My 3 Favourite Nail Polishes

I love experimenting with new colours and brands, but if I had to choose 3 to take with me somewhere I would choose these;

1) Max Factor Nail Finity - 900 Ruby Fruit
This is a blue toned deep plum burgundy colour, it has a non streaky glossy finish that is highly pigmented - 1 coat is enough! It's the best polish I have used for this colour and believe me I have tried loads! Whenever I wear this colour I ALWAYS get compliments on it, it looks so sophisticated and pretty! I find that it also looks extra special with short nails.

2) Barry M - 262 Bright Red
This is my all time go to colour, if I'm in a rush and want my nails to look presentable, then I tend to apply this. Again with this one, 1 coat is enough. It dries to a glossy finish with no streaks. The colour itself is very bright, it's supposed to be a plain bright red but it looks a little on the coral side. I would say it's the nail polish form of Nars Red Square matt lip pencil.

3) Nails Inc - Brook St
This is my most worn nail polish, I wore this all summer long last year. It actually looks like Pink Flamingo by Barry M. It's your perfect pastel pinky peach coral colour. Nails Inc polishes are by far my favourite brand for nails. I am always satisfied with their colour payoff and formula.

Check out The Nail Buff for fabulous posts about nails.


LionLovingTiger said…
Ooh I just got Brooke St in the NotW's giveaway -can't wait to try it. Have been admiring all the Pink Flamingo swatches.x
Rosa Adores... said…
nails inc. is my favourite nail brand too :) i love them!
Muhsine Emin said…
@lionloving tiger u'll love it :)

@rosa adores snap :)
Daniela said…
Aw too bad we don't have these brands in Canada (or at least I dont think we do). One fantastic colour that I'm wearing right now and that I think you would love is L'Oreal's "Mango-Get-Em". It's a very pretty bright melon colour for summer :)
Clara said…
Thanks for entering! Barry m bright red is one if my favourite reds! Xx
Krystallia said…
I really like the BarryM colour,the other two look nice too :))
Christina said…
Oooh I had ruby fruit before, but Ive run out its a really nice nail varnish.
I tried the tesco make nail varnish the other day in ecru, and its a really nice light green and it lasts pretty well :)
Stephanie Kim said…
this is awesome! thanks for the tip!
Holly said…
I currently have Brook Street on my toes! It looks gorgeous with tanned skin, mines currently fake mind you!
I must try those other polishes!
Muhsine Emin said…
@Hele your welcme xx

@christina i think im getting into green!

@Holly Brook St is very pretty on the toes I agree :)
Tali said…
Love them.. esp the first one. It really must look amazing on short nails!! Thanks for the description of the Barry m one.. i always thought it wasnt exactly a red red! xoxx
Muhsine Emin said…
@daniela mango get em looks v pretty :)

@Tali yes it's quite a weird red :) and ur welcome xx
Sima said…
Ruby Fruit takes me back to my younger years. Loved that color.

I love your blog and other like it such as lollipop26 it keeps me upto date with makeup and fashion in England.

I did swatch MAC's Oak lip liner and compared it when I got home to a lip liner by Beautique in Natural, and its VERY similar. You can buy it at Sally's Beauty supply store for those of us in the US. And it only costs a $1. Hope that is helpful for those ladies who dont want to spend lots of $$$ on a lip liner. And its a lovely natural color, not too dark.
Muhsine Emin said…
sima thank you, thats lovely of you to say :) i will def try and check out that lipliner! xx

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