Today I had a gorgeous day, I took my hubby out shopping on his birthday and also ended up getting a few things for myself :)

Firstly I present to you "Natural Flare" eyeshadow quad from the CC collection by Mac. The whole collection looked amazing, I wanted everything but I had to be sensible. The quads all looked beautiful, but I love my golden earth tones and natural flare just screamed at me.

Once I swatched them, my jaw dropped, they are just so pretty, I love the glitter in them. they have a rustic edge which I like. It was £14, I think that's a fair price for four mineralised eye shadows. In my opinion these colours aren't easily duped. The orange gold is my favourite, it's super gorgeous!

I had a back to Mac ready so I asked my hubby to pick me a lipstick, first he went for "Fresh Brew" but I already had that, then he looked at "Made with love" from the CC collection and was like "try that" I thought it was too bright, but it's actually not. It's a lustre, so it's quite sheer. It's a perfect coral shade with an ever so slight blue tinge to it.

Everything from CC looked fabulous, I didn't have much time to swatch everything, but I definitely want more :) the 131 brush looked OK, I don't think it's as big as what I expected though. Colour Crafted lipstick was nice, I nearly got that, which is a bright nude pink but I decided I have too many nudes. Will keep you updated with my thoughts!

I also managed to snap Nars Albatross from a blog sale recently, it's the perfect highlighter for your upper cheekbones and brow bone. I have been wearing it everyday since I got it. It's like a pressed version of Mac's Vanilla pigment.

I had some French Connection vouchers, so again I let my hubby choose for me :) he's so cute! He picked this gorgeous print top! I love it, it looks sooo lovely on!

We spent AGES in Hollister! I seriously wanted everything, I love the relaxed surfer style! I like to dress up but I also like to dress down! In the end we chose this turquoise tight top which looks amazing on! Love it! My hubby got quite a few things which he looks amazingly hot in!

Oh and Accessorize is on sale everybody! I picked up these earrings...

....and these earrings with the necklace to match!


Anonymous said…
You got amazing things! I forget to not spend all my money on makeup and purchase clothes every once in a while :)
Tali said…
Great great haul!! Love the earings.. Ascessories does have some amazing bits and bobs!

I didnt get that CC eyeshadow because im trying to use my illamasqua orange stuff up.. but you made it look sooo good.. haha
I am now on project 5 pan (something a few of us are trying.. not inc. body products as they get used quick) so ill have to just admire it from afar!
Muhsine Emin said…
@esmeralda u musnt neglect the clothes :D

@Tali natural flare will go lovely with puzzle from illamasqua! ooo :) project 5 pan ha? good luck :) im not joining, if i use 5 things up i probably wont even replace it, becoz i wont b able to afford it :) im just buying what I need and MUST HAVE! I'm being sensible :) xx
Tali said…
I tried being sensible its too hard. Apparently I enjoy having my debit card rejected! :P Ohh the humiliation!

Im v.impressed with your hubbie's choices. Men continue to suprise me like that. I think its because they arent emotional.. they know what suits us. We have deep feelings of attraction to the wrong make-up just because its pretty!..or at least I do! xx
Unknown said…
I almost bought those Accessorize earrings today at Bluewater! I decided I didn't "need" them though *rolls eyes* They're so me though, I should have bought them. Oh well.
I bought Natural Flare e/s and a load of other CC stuff too. Will update my blog 2mor - I'm knackered!
Alexandra said…
Wow girly...love evrything you got! Props to the hubby for picking out that lipcolor...it's gorgeous! Now I have to get NARS albatross since you said it's like a pressed version of MAC's vanilla pigment lol
fantastic said…
i love the lipstick you chose! i swear, it looks like a completely different color than from when i swatched it! you really lucked out on the shopping, as it was his birthday..hahaha! good for you :)
Patricia said…
you have amazing taste!
ellamarie84 said…
Gorgeous items! I think I need that "natural flare" quad, it looks right up my alley!
MichĂ©lle said…
Ah! You have amazing taste! Love everything you got :)

Your hubby has good taste too! Love the coral lipstick. I bet it looks great with your tan <3

I so want the full version of Albatross because it's one of the best highlighters I have ever worn! But I have the one in my Nars bridal palette, so I should be using that.

Ciao bella!
Unknown said…
Great haul! I got Natural Flare and it arrived yesterday and one of the colours it sooo orange it looks like wotsit dust :( I think I got a dud!

Loving the accessories! xx
Victoria said…
I love the FC top, it's really pretty.
And Accessorize sales are the best! xx
I love your purchases - the lipstick is an amazing colour (must get it).
Dila said…
Great haul!! I would probbably choose same things that u bought.. CC eyeshadow looks gorgeous I would love to see the look u will create with it. xx
Holly said…
greta haul, love the Natuiral Flare quad, got mine yest!that top is gorgeous, he has great taste!
Vicky 25-36 said…
ohh sounds like a fun day! I need things from cc but it's come at a time when I have minus funds! urgh. xxx
Muhsine Emin said…
thanks for ur comments girlies, natural flare is gorgeous :) i love it!

@Jo lol u made me laugh when u said "wotsit" dust, it's true, it does look alike :)

Ana-Maria said…
Lovely stuff you've bought!

I'm surprised you dress down! I just started wearing flat shoes and "surfer style" clothing(like you named it)lately.

What kind of fall/winter shoes do you own? I'm asking you because I need some inspiration. In winter I always wear a pair or high healed leather boots but they're so unpractical for the snow storms we get here. What should I go for? Cowboy style? I'm terrible at picking things for a relaxed look... especially shoes. Maybe you could do a post with you fall/winter shoe collection.

Muhsine Emin said…
@Ana-Marie thanks girl, i tend to wear leather boots with thick heels in the winter, or flat cowboy style "ish" or horse riding boots :) will blog about them when it's winter :) xx
LOVELY GOODIES.. !!!!!!!!!

Becky said…
i love the 1st french connection top xx
ah i luv the shade of this lipstick :)

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