FOTN and Outfit

Project clear skin has been going immensely well, my skin is looking better for not wearing foundation or tinted moisturiser on a daily basis, I am not pulling and tugging at my skin every night to get the "slap" off. I feel much better for it! The honey has been amazing on my skin, I don't actually feel uncomfortable not wearing makeup anymore, the texture and scars are improving drastically - I have had no new spots. I also don't need to over moisturise my skin anymore as the honey is making it feel hydrated - therefore it's preventing me from getting tiny pimples on my cheeks.

I am currently using Rowse pure honey in a squeeze tub - no mess!

I must also stress that I have been on a SUPER healthy diet and exercising regularly, so basically all of these changes have had a positive impact!

Last night I went out as it was a special night, and I needed "smokey eyes", I refused to go out without my "slap" :) FYI: These photos were taken when we got back home!

Here's what I wore on my face:

BB Tinted moisturiser - Only a teeny tiny bit, usually I would use 3X this amount!
Boing concealer only under the eyes.
Mac msf natural applied with 187 brush.
Nars Laguna applied with 187 brush.
Nars Sertao as blush.

I would never normally use a 187 to apply my msf or Laguna, but I wanted a light application for a natural look. I would usually use my 134, I have to say I was impressed, as it didn't look "too much", I will be pulling this trick more often!

On my eyes I wore:

All shadows from Urban Decay book of shadows!

Mayhem all over the lid and lower lashline, Perversion in the crease and Grifter on inner corners. (Mayhem is my favourite colour from the book of shadows)

Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero, on upper and lower lashline and Mac Zoomlash mascara.

On the lips I wore, Gosh Darling lipstick, and a dab of Too faced lip injection extreme teamed with L'oreal Cappuccino lipliner.

And finally here's what I wore....

Dress/top: Zara
Leggings: New Look
Belt: Armani Exchange
Shoes: New Look
Clutch: Vintage
Earrings: DP

My outfit was not too summery as we are now having a phase of "crap" weather. I felt really comfortable in what i was wearing, my figure feels much more "me" as opposed to the uncomfortable bloated feeling I had a few weeks ago, please note: I am not on some crazy diet, but I have eliminated all junk and am eating 3 good meals and healthy snacks everyday. I haven't actually weighed myself yet but my clothes aren't as tight anymore which is highly satisfying! xXx


Anonymous said…
You go girl! It's surprising how much you actually feel better for just cutting out the crap from your diet!

I'm trying my best to do the same - I feel so bloated right now and my skin isn't behaving itself at all.

Lala said…
you = beautiful!!

I love honey mask (does wonders)
I've been laying low using foundation as well, because it does take a tall on the skin.

adorable outfit (did a similar look last w/ *short sleeves and no belt*).
Unknown said…
Very beautiful! Your skin looks wonderful!
Unknown said…
I can see the difference in your skin. Keep up with the good work. I bought some organic honey on Thurs. Gonna start using it tomorrow :-)

Nice outfit too x
luckymirai said…
first of all. I love this ensemble and purple looks great on you. I love that color and the dangling is very pretty ! I have that dress in black and now I wished I got the purple too. I like the belt and I think I have to find a nice belt.thanks for reminding me. your makeup is a work of art. you are simply amazing ! xoxo

P.S. I'm glad I'm not the only one trying to be in shape right now. I've been going to the gym and trying to lose some weight.Goodluck to us. your figure is very good though.
Muhsine Emin said…
@magpiesparkles thanks emma :) it's all connected, once u tackle the food it shows in your skin, thanks for the support :) xxx

@lala thank u so much sweetie :) xx

@catanya thank u :)xx

@vex in the city yay, i wasnt sure if the camera lights would pick it up, its less bumby and angry :) yay for honey! xx
Muhsine Emin said…
@luckymirai thank u so much :) that's really encouraging! The dress is lovely, very versatile! good luck with your excercise, it will all pay off, I think in a couple of weeks I will feel much much better :) xXx
Kate said…
Your skin looks fantastic! I'm definately going to have to try the honey.

Naomi said…
Honey masks are awesome because they are hydrating like you said but also because it has anti-bacterial properties which could be why you're also noticing a change in your skin.

The outfit you wore is fab and you look so beautiful and happy.
Alexandra said…
I have to say....your skin looks the best here that I've seen so you must be doing something right! That outfit is sooo cute!
London Darling said…
Looking gorgeous as always. Purple is my favourite colour, and you're doing it well girl! x
Muhsine, your skin looks radiant and you look hot! I don't think you could ever look bad. xxN
MichĂ©lle said…
Your skin looks flawless!
Tell me/us about your diet? What have you done? You look amazing, but then again I always think you do! :)
xo Michelle
Unknown said…
Gorgeous! Your skin is looking really good, and purple really suits you!

I am having a no makeup weekend and if my skin looks half as good as yours I will be a happy girl! xx
Muhsine Emin said…
@katelovesmac thank u :)

@naomialecia thank u, hooney is just amazing, the antiseptic properties work wonders!

@aleksis thank u so much sweetie :) thats very motivating :)

@londondarling thank u :)

@nadia u are very kind hun :)

@michelle thank u soo much :) im not eating any junk / processed food with any additives or artifical sweetners! just a healthy mix of protein, carbs and fruit and veg! no coffee, fizzy drinks, alcohol or smoking! xxxx
Muhsine Emin said…
@jo thanks girl, a no makeup weekend sounds amazing :) combine it with the honey and ur skin will thank u for it :) xxx
SparklesandBows said…
Omg you look amazingggg!
Your skin is looking absolutely perfect and the makeup and outfit are fabulous!!!

I am jealous!!!


So beautiful!
J said…
You look stunning!! Purple looks great on you x
Unknown said…
Thanks so much for your honey mask tip- my skin has definitely improved! :)
Muhsine Emin said…
@whitebutterfly thanks hun :) ur very very kind :)

@janaka thank u sweetie

@Lisa i'm so glad to hear it, people should talk about honey more often, big companies dont beacuse it will make them lose money!

Rosa Adores... said…
you look so pretty! i love your shoes by the way and i think i will definitely be trying out the honey mask :)
Anonymous said…
your skin looks amazing! and your outfit and makeup are beautiful as usual! :)
Muhsine Emin said…
thank u so much :) xXx
Unknown said…
Sooo gorjus... always!
Unknown said…
you look so good! and the outift flatters your body shape very nicely. im glad you feel comfortable. also awesome fotd.
Tali said…
Gorgeous as always!!
Your skin looks amazing!
Healthy and glowing!
Muhsine Emin said…
@shirley thank u hun :)

@becky thanks hun, soon i will be comfortable in anything and can do more exciting outfit posts :)

@Tali thanks hun :) xxx
fantastic said…
Love the outfit on you--you look great! Today will be my 3rd day of honey, and it has been fantastically moisturizing for me. It's great to go back to the basics--thank you! xo
Natalie said…
You are so beautiful!

I've been using masks on my face ever since I read your post about honey, so my skin is looking so much better! Thanks to you :)
mim said…
you look amazing!!!! Talk about awesome skin ;p I think your healthy diet and good skincare is wonderful!
Javy said…
you look gorg in purple!! its amazing how much good it does your body to workout and eat better, haha my skin is so much clearer too from not eating junk, drinking my water, and not wearing foundation everyday. keep up the awesome work!
mim said…
you look amazing!!!! Talk about awesome skin ;p I think your healthy diet and good skincare is wonderful!
SweetTea said…
pursebuzz did a purple look on youtube today! btw the two of you im feeling the inspiration! think i will do something with nocturnelle today:)
GiGi said…
I love the purple. It looks great on you. You look amazing as always!
Muhsine Emin said…
@fantastic thanks hun :) i think me and u have the same kind of skin type, glad to hear the honeys working for you xx

@nattyngeorge thank u v much :) glad to hear it x

@mim thank you, a combination of the honey and healthy diet is working wonders definately :)

@javvy thank you, keep up the good work too :) x

@sweet tea it must be a sign for u, go and wear purple :) xx

@GiGi thank u :) x
I LOVE IT!!!! I think I say that almost everytime.. but I really love it.. You can really tell that you feel more confident.. It just shows :D

That outfit is something I would wear.. It is so stylish and you have an amazing figure..

Muhsine Emin said…
@sherona thanks hun :) i stand more confidently now that I feel it :) u have always been good motivation, thank u :) xx
. said…
Yay for your skin!! Love that outfit, and you look gorg!
MEVISH said…
Gorgeous!! I always love your style :)xxx

Lauren said…
i love this outfit, and your earrings are beautiful! i must try the honey mask too. love your blog - i've just started one of my own, have a look if you get the chance! xx
No One said…
the color purple definitely suits you! i'm actually running to the supermarket today to pick up some honey because my face has broken.

your make-up looks fantastic!
ditzymakeup said…
Purple REALLY suits you!... then again anything suits you!!
Your so pretty!

LOVE LOVE LOVE them earrings!!
Glazey Baby said…
HELLOOOOOOOOO..Someone is looking mighty fine here!! I love your outfit, you look HOT!!!
Your skin always looked awesome to me =) but I'm glad you feel better from reducing the makeup and everything make me want to run out and a get a jar of honey!! =)
Muhsine Emin said…
thanks girls, u have all really brightened up my day *big smiles* :))) xxx
Beth Bentley said…
i love that picture, probably one of my favorites!
Anna Saccone said…
You look beautiful! Purple is a great colour on you! xoxo Anna
Muhsine Emin said…
thanks beth and anna :) xx
love the outfit! u look good
missmascara1983 said…
You look gawgus! I have those earrings and so many people comment on them.xx
Tina A. said…
Your skin is glowing!!!

Looove your earrings!

And I totally agree about the 187, I find it totally spares you from the occasional muddy look when applying the bronzers...;)

Charlene said…
Hey hon I am so happy for you, your skin, your body, you are a true testimony that once we want something we find ways to make it happen! You look amazing!!!! :)

Ttyl hottie
Muhsine Emin said…
Thank you all SOOOO much :) xxx
Anonymous said…
gorgeous us usual. love the outfit
Victoria said…
Stunning. Your skin looks perfect. I need to be more healthy. My skin reflects my diet = crap!! x
362436 said…
Lovin' the shoes and outfit!
TheDolceGirl said…
Hey dear,great look and your make up looks amazing!!
I am glad that i found your blog!
You are soo pretty!!!

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