Update on Project Clear Skin

It has been 2 weeks since I announced I was on project: clear skin, I said I would limit the amount of makeup I used to just 5 products which included no foundation or tinted moisturiser.

The 1st week I was eating healthily, wearing hardly any makeup and using honey.
The 2nd week I was eating healthily, wearing a moderate amount of makeup and not using honey.

The 1st week my skin was much clearer and I was actually feeling comfortable without any makeup with no new spots to report.
This week I reached out to the foundation as I had an outburst of spots on the sides of my face and I scar quite easily so I was having to cover up. I stopped using the honey as I had ran out, I'm wondering if this had anything to do with it or I got the spots because I started wearing foundation again?!
However the 2nd week was the end of my menstrual cycle, so more than likely they were hormonal or perhaps even stress related. I'm really not sure.

My problem is that once I see even the smallest spot I have to squeeze it, it's like I have some magnetic connection that I have no control over. Yesterday an underskin spot emerged just under my cheekbone which hurt SO bad. I squeezed it, but no joy, it was not squeezable. So, like an idiot I attacked it with a hot needle to burst it (I know this is wrong but, like I said I can't help it) and still no joy. So I had to put loads of salicylic acid on it to calm it down.

I'm just so fed up, I know if I relaxed and stopped picking, squeezing and attacking my spots they would be alot better. luckily for me, the honey is really helping diminish the scars. Currently I am sitting here typing this with honey slathered all over my face :)

What I need to do is choose a skincare routine and stick to it, I was enjoying using the Garnier Pro X range, but I really want to try the Luxtural range also. Or, do I just go back to Neal's Yard? Oh this is just too much!


mizzworthy said…
Hey hun, It sounds like your new routine was working really, but then your mentrual cycle mucked it all up! I'd say the most important thing is not to owerwhelm your skin with too much stuff as your skin is sensitive and will react by breaking out! Stick with products you know work and use them for at least a month too!
London Darling said…
Hey girl, I feel your pain on the issue of pimples, I had a hideous break out earlier this year on my chin.

It just came out of nowhere and it was horrible. I've been having CACI face up treatments once a week for 6 weeks and using Elemis Balancing cleanser and toner. I'm seeing a big, big difference.

I also use Elemis daily shine control. It's helping a great deal to keep oily face syndrome at bay. I too go without foundation now unless it's a really spesh occasion.

Having said that, I still have a few blemishes but I try to keep my hands off them! A little trick I do if the spots are really unbearable, after a day or so, is I'll use a hot flannel and gently push them out.

I find it's gentler on the skin and doesn't leave long term scarring which is my biggest worry! Enough of my babbling, keep at it, I'm sure your skin will balance out soon enough! xx
fantastic said…
I would recommend trying your very very best to not think about it, and to use something that is soothing and cleansing...whether that be Neals Yard or otherwise. I know this sounds silly, but the more I stress about my skin the worse I feel it gets. Sometimes I'll even tell my friend or cousin to reprimand me if they see me looking in the mirror and dwelling on it! xx
Muhsine Emin said…
@mizzworthy yeap, the menstrual cycle really confuses things, the bugger :) thank for ur advice xx

@london darling thanks for ur comment girl, that really helped, ive hear so many good things about elemis, i might have to try it one day. oh and the hot flannel to push the spots out, excellent idea, will remember that - thanks. xx

@fantastic thats real good advice, i must agree, the more i stress about it the worse i look and feel. xxx
Alexandria said…
I tried the honey too for a week. Second week I had an eruption of blemishes like before I went on antibiotics and Differin.

Maybe the honey is to blame? I stopped using it, and everything is going back to normal.
Muhsine Emin said…
@alexandria wow i never thought of that, i dont think so as its really made my previous scars and spots dissapear! BUT! if i get another outburst I shall blog about it and point fingers :) thanks for ur comment x
Tali said…
Im convinced its hormonal.. dont stree too much.. your so pretty noone notices these things.

Im curious to see what brand you end up using.. im trying a new moisturizer and i miss my faithfull old vite cream.. so i can imagine you want to swin in your neals yard Orange flower water!! What are you going to do?

Maybe use the hubby as a guinea pig for the other brand hehe xx
AllThingsGirly said…
Is it possible to go see a dermatologist? I know you don't have bad skin at all but they could be able to advise i'm sure x
Muhsine Emin said…
@tali thanks sweetie, im really not sure, this evening i used a gycolic acid cream, im just confused, ill probably use whatever i get my hands on for the next few days as were moving house xx

@princess sparkles maybe when i have the time one day, i'll go :) x
Alexandra said…
Honestly I think you should try my skincare regimen....super cheap and my skin has been doing really well (even with as much makeup as I've been wearing!).
. said…
Have you tried dermalogica? It does wonders!
. said…
Have you tried dermalogica? It does wonders!
hey sweety..you really have to stick to one skincare routine..just try the honey for a few weeks and see how the results are after..it could very wellbe hormonal,but it also seems to me that after you ran out of your neals yards producrs you have ben trying out loads of different things.. good luck anyways xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
fantastic said…
one last thing, i saw that you mentioned the glycolic--that's something that my facialist has used with me in the past, and i find that it really helps. also, a good friend that had serious hormonal acne for ages, now sees someone who has put her on glycolics--her skin is completely healed, scars and everything!
Unknown said…
So sorry you've had a blip on the clear skin project.

I had tried the honey and it caused me to break out quite badly, maybe go back to basics, I find the less I overload my skin the better it behaves. I'm just using your recommendation of Orange Flower wash and Jasmine Enriching cream,and exfoliating once a week with the Neals Yard Rose scrub, which have all worked wonders!

Hope you find something to help soon, don't let it get you down :) xxx
MB said…
Your not the only one who has to squeeze spots as they come. But recently I have been so good, soo sooo good and not squeezed my spots..and still they felt like they were there forever.

I need to re-asses the situation. Maybe something to do with my foundo too. Or maybe I should give the honey a bash.

Muhsine Emin said…
@aleksis i think i will heck out ur skincare regimen again and reasses :) xx

@lilyg nope i still havent..

@sherona deffo, my skin has been so confused, alot of ppl r saying that honey has broken them out, could it be true? :s i doubt it, i think mines just hormonal & stress related xxxxxx

@fantastic thats great news, i will probs be sticking with the gycolic acid cream until it finishes, as its already scabbed up the spots :)

@jo i want my orange flower water :( boo, i think that the neals yard was the best regimen, however i think i needed a lighter day cream with spf in it.. xx

@marie we must stop picking and squeezing them!! x
....... said…
The only thing I have found that has calmed my spots down (as i always had spots come up every 4 or 5 days) is the avon clear skin range. It has helped diminish my scars, prevented any spots from forming and left my skin clean and clear. I recommended my friend who has quite bad acne, and she now has beautiful clear skin.Its amazing!!! The Bare Escentuals Skin Revver Upper is great for helping too! xxxxxxxxxxxx
Vicky 25-36 said…
I know how you feel, I have a new spot every day almost & it has to be squeezed!
I'm going to start taking chlorella & see how that helps with my skin, fingers crossed!

lashikakool said…
Try using Tree oil w/vitamin e on pimples. sometimes they go away overnight,sometimes it goes away in 2 or 3 days.
lashikakool said…
Sorry its Tea tree oil w/vitamin E
Chrissy said…
Good luck with project clear skin! I should try honey.

Anyways, I do agree with lashikakool, give tea tree oil + vit e a try. :)
courtney said…
im just like you, i cant just leave them alone, i attack! its horrible and i cant stop. it makes my face worse, and then scar, and i really have no control over it!! :(
Your Blog's So Pretty! =)

The Prettiest Me.
Orla said…
You should try using one drop of lavender essential oil (preferably organic) twice daily applied directly to the spot. It's a natural antiseptic & anti bacterial and helps speed up the whole process of the spot erupting and going & it prevents scarring xxx
Jo said…
I feel for you Muhsine as my skin has gone mental since the doc changed my HRT, I've got spots everywhere! I've just tried to keep make up off my face (this means staying in!) and using tea tree on the offending beasts. My ususal skin care routine is just not working so back to the drawing board! :-/ xx
Tina A. said…
Well, from my whole teenage acne ordeal, I know that a bad squeeze can give you a not so nice scar, so I 've always tried to avoid that, and now I only have super tiny/barely noticeable small scars...

Leave your face to calm down by itself, and keep using the honey! Sadly I haven't seen any difference with the honey mask, but maybe I was expecting too much for my skin...

However I have to report positive outcome after the start of Project Clear Skin: I 'm super thorough on my skincare routine (pimples are minimized) and don't wear anything on my face, except when I 'm going out at night, thankfully my face seems to like this...!!! :)))

Keep it up and relax and you 'll surely see improvement, I know it! :)))


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