The mysterious moisturiser revealed...


Dermatologically tested & PH neutral.

You must know somebody in your life who uses this moisturiser. Again, this moisturiser was recommended to me by my mother in law. She has been using it for the past 25 years! Her skin is amazing, she is over 50 and has hardly any wrinkles, no redness or spots & scars.

I did SO much research on this before I started using it and came to the conclusion that I would give it a try. At first, I disregarded the product thinking that it just wasn't enough or right.
However, I have been using it for the past month and it's the most non offensive moisturiser that I have ever used.

Click image below to enlarge if you wish to see what it says on the back of the box!

It's very light in texture, kind of watery. This is about the amount I use on my face.

It is instantly absorbed into the skin making it feel supple, moist and fresh. Furthermore it is non greasy and dries to a matt finish. I think it's such a perfect base just before make up. It smells a little bit like baby lotion/powder and overall is a pleasant scent.

In addition to this is the price.
100ml - £3.41
200ml - £4.79

It is available in the normal/dry/oily/combination OR sensitive.
I didn't purchase the sensitive as I read that the normal one is also suitable for sensitive skin and my little experiment has proved that it is. Just google reviews on the beauty fluid to find out more.

I have tried TOO many moisturisers and seriously can't afford to keep re purchasing expensive skincare that do or don't work. I needed something simple, something that was moisturising yet not overpowering. In the past I was using really rich moisturisers that in a sense was too moisturising that it was giving me tiny little bumps near my laughter lines as it was settling in them.

The reason why I put this post off for so long is because, I didn't want anybody to rush out and buy it without me reviewing it properly. I have tested it, and even just before or after my menstrual cycle it didn't break me out!!!!

DISCLAIMER: What works for me, may not work for you.... but, this is definitely worth a try, it wont harm or irritate your skin as it's so gentle and soothing. If you are thinking of purchasing make sure you get the 100ml first to see if you like it. Even if you don't, it makes an amazing moisturiser to use on your legs after you have shaved. I have just finished my tube and I'm off to get a new one!!


Anna Saccone said…
I am so getting this!! :) Right now I'm using the Garnier one they sent's working well but I want prettier packaging :( I'm weird...! Thanks so much for telling us about this! :) xoxo
Anonymous said…
Gonna DEFINATELY try this. I'm not a fan of olay simply because of their OTT air-brushed adverts! which can be misleading but if Muhsine likes it then I'll give it a try for sure especially because my current moisturiser is running out-! Thanks for sharing this with us (=
That's the moisturiser I use too (got it because my bf's mum uses it too and she defo looks younger than 52):) I also swap between the olay anti wrinkle fluid SPF15 if it's a particularly sunny day although it doesn't absorb as easily as beauty fluid.

Olay defo rocks!

Me love your blog :) xXx
Anonymous said…
@Anna Have you been on kim kardashians blog she took a picture of her blinged out garnier roll-on under-eye product and a mascara Here's the link;;;

Anyone could do that with some stick-on gems, I guess, but the concept is awesome!
Becky said…
my mum uses this and has done for years cos she really loves it and I use it sometimes when I cant be bothered getting mine as my mums is right there in the bathroom, might have to get my own now :) xx
I used this for years too and it was great but I got bored and started trying out others, your blog post has reminded me of how good it was so I might repurchase for the summer because it is not moisturising enough for me in winter. thanks for the post! x
Jasmin said…
Love this product! My grandma & mom uses this all the time. I've seen this product for years, but stopped using it years ago. Olay has awesome products.
Shortiee31 said…
My Dad uses Olay and he looks wayyy younger than he actually is ;)
Sima said…
I remember my Mom using Olay when I was little. If I use a cream that is too rich I have the same problem and get little whiteheads.

I have used Olay Definity cream but it was too rich and didnt seem to do anything for me.

I might have to try this. Thanks for testing it out to make sure it was ok to use.
Lydia said…
My gran has used this for years and years, and now that you mention it.. I realise she has fantastic skin too! I'm going to try this out, coming to the end of my YSL Hydra Protect face cream and I feel although it feels great on my skin, it may be too moisturising :/

Beautygirl24 said…
my great grandmother used to swear by this! She lived to be 105, and looked amazing! I am def going to go out and buy a bottle soon. I also love the smell of it.
Cupcake said…
I've used this on and off for years, and I dont have a bad word to say about it. I wish the packaging was a little more exciting tho!
i lovelovelove this moisturiser! i've tried so many expensive ones and always come back to this. it's fabbo :) xxx
Tessa said…
so funny, it's called Olaz where I live (Belgium) not Olay :d xx
Tali said…
I must be the only person in the world that Olay doesnt work on. I have tried again and again.. and keep getting break outs :(

My mum uses ponds cream. Shes 57 and never had work done and still looks about 40. She still gets modelling offers and Ponds ALSO doesnt work for me! :( Goddammit!! xx
Dye-A-Graham said…
I especially love the scent of girly. I even use it as hand can't hurt, right?!?! lol
Lolita Riot said…
I use an olay moisturizer too but is it the same one I use.. mine is called olay complete moisturizer and I havent seen this one. maybe its the same thing but its named diff. in europe lol
Cheryl said…
Thanks for sharing this! I have been looking for a new moisturizer since the one I just bought I really don't like. I am definitely going to give this one a try!
Tiff said…
I love Olay moisturizer. It's the first one I used when I started moisturizing regularly because my mom's used it for years. I try new ones every once in a while, but I always go back to it :).
the blog you wrote on using lemon juice i'd like to say thankyou for so long i had to suffer with bad skin and now ive been using it for a week and now its nearly cleared all up and ive been waiting to find out what "the mysterious moisturiser" you was using to be, and i have been using that olay one for a while so that has saved me going buying a new one xx
fantastic said…
i knew it!! i think this is the best standby as a great gran was over 100 when she passed, and it was the only facial moisturizer she used--her skin looked soooo smooth. Same goes for my gran, my mom and my other gran. Seriously is the most non-offensive for us, and they all have/had ridiculously nice skin. I still use it, but use other products too because of my curiosity (which is why i run into problems in the first place!) xx
SweetWishes said…
I love tht one as well - though i find it's not miosturizing enough winter :(
Yaaaay I Love this stuff! I Use it EVERYDAY and sometimes at night if my skin feels oily! :)
Genabee6 said…
I love this moisturiser! I've been using it for 10 years (since I was 16) and I have no complaints at all about it. I usually try to get the one with SPF 15 in it and it's great. I've always been told I look much younger than 26 and for that I'll keep using it til the day I die!
Suzi said…
Im so glad you blogged about this, my bfs grandma has been using this for ever and her skin is flawless, I am actually jealous of her skin. Its also good before foundation and I always see it backstage at fashion shows =)

Great review!

Anonymous said…
This is what i also use. it's light, the scent is adorable (slightly powdery, with a hint of vanilla biscuits, i can't say exactly), the benefits are exactly as written on the box and last, the price is very appealing.
I'm glad people are starting to re-discover the Olay fluid, it's been an award winner for many years. I can't use it as a primer base for the makeup since i have combination/slightly oily skin and need some good product on the forehead and eyelids, but it is definitely a thumbs up moisturizer.
Species 8472 said…
This worked better on me than Olay Complete, but it doesn't have SPF so I stopped using it.
Olay Regenerist Replenishing Cream is a fab one too. Moisturises reall nicely but leaves no grease. One of the best ones I've tried. :))
Muhsine Emin said…
wow, it was so interesting to read that either their mother, grandmother or great grandmother uses this product. I really enjoyed reading your responses and if you do end up purchasing or using it I hope you really enjoy it.


Anonymous said…
I love olay products !I've bee using 7 anti aging moisturizer for 3 years it really works for me .. am so glad you liked olay too:) woo hoo!!
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Anna Saccone said…
@Hijab-Couture Sorry I only saw your comment now! YES!! I saw it, I thought it was amazing!! :) :) I would love to do that with all my skincare products honestly! xoxo
LuLu Kellogg said…
Wonderful information! I will definitely try this.

Your Blog is full of great information!

LuLu Kellogg
Skye said…
masha'allah hun ur gorjuz
Hey just wanted to let you know that I tagged you on my blog for the Post a Pic tag! Now you gotta do it hehe :)
Steph said…
It's funny because all this time I was thinking it was some secret expensive moisturizer and now you reveal its olay! I used to use Olay complete but found it wasn't moisturizing enough, [maybe bc of the high spf.] I am running out of moisturizer so I'll be sure to pick this up.
G said…
I've been using this for the past year or so (when I'm not using my Garnier Summerface)and it works great for me too. It really makes a fab basic, everyday moisturiser. I also use it to sheer out the coverage of my Revlon Colorstay (which I think you also just did a post on haha) And I couldn't have put it better myself - just totally unoffensive :)
I think I will try this when my current cream runs out!

If you would like an inexpensive moisturiser for your face then I would recommend Nivea Soft (the one in the white tub). It is fantastic and smells great too. I've gone through many pots of this it's that good! :) x
I think I will try this when my current cream runs out!

If you would like an inexpensive moisturiser for your face then I would recommend Nivea Soft (the one in the white tub). It is fantastic and smells great too. I've gone through many pots of this it's that good! :) x
*~mad munky~* said…
Same as some of the other readers - I used to use this a looooooong time ago (when I was at school) but I was distracted by the more expensive (and glitzy looking) alternatives ;o)

I'm seriously thinking about going back to basics with this one. Is there a version with spf?

Charlene said…
Wow are u serious! I am going to scour the drugstores to see if i find this! :) hehe thanks Muhsine!! :)
Secret Garden said…
I have been using this for ages!
Olay has been my most favorite brand since a long time.Love the dry up feature that comes with it...I mean the feature that lets the skin absorb the moisture creme.

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