Outfit & FOTD!

Today was lovely and hot in London and here's what I wore...

Please note this photo was taken at the end of the day after I had applied tons of Ambre Solaire spray sunscreen as we went to the park for a couple of hours. I blotted my face a zillion times and removed lots of product in the process! Not perfect!

Face: BB Skin foundation, Mac msf natural, Mac matt bronzer, Nars Sertao blush.
Lips: Mac Oak lipliner and BB concealer dabbed.
Eyes: Mac blacktrack fluidline on upper and lower lashline and Max factor false lash effect mascara.

I tried to keep it nice and simple, usually I would use a cream bronzer or blusher in the summer, but it was so hot that I didnt want to look shiney and wanted my foundation to last all day - hence using the powder produocts. I still managed to look shiney as I was sweating alot and the sunscreen was quite oily :)

The BB skin foundation is lovely, I have been wearing it the past few days and I must say it gives good coverage, I don't even need concealer under my eyes anymore. This foundation however does not give you a glow, it just looks like natural skin, which is a good thing I suppose. It depends on the look you want to achieve. If you want an excellent foundation that gives you a glow then opt for Bobbi Browns moisture rich foundation my all time favourite!!

For my outfit, I chose this strappless cotton print dress, I loveeeee the colours!!

Dress: Ted Baker
Sandals: Topshop
Necklace: Lolicoco
Bangles: Accessorize

Bonus photos!! Me and my sunglasses, I don't usually wear them that much as I look like a right poser :) but I thought I would share with you what I look like in them! I have been told I need bigger sunglasses and I am now on the hunt :)

What did you wear today? Any tips on staying cool?


J said…
You look stunning, love that dress. x
Muhsine Emin said…
thanks hun :) ur v kind xx
Love the dress....

I use modelco moisture milk in the heat - It's gorgeous, and smells amazing.
i actually love the ''simple look'' it looks great on you.. so glad you are liking the bb skin foundation..

today i wore: bermuda jeans shorts
black t-shirt and black slippers.. very simple.. with big earrings..

on my face: bb stick foundation, tan cream blush nyx,natural lipliner nyx,foundation on the lips topped of with natural lipgloss nyx and loads of mascara.. my new favorite is miss sporty.. so cheap but works wonders..

please check ur bubblegarm email :D

LottieE said…
You look gorgeous!! Please could you maybe do a blog post on how you do the height in your hair with a headband? x x x
fantastic said…
hey girly! you look great :) i wore leggings and a boyfriend tee..the weather here doesn´t allow much more! hehehe..

oh, and there´s an accesorize that i just found up the street from the hotel, so i´ll be checking that out as we don´t have one at home!
Belle Du Jour said…
you are adorable!
Unknown said…
You look fresh and gorgeous :)
gio said…
You look gorgeous! Nice dress!
but in the neutral colours

i bought it for a wedding!!

very pretty!! :)
Unknown said…
You look lovely and summery! I too use BB skin foundation but find that applied over BB tinted moisturiser it is a bit more glowy :) x
ditzymakeup said…
Soooo pretty love the dress!
Muhsine Emin said…
thanks girls for your lovely words :) its lovely to hear what you were all wearing too. xx
Jo said…
You look fabulous Muhsine and that dress couldn't be more 'you' if it tried!! You inspire me to try new things! J x
Natalya said…
I love the dress! I also think the dark hair suits you so well :). Are you liking it more now?
LOVE your outfit!! :)
Alexandra said…
I really love this, and your hair is looking so nice and healthy!
Muhsine Emin said…
thanks girls xxxx

@Natalya funny u should say that :) about 15 minutes ago i decided i wanted it lighter again lol but im still not sure, :) xx
GiGi said…
You look great. Love the dress & shoes! I think you have better weather in the UK than we do in LA!
Crissy said…
I love the dress.

I've noticed a simple updo is good. I never really noticed til I chopped my hair. Soo much cooler lol
Anonymous said…
hey girl
u look HOT ... i love the dress and ur eyebrows r sooo nice they r suit u r face perfectly .. do u do them ur self or get them done by a pro , if u do them u r self .. would u consider doing a tutorial or some tips on how u get them like this for u r readers .. i would love to learn from u ... thanks
. said…
cute outfit! Love the dress.
Tina A. said…
Great great outfit, and lovely makeup - stunner as always girl! ;)

Charlene said…
you look so lovely! i love the dress too, and i love your makeup...so nice and fresh looking....and the hair~~ LOVE!!!

Oh and yes, u would look hot in like bigger almost oversized, squared but rounded at the edges, frames with colours...like a purple..hehe just a thought :)
I have those sandals in black.
I love the color you have tho!
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks girls :)

@anonymous (ROSE) thank u very much, i actually do them myself with a tweezer - there are plenty of great tips on YT but if thats not enough i will do some tips of my own :)

@charlene thanks hun yes shades like that will be perfect :)

llorona said…
Hi bubble garm

I want to say all my comments in one :D
First you look very cute in that dress and lovely sandals too :) I love the new style of your blog, white and lovely pictures. Also it is nice to see all of your mac propan eyeshadows, which is very useful for me before I go abroad soon. And it is very fun to see such great collections (gözlerimiz bayram etti :D)
Muhsine Emin said…
@iiorona :) cok sevindim, thank u very much! x
Anonymous said…
This is my favourite hairstyle
Anna Saccone said…
I love the colours in the dress! Also the shoes are very pretty! xoxo

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