Project - Clear Skin

I'm limiting the amount of makeup I use, I will only be wearing 5 makeup products on my face in a bid to rescue my skin! I have decided I wear far too much makeup on a daily basis and it's a real hassle to remove everyday, which is actually quite worrying for the damage I'm causing. I really don't want premature aging.

I also want to give my skin a break, as I'm really frustrated that I actually now HAVE to wear foundation / tinted moisturiser to cover up my scars. This whole procedure started just before I got married, so about 1 year ago.

Basically I'm not going to wear foundation or a tinted moisturiser!

For the past year I have been getting hormonal breakouts every month around the sides of my face. It's actually really disturbing and looks really disgusting. I'm hoping the limitation of makeup will help clear up some of it and make me feel better.

Below is a photo of me just before my outburst of spots, I have no concealer, foundation - nothing. Just face cream and lipstick. My skin was actually FLAWLESS!

My makeup routine 1 year ago only consisted of Benetint on cheeks and lips. Lip gloss, mascara and some cream eyeshadow if I was feeling adventurous! I really want to go back to this kind of makeup routine!



1) Lip products

2) Under eye concealer

3) Mascara

4) Cream blush

5) Eyeliner

I will be putting this plan into action, as of today and will conclude the outcome in a month! I will however make exceptions for special occasions, like birthdays and anniversary's :) I will keep you updated. I am probably going to regret this as my skin is looking awful and I can feel new pimples forming :( But, hopefully this will improve the way my skin looks and functions.

If you wear too much makeup and are sick of your spots and scared of premature aging, why not join me?

I will be doing an updated skincare regime shortly. X


Anonymous said…
I want to join you, I have young skin and I want to keep it this way. I'll post something like this on my blog & link it back to yours.

<3 Good Luck
Muhsine Emin said…
@Olivia yes i want to keep mine this way too, i'm terrified of wrinkles :) x
fantastic said…
I get so paranoid about premature aging as lovely shadow looks anymore? I'm excited to see everything clear up for you! You'll feel your best! xx
Muhsine Emin said…
@fantastic not on a daily basis, obviously if i'm going out somewhere nice i will use some eyeshadow :) but i dont want to get in a habit of using it like I have been! And everytime i use eyeshadow i will blog about it :) x
I only get bad breakouts round my jaw area and it does seem to get worse around the 'time of the month' :( I switched to mineral foundation as I read it could help heal your skin and i think it's helped abit but not much. I pile it on to try to hide the red spots/scars but in the long run piling on makeup must be making it worse. Vicious cycle lol! Think i will have to consider less makeup too! Or a healthier diet maybe lol xXx
Muhsine Emin said…
@lucifire u tried mineral makeup and got an allergic reaction, plus I don't like the idea if rubbing powder into my skin :( good luck with the healthier eating! X
Anonymous said…
Awwww good luck hunni. How does removing make up cause premature aging?
Unknown said…
Wow Bubble, so brave of you!! I feel like you right now, but I feel naked if I do not put concealer over my spots and scars. So I cannot leave the house without it!! I would be scared to show my face. Anyway, your skin is amazing at any time.
Daniela said…
I started something similar to this a couple weeks ago so we think alike! :) I just simply got tired of having to put foundation on in order for my skin to look flawless. It would be nice to have flawless skin all the time, without having to use makeup as a crutch. Anyone can look great with a ton of makeup on, but do we really want to be a slave to our foundations and concealers?

So right now, I've switched from buying cosmetics to buying skin care products. Do you know of any great skin care lines? I recently found the best scrub in the world; it's the men's Zirh Scrub. Anyway, good luck with your mission!
Unknown said…
I would love to join you but I really don't have the confidence to not pile on the warpaint! You're recommendation of Neals Yard has helped me so much and I do find using less facial products helps too. Good luck! I will look forward to your updates! :) xx
Ana-Maria said…
Oh, you know, I had the same problem. A while back I got into this makeup vibe and I started using tinted moisturizer... among loads of other things. My face then started to break out around the chin area. It was quite bad and those weren't regular pimples. I stopped using the MAC tinted moisturizer that I was using and only applied concealer and a small amount of powder(to set the concealer) to cover the bumps. It took a WHILE for the pimples to stop reappearing. Change your moisturiser, wash all your brushes and when you're home, keep your skin makeup free. I was just thinking the other day how foundation is like a drug. Once you start using it, your skin goes bad and then you need to use it all the time to cover the damage.

Good luck!
Daisy said…
Great idea! Your skin looks amazing in that photo. Looking forward to hearing about how you get on! x
Muhsine Emin said…
thanks for the support girls...

@legs11 ullibg and tugging ur skin, specifically round the eye area.

@daniela good for u :) I will be doing an updated skin care regime soon, keep an eye out for that

@ana marie very well said!!!

ur skin looks really flawless in that picture.. and that without a foundation or concealer, I know why your having such a hard time, because it really looked so flawless, like photoshop flawless :D

So if you need to do this, in order to make ur skin healthier and clear of bumps, you totally should to it.. and I will be totally supportive of you..

It also doesn't matter if we get less FOTD's because we all hope that by the end of the month you will feel a bit more confident with ur skin.. and that ur skin clears up

I have been thinking about this for quite some time and I will try to see if I will be able to keep on doing this for a month..

good luck sweetyy!!

ps.. try the honey for heavens sake :P

Muhsine Emin said…
@sherona thanks for the support :) I will still do fotd but they won't be that exciting :) hopefully this helps! XxxxxX
Lush19 said…
Good luck sweetie. I admire you for this! Your skin looks flawless.
mizzworthy said…
Good luck! I am looking forward to seeing how this goes for you hun! xxx
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks girls... I'm looking forward to the end result... Not the process :) x
Belle Du Jour said…
Good luck, sometimes the simplest things work. Sometimes I realize that if i just stop with all the lotions and potions my skin clears up and goes back to normal.

I have found something amazing though, have you heard of BB creams?
WinterBlossom said…
I got really bad ache after studying for my exams and I've tried many things to try get rid of it. I'm now taking prescribed medication again for it but also I'm limiting myself to tinted moisturiser, lip balm and mascara. I think its helping A LOT. good luck to you. Is benetint anygood? xxx
Muhsine Emin said…
@belledujour yep, less is more! And no, what's BB cream?
Btw I can't comment on ur blog, ur last fotd was awesome!

@winterblossom yeh it's great, there's alot of dupes out there tho... I don't love it as much as I used to... But my obsession might start all over again :)
Unknown said…
I noticed a breakout around my chin area today - not sexy!

Do yu drink loads of water? I've been drinking 2 litres daily for the past 2 weeks and I HAVE noticed a big difference. I dunno whether my skin is pushing out a last min load of crap at the moment but the blemishes around me chin actually had me whining in front of the mirror an hour ago as I took my face off!

Good luck!
Alexandra said…
Sorry about your breakouts hon! I have been breaking so bad on my forehead...I have been trying to drink a lot more water and I simplified my makeup/cleansing routine drastically...are your neal's yard products still working okay? Switching over to mineral makeup helped a lot, but not as much as not wearing makeup at all...I will join you when I of right now living in South Florida it's not ideal to not wear makeup because my minerals help keep me shine free, but my skin does great on it's own up north! Good luck! :)
....... said…
Iv been doing this for a while now, using only mascara, tinted moisturiser and a lip balm to work to try to rest my skin up.

But if i go out i will slap it on!

Iv got a week off of work this week and am using a no make up plan! just moisturisng, eating fruit and veg and drinking lots of water!!

Lets hope it works!
good luck for this project. I have been thinking about doing a similar project. since I was a teen my skin was never flawless. and I just started to get into this whole makeup thing. but I don't have the courage to leave the house without anything on my face. so I will postpone this project until august since I will have the whole month off.
Tali said…
Good luck!!! I cant believe your doing this lol.. all that make-up you own will be sitting in its box waiting for a weak day! :P xx
Moni said…
hi bublegarm,

your idea is great. I do think wearing too much foundation and powders does break out the skin. However I noticed that what I eat also influences the condition of the skin on my face. Stay away from acidic foods (such as oranges, coke etc) drink plenty of green tea and eat some raw salmon sushi (fish meat and oil are the best source of colagen).

Good luck and hope this helped:)
GinaG said…
I'm always on project clear skin! But your theory about wearing too much makeup is probably true.
I really recommend taking evening primrose oil to help balance hormones - since taking this my chin area has been sooo much clearer. good luck. xx
Emma. said…
your skin looks amazing youve got such an even skin tone. i would love to be able to wear no makeup but i have acne scars and redness in my skin. do u have any recs on how to get rid of this? cant wait to see if you notice any changes =) good luck
SweetTea said…
Good luck with Project Clear Skin! I think since its summertime its a really good time for me to try this as well! :)
Anonymous said…
I know how you feel, my skin's been breaking out a lot too lately and I'm tired of covering it with foundation. I have noticed that the less amount of skincare products I use the less my skin breaks out. Btw your skin looks so beautiful and glowy in that pic, do you remember what moisturizer you used? :)
362436 said…
You must know that you have flawless skin. I stand by you for "Project-Clear Skin". I tried that before and I lasted a day! LOL! good luck!
Niki said…
Yay for less makeup! I always think that less is more and we have to keep out skin HEALTHY!! :) Let us know how it works out for you!

You should check out my blog as well:
lashikakool said…
Oh my, I stopped wearing foundation too about a month ago and I notice I wasnt breaking out as bad. I'm 33 and I too am terrified of seeing wrinkles I'm just not ready for that. Well who is? As per your hormonal changes maybe your b/c pill might have some to do with it. I know they're suppose to help with the acne, but in my case when i started taking them my face was getting constant painful cystic pimples until I decided the hell with them and my face was back to normal.
luckymirai said…
I've been doing this for almost a yr. now. It just feels so good when you dont use heavy makeup. I will continue to do this and I am with you.
...'A'... said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
...'A'... said…
I think you're prettier without tons of makeup. Let your natural beauty shines through! :-)
Tina A. said…
Good luck girl!
You 've totally inspired me to start sth similar! :)

Hannah said…
great idea, good luck in improving your skin.
I am scared of wrinkles too. :S
Muhsine Emin said…
Woaaah thanks for ur support girls, I know i'm brave but it has to be done :) thanks for all of your comments!

@vexinthecity yes i drink load sof water :) xx

@Moni thanks, i try my best to eat healthily and I only drink fizzy drinks or coffee one a year! didnt know i should avoid oranges! will keep that in mind!

@ginag right i will pick evening primrose oil up when i get a chance, thanks :)

@rosa yes, i used to use the blue tin nivea.

Jo said…
I'm with you on this one! I just spent a couple of weeks in a surfing community where the girls wear little to no make up and they all have amazing skin which has inspired me to stop slapping it on, this also means I get longer in bed in the morning yey! I'm just wearing concealer, mascara and cream blush, yep,thats it! I probably look horrific but hey ho x
ive been doing this for a couple of weeks now and its working really well!!
Charlene said…
yeah girl your skin will thank u! :) this should help tremendously, btw ur skin is beautiful in that pic, talk to ur skin, say skin u are so gorgeous, i love u :) :) xoxo
Hafuusa said…
Girl you don't need all that makeup, I think you will look gorg with the alloted makeup! Keep us updated!
Anonymous said…
Hi! Just found your blog and I am really enjoying it! I feel your pain on the hormonal skin issues and I commend you for cutting out all the makeup. I recently found out (I'm probably the only one who did not know this) that hormonal acne manifests itself on the lower half of the face ie. chin and jaw line...which is, of course, where all my acne was. Well someone suggested that I start taking Maca, which is an herbal supplement that supports hormonal balance. You can put a couple teaspoons in a morning smoothie or you can get it in capsule form at health food stores (this is what I do). I have been using it for about a month and my acne has completely cleared up! Still have scarring, but they will eventually fade. Hope this helps and good luck!
Crissy said…
I'm going to join.
My skin has gotten worse:(
Muhsine Emin said…
thanks for the motivation and suppoort girlies xx

@charlene i will speak to my skin :D

@livelovethinkgolden thanks that helped alot, will check it out. x

@crissy u are more than welcome! xx
Andi said…
I would rather look into something like Retin-A (combats acne AND has scientifically proven anti-aging properites) and buying a great sunscreen with high UVA protection (high PPD). Wearing too much makuep is not the main cause of premature aging, 80% of premature skin aging is due to the sun. The rest is genetics, smoking and other environmental factors.

I used to get deep painful cystic pimples, always on my cheeks, always in the same spots. I tried everything and nothing worked! The pimples left red spots that wouldn´t go away on their own anymore.
So I went back on my trusty birth control pill which also helped with my teenage acne back then (Diane mite/Dianette. It´s the best for acne). The deep pimples went away, and I`ve been using Retin-A for a few weeks not and it´s fading the post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation wonderfully.

If you think your breakouts are hormonal, no regular skin care routine will prevent them. The process of a pimple forming includes certain bacteria and excessive sebum. So you need a prescription product that decreases bacteria and reduces sebum production.
If you break out because of certain foundations or makeup products, then going bare faced for a while will certainly help you.
Good luck!
Muhsine Emin said…
@austrian babe thanks for ur comment girl - i appreciate the support, my skin is a combo or hormonal and cosmetic acne, limiting my makeup has REALLY hleped :) and the honey is preventing future breakouts so far! will keep u updated with my journey. I always wear spf daily, it's really important that we all do! xx

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