Ciaté: Refresher

Here we have Ciaté 's paint pot in "Refresher" a pale powder blue from their SS/09 Candy Couture collection. Ciaté was developed by Brit born nail brand celebrity manicurist Charlotte Straughan.

The colour you see in the bottle is what you get on the nails, which is exactly what I expect from a nail polish. The consistency of this polish is lovely, it is easily applied with no streaks, the first coat is quite sheer, so a 2nd coat is needed to show the true colour. However, I applied 3 coats as I am a bit extra - no base or top coat though. I have been wearing it for 2 days now and so far no chips, I will keep you updated to see how long it lasts, I also got the speed coat which is supposed to make the polish last for 10 days - review will be done once I have tested it.

The new Candy Couture Collection includes:

Apple & Custards (Mint Green)
Sugared Almond (Dusky Pink)
Refresher (Powder Blue)
Lemon Sherbet (Lemon Yellow)
Fruity Pops (Sherbet Orange)
Cookies & Cream (Pastel Grey)

First of all, I give this company a 10/10 for their packaging, it's SO cute, the shape of the bottle is rather special too, the bow adds a touch of sophistication and lures me in. I wish I had every single colour out on display, I love nails inc packaging and this beats it! I have been sent quite a few beautiful colours, and will be updating you as I update my nails...

Price: £9 per 15ml
This is quite expensive, I would recommend these for special occasions or as a treat for yourself, it would make a great present too.

TIP: Why not decorate your own bottles with ribbon if you are a sucker for packaging like me?

Refresher, is the palest powder blue with the tiniest hint of lilac in it, it's a truly beautiful, unique colour that stands out from the rest. The candy couture collection was inspired by the catwalk trends as demonstrated below. I don't know about you but I like my nail polish to match what I am wearing!

Below is one way that I will wear this polish. I still haven't worn this dress that I purchased a while ago... Now I have "Refresher" to complete the look!

Do you match your nail polish to your outfit?


Pinkalishy said…
I love that nail colour but most importantly I love those shoes. Where did you get them from? x
Muhsine Emin said…
@Pinkalishy thanks, those shoes are from River Island, I got them last year...
Tali said…
i do the matching thing.. but since i got my acrylics off not so much. Polish chips on natural nails faster because of the body's oils..! I also match my pedicure.. but never both at the same time!! Lol.. don want to look like i tried too hard :P

Great post.. i have a few of those polishes and they are great!! xx
Feline said…
I love the shoes!!
Nice colour

Muhsine Emin said…
@tali i do the same thing, if my toe nails and fingernails and my dress match it's TOO matchy matchy :) xx

@feline thanks :)
Parisa said…
Great Post (:
I love the dress in your picture, where's it from (:?
I'm really into pale colours at the moment, atm I'm wearing collection 2000 in dynasty on my fingers and absolutely adore it!

Muhsine Emin said…
@Parisa thanks, it's from Mango x
Niki said…
What eye shadows did you swatch in that picture? They look gorgeous! :)
Unknown said…
I usually go for a colour on the nails that contrasts or compliments my outfit. I rarely match it!

Lovely collection! Loving the look of Apples & Custard.
What a lovely colour! It will look fab combined with your gorgeous outfit! Love it! :)
mizzworthy said…
The nailvarnish is a lovely colour - Your nails are beautiful too! I second the love of the shoes by the way! xxx
Those polishes look amazing and the first color is super fab!

ne kadar tatlı bir renk bu böyle :) pastel ojelerin dönüşüne o kadar mutluyum ki :)
Jodie_ox said…
i love that bottle!! i think i might buy it just for the cute bottle!!

Thanks for the post!
Jodie xx
That is a lovely nail polish color. And I love the shoes too!
A said…
Wow, this colour is beautiful!!
Alexandra said…
I've actually never tried matching my nails to my outfit but after seeing those AMAZING powder blue shoes I think I'll aim to do that next time! p.s. you're right it looks very much like the chinaglaze...I think I kind of like yours better though!

ditzymakeup said…
Thats a beautiful colour!
freckletone said…
i match my polish to my makeup sometimes :) but not my outfit (because im too lazy)
love those shoes!!! and the eyeshadows!! very pretty
ellamarie84 said…
I love those shoes! And of course the nail polish is gorgeous! I don't think I've ever matched my nails to my outfits, but I like it on other people. I think I'm just too fickle, I try on like 20 things before I leave the house! :)
Tina A. said…
Ooooh, great colour, really unique!!!

I don't match the colour, but I don't want it to clash if it's a black outfit, it would be a dark plum or dark red shade... you get the idea, lol! ;)

Charlene said…
Well i can't bother to clean off my nails sometimes, so I don't care if it matches haha..but I do think it makes for a good accessorizing when it does match!

That color is hot tho, i got my answer :) i figured there might've been a blog about it but i got to the chocolate monkey blog post first haha...

BTW the pieces you put together are so gorge! wow check out the shoes!
I've got the Sugared Almond one. Bought it because of the little bow - couldn't help it. :) I adore the outfit you've created and really, really like the shoes. x
Muhsine Emin said…
thanks for your answers girls, it was interesting and entertaining to read!


@Bollywoodwonder9 the blue one is moons reflection and the brown one is bronze - both by mac.

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