use to use oils and castor sugar on my hands but hadn't heard about this before, especially not for your face. I'm trying it when I get home xxx
Gaby said…
I'm using this DIY scrub for months now, & it's working so well! My skin is so softer & smooth!

For even deeper exfoliation, you can use white sugar, & I like to add honey for moisture. (=
jagratti said…
I'v just come across your blog and I already love it! Have you tried using honey and coarse sea salt as a scrub? It works best if you rub it on dry skin and then jump into a hot bath. It's sticky but its worth it as the honey continues to moisturise and the bath smells lovely!

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