I won a Isabella Oliver Dress!

I received my dress in this beautifully wrapped packaging. I entered a contest on Pretty Stylish London and to my surprise I actually won in a random draw, yay! :) All I had to do was go on to the website of Isabella Oliver and say what my favourite dress was. I had actually forgotten that I entered so it was just perfect!

Isabella Oliver was launched in 2003, and has since become home to two fabulous women’s wear collections. Mixing the classic with contemporary; the Isabella Oliver 365 collection provides multitasking ready-to-wear, whilst the Isabella Oliver maternity collection features silhouettes loved by the A-list.

The dress that was up for grabs was this gorgeous multi way maxi dress. Price: £180. However, unfortunately it was out of stock in my size! Boo hoo right?


My favourite dress!

Instead I was offered the dress that I said was my favourite from their whole range. How lucky and convenient was that? The dress you see below is the Sevilla dress. It's 100% silk chiffon and I opted for it in the gorgeous berry colour as it really stands out.

Price: £175

I was also sent the reversible wrap belt, one side is this berry colour, and the other side is a rich maroon colour.

Price: £40

The Sevilla dress can also be worn on or off the shoulder. It just looks gorgeous with the belt. I'm so happy that I got the Sevilla dress as I will get much more wear out of it than the maxi dress!

I did take some photographs of the dress, but it doesn't have much hanger appeal, so you will just have to wait and see me wearing it out one night! :)


Omg! what an amazing prize! Both dresses are beautiful but I especially love the second one! It will look amazing on you!! :)

Cat said…
Aww hun you are going to look beautiful in that dress! Congratulations on winning - such an awesome prize.

Muhsine Emin said…
thank you so much girls :) i cant wait to wear it :) xx
Sparkles84 said…
Thats a beautiful dress cant wait to see pictures when u wear it out! xo
Unknown said…
Wow! How lucky of you! I am already waiting for an OOTD with that gorgeous dress!! XX
Unknown said…
Cool prize! x
Karen said…
the dress is BEAUTIFUL <3
you are so so so lucky hehe cant wait to see pictures !
Beautygirl24 said…
This dress looks amazing!
CherryColors said…
The dress and the belt look amazing! I can't wait to see you in those!
Sooo Pretty cant wait to see how it looks on!
Muhsine Emin said…
aww thanks girls :) i cant wait either :)
AllThingsGirly said…
OMG that dress is amazing i think i am a little bit in love with it !!!
Lush19 said…
Great prize....I bet your happy!

Amazing dresses and so stylish aswell!

Louise x

P.S! How did you make you header for your blog? I tried to make one on Polyvore.com but i don't know how to transfer it across!
Muhsine Emin said…
thank you so much :)

@lush19 i did it on polyvore, then click on prt sc and transfer to photoshop and edit. xx
Dila said…
woooooooooooow gorgeous!!! u re soo lucky :) I'm happy for you
Muhsine Emin said…
@dila cok saol, inan bende cok sevindim ve $a$irdim :) xx
Anonymous said…
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Jasmin said…
Lucky!!! Exciting!!
. said…
Great products. Thanks for sharing!
Gorgeous prize and all the dresses are so beautiful! x
Anonymous said…
I've nominated you for an award! x
Anonymous said…
Wow congrats on winning that. You are going to look beautiful.
ditzymakeup said…
Congrats girlie!
That dress is beautiful! Love it :)
Muhsine Emin said…
Thank you so much girls :) xx

@moggalicious thank you xx
Unknown said…
Congrats, that is such an awesome prize!! :D

I can't wait to see you rock that Sevilla dress mehhnn, it's stunning!

Carlinn said…
that dress looks lovely!
Muhsine Emin said…
thanks girls :) xx
Jo said…
What a gorgeous dress and belt, they will look stunning on you with your dark skin and hair! J x
Sima said…
You lucky thing. Gorgeous dress and such a pretty color. Please post a pic of you wearing it. Am sure it will look amazing on you. Congratulations.

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