The winners of the Ciaté giveaway are....

Rumysa hussain - HUES OF RUMYSA
Tiffany - Vanity Doll
JP - Denim Debutante
Sarah - The Polished

You all have won one each of Mine's a Mocha. Please email me at stating who you are with your postal addresses.

Thank you everyone for taking part. All winners were chosen from I wish I had more to give away. x X x

Please note, I did mention that the rules of the giveaway were that you also followed this blog, however I had to disqualify a couple of the winners and choose new ones as they weren't following this blog - I do realise that some people don't wish to disclose who they are following, but in these cases they were all displayed and poor old BUBBLEGARM wasn't there. So, please be wary for the next giveaway.


Simplyasmeen said…
congrats to the winners, but sad i didnt win :(
Jo said…
well done everyone who won! xx
Muhsine Emin said…
yep congrats.. however no1 is aware of it yet :)
Rumysa said…
oh, my,Gosh! this is so cool. i never thought i would...tee hee =)!
thank you muhsine!! :)
congrats to the other winners
A said…
I am so happy - THANK YOU!!
I sent you an email :)

Congratulations to the other winners!

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