Nars Blushes!

Here's a look at my Nars blushes! I thought very carefully about what colours I wanted before I purchased any, I think I have got the bases covered!

Yes, the packaging get get VERY messy, but I still love it. The logo for Nars is very sleek and eye catching. I have 5 blushes that I will be sharing my thoughts on!

As will all Nars blushes, the colours are VERY pigmented, so a little goes a long way.

Price: £18.50


This is a golden nude apricot colour, it works very well with smokey eyes as it tones down the rest of your face, it has a beautiful shimmer and can also be worn as highlight. It works very well with cool toned eyeshadows. However, this is the dustiest blush from Nars that I own.

This one is a matt peach colour, it's great for the summer and works well with light fresh colours. I blogged about this particular colour in a previous post. It works very well with tanned skin and brightens up the face. It really compliments earth toned eyeshadow. This looks great teamed with Mac's Redhead MSF from the BBR collection.

This is a blue toned baby pink with silver flecks, this works very well with cool toned eyeshadow or to bring some colour into your face when doing a neutral look. This looks beautiful teamed with Mac's Grand duo in Moon River as a highlight.

This is a peachy pink with gold flecks. In my opinion it lives up to the cult hype as it's a colour that will work well with any look.

This is a bright coral with gold flecks. This was my first blush from Nars, it's a cream blush with amazing pigmentation. The formula is so smooth, somewhat like velvet. It works well in the summer, and is an absolute must have for me. It also looks lovely on the lips. Occasionally when I wear this on my cheeks, I team it with Nars sparkling pressed powder (gold) as a highlight which really picks up the gold flecks in cactus flower.


Unknown said…
It would be great to see looks with those on you! I love all of them. I have Orgasm, Taj Mahal and Taos. XOXO
Clara said…
i find orgasm doesn't really show up on me. The only NARS blush I use is Sin, it's such a pretty mauve/pink colour, i think it would look lovely on you!have you tried any of the cream blushes?x
Unknown said…
I love my Nars blushes. I have

Taj Mahal
fantastic said…
i love cactus's my favorite cream blush! now i'll have to team it with the sparkling pressed powder!
J said…
I have Crazed and I can can truly appreciate the going to buy more, probably when I break my shopping ban! x
Clara said…
I meant to say have you tried any other cream blushes? I always look at them, but not sure how good they are! x
Anonymous said…
I love Nars blushes! I think you would love Luster, it's my favourite. It gives a beautiful peachy/golden glow. :)
Tali said…
I use luster as a bronzer at times when im a bit...pale? I love it.. and deep throat.. such a sexy color. Orgasm makes me look a bit sick.. like I have a fever but I use it as an eyeshadow instead!! LOVE NARS!
Muhsine Emin said…
@Hele I've never considered Sin, ill swatch it next time im at the counter, with regards to the cream shadows, Lokoum looks nice... :) I do really like their cream blushes!

@yinka you have quite a collection :) u lucky thing!

@fantastic yay some appreciation for cactus flower! :)

@janaka i wouls love to buy more, but i dont think my shopping ban will end lol

@Rosa oh no not another item i have to add to my wishlist :) ill swatch it next time im at the counter :)

@Tali lol im sure orgasm doesnt make u look sick, nothing could do that to u :) i must check luster!
Anonymous said…
love cactus flower, u should totally check out gold member its so pretty - a pale yellow/gold, perfect as a highlighter. Great swatches btw. xox.
Jasmin said…
Love the blushes! Awesome choices!
Muhsine Emin said…
@anaderol I already have gold member on my wish list :)
Unknown said…
I am lemming Gina sooo much, saw it the other day and fell in love!
ohh they all look so great!! love the gina one.. I think Im gonna have to try one out.. one of these days..

ps.. what would you pair the red cream blush with??

Muhsine Emin said…
@rebecca gina is gorgeous :) it would look lovely on u!

@sherona i wear it with hardly any makeup at all, i wear a gold highlight, the one u sent me would be amazing with it actually, oo must try! :) xx
I'd just like to share, that a blush that looks *very much* like NARS Orgasm, is The Body Shop's blush number 04, when blended they look very much alike. So it could go as a "possible dupe" , do check it out :)
I'm a big fan of NARS blushes :)

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