Another DIY Bangle

Here's another idea, you don't just have to use a floral print. You can use two different coloured fabrics and create your own pattern!

It's the same procedure, but this time overlapping the two strips.

I had been looking for a bright orange / coral bangle for ages, now I have one that nobody has! :)

Here's an outfit styled with the bangle!


This one looks pretty too!
glamour rouge said…
Cute! great idea! I think im gonna try always in fabric shops! please feel free to check out my blog..glamourrougenotes.blogspot xx
MissGlamTan said…
Show us some clothing you have made or a step to step guide too-loving these posts babe!!!xxx
SO CREATIVE.. I like these kinds of DIY posts..just as the lipstick ones..

thanks so much


ps. you have brought my mum to some ideas as well :D
Muhsine Emin said…
@missglamtan i'll do my best! :)

@sherona glad i could be of service :D
R.C. said…
so cool! Very cool and simple idea!
Unknown said…
That's gorgeous - you've got a great eye for colour. Can I just add that this works brilliantly for headbands too :o)
Muhsine Emin said…
Omg Elizabeth, I'm going to do a headband too now lol :)
Sunnie said…
Hmm... might have to pop into the fabric shop today. Absolutely gorgeous!
Anna Saccone said…
My goodness, I have so much to catch up on!! ;) This is gorgeous, I love the colours! xoxo
Muhsine Emin said…
thanks girls,

anna i did alot of blogging over the past few days :D
Viva La Fashion said…
thanks for the great idea!

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