Update: Clear Skin

Hello to all of my lovely followers, it has now been quite a while since I have been using lemon juice on my face every morning for 5 minutes.

My skin had TOTALLY cleared up and I stopped wearing foundation & usage of the lemon for a few days - I even posted a pic of me on twitter wearing no makeup! However as I wasn't applying anything to my face it looked quite dull, so I started using the Illamasqua satin primer for a dewy finish - it looked amazing but after 2 days I came up with tiny little bumps everywhere! It's been 2 occasions now this has happened with the satin primer so I doubt I'll ever use it again, such a shame.

It has been a week now since I stopped with the primer and started using the lemon juice again to kill the little buggers. I am pleased to announce that my skin has almost cleared up again. Yay! :)

The fact that my skin is also healing is due to the fact that I switched to a new moisturiser when I started this retro lemon routine! I will reveal what it is after seeing how my skin behaves just before and after my menstrual cycle as that is mainly my problematic time.

I sincerely suggest you try the lemon juice on your face if you suffer from acne or suffer from pigmentation marks, it has been the only thing that has helped me properly, honey is good too but not as effective as the acidic lemon. Read my post on lemon juice to find out more.


  • Wash face with garnier pure active facial wash
  • Apply lemon juice for 5 mins
  • Apply mysterious moisturiser


  • Remove eye make up with olive oil & water mixture.
  • Remove facial make up if wearing any with gentle cleanser
  • Wash face with Garnier pure active facial wash
  • Apply mysterious moisturiser

I have also been exfoliating once a week, usually I would have done it every 2-3 days. I have also excluded a toner.

A problem? Since I'm trying not to wear foundation and my mysterious moisturiser doesn't contain SPF, I have no sun protection. I'm thinking to use the Bobbi Brown tinted moisturiser in the mornings if I'm leaving the house. Even when I used a tinted moisturiser in the past, I still went ahead and applied a normal moisturiser beforehand, this time I wont as it's just an unnecessary layer.


Anonymous said…
Awww thats a pity. I have sensitive skin but Illamasqua Satin Primer is the only one that DOESN'T break me out. The weird world of skin types and cosmetics!! xox
gor(jess). said…
Im definately going to look into the lemon thing ! I break out easily soo I would loveeeeee to not have to wear foundation all the time. Thanks for the post ! :)
WinterBlossom said…
I'm defo going to try the lemon juice, and maybe check out the garnier product too. :) xxx
Celia said…
i'm curious to see your before and after. good luck.

and i hate when i love a face product and it just damages my skin. such a shame.
WinterBlossom said…
Can you use presqueezed lemon juice if it doesn't have any preservatives in it? Like out of a bottle? Just wondering because mornings are always a huge rush and I dont think I'll have time to do any squeezing. lol xxx
Charlotte said…
I think I will defo be giving the lemon juice a whirl!
Belle Du Jour said…
I am on project clear skin as well now after an unfortunate bout with Mario Badescu, I used to use lemon juice on my hair and skin. I am thinking about trying it out again, Although I think I will do it at night.
Belle Du Jour said…
PS- lemon juice is the BEST diet trick. I have used it for ages, drink every morning and you will drop 5 pounds in 2 weeks. It speeds up your metabolism in the morning. I think I might post on this! Try it out!
Cat said…
I'm so going to try it. I uzse the MAC sfp 50 primer, it doesn't break me out and has amazing sun protection.

~ Kelly Ann ♥ said…
Do wash the lemon juice off after the 5 mins- or do you let it soak into your skin prior to moisterizer? Can I use Lemon juice like green bottle- or do you use real lemons?

email me shopgal22@hotmail.com

courtney said…
Gosh I really need to start using lemon juice on my face! Thanks so much for all the tips :)
Sima said…
Cant wait to see what the "mysterious moisturiser" is.
I did try the lemon and honey mix for a few nights. I must try it again, you have motivated me. I get terrible scars on my chin area from my cycle. You have gorgeous skin by the way - flawless.
fantastic said…
Dermalogica has a nice SPF booster that can be added to your regular moisturizer--I was reminded of it today while walking through Ulta. Congrats on getting your skin to a happy place :)
Lydia said…
I might try the lemon juice out! I only get spots around time of the month, and then it's usually on my chin.. but still worth a go! xox
Marisa said…
I'm going to try the lemon Juice then! I have fair skin so every little pimple leaves a mark \:
You can use foundation anyway! Just a little, I don't think using a foundation almost everyday it's bad for your skin |: Even if my skin clears up, I don't think I could NOT wear foundation, there's always the redness and all that \:
Helen said…
I'm glad that something so natural is working for you. Brilliant!

I only wore the Illamasqua primer for a few hours (the matte one) and my skin didnt break out but was certainly not happy the following day. However, I never wear foundation(just bronzer / blusher - I have really sensitive skin) and as a result the skin on my face is relatively clear, thank god.
Unknown said…
So glad your skin is getting on well with the lemon. Hope it stays behaving itself! xx
Sima said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sima said…
Just thought to share a little fact about honey and acne. When you dilute honey it releases hydrogen peroxide( very low levels)slowly which acts as an antiseptic( honey is also used in wound care). So there is a good reason to use honey for acne.
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks to all of your comments girls, i appreciate the advice and suggestions. xx

@winterblossom, I recommend you presqueeze the lemon juice, put it in the fridge and use it up over the few days.

@belledujour ahhh i must start drinking it too :)

@kelly ann yes I wash it with cold water once my 5 mins is up, pat dry and then apply cream.
and yes I use real lemons, not the fake stuff in the bottle :)

@fantastic thanks i will try and hunt it down :)

@helen (nice things) the formula for the satin primer is very different, nice to see you commenting :) x

@sima thanks, yes I know, I always mix abit of water into my honey when i apply it on my face, honey is amazing! but lemon juice really kills the spots quickly.
Anonymous said…
I agree with Belle du Jour about lemon and dieting, it works for me whenever I need to drop some pounds.

I have dry skin, I don't know whether it'll work so well on me. Lemons rock!
Muhsine Emin said…
@supah thanks, i will def drink some tomorrow morning if I dont forget! I also have dry skin, just make sure u dont leave the lemon juice longer than 5 mins, and moisturise straight after. x

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