We went out for dinner on Friday night, I thought I would share some photos!

Better late than never hey? :)

Zuhal teyze, my mum and me!

Yes, it's very hard to decide on what to eat! Check my *serious* look! :)

How hot does my jewellery look? Yes, I loved the one I made for Lolicoco so much, that I made myself one! :)

Make Up

Face: Bobbi Brown tinted moisturiser, Bourjois gold bronzing powder.
Cheeks: Maybelline dream mousse blush - peach satin, and dream mousse shimmer as highlight.
Eyes: Sleek storm, the dark green smudged all over the eye with the matt brown. Maybelline pulse perfection mascara. Urban Decay 24/7 liner in zero on water line.
Lips: Max Faxtor English Rose lipstick. (rubbed off in the pics after eating)


love the make up,you always look so glowy,haha yes the serious what should i pick look,weve all been there lol
Jesse said…
You look gorgeous, the blue jewellery looks amazing with your hair color :)
bubblegarm said…
Thanks girls, that was a night where i had to get ready very quickly :) X
Moon said…
You look like your mum alot!
The eyes and the nose.
Meya said…
you look very pretty!
Little Rus said…
You are such a gorgeous girl! I adore the jewellery, the colours are amazing! x
Jo said…
Aw you look so happy and glowing! x
Jenny9119999 said…
Lovely pics:) Looks like you had a great time. You look so much like your mum:) Love the makeup too xx
Aleksis said…
You look so good...and yesss the jewellery is HOT!!!

Tali said…
Such a hot necklace im not surprised you make one for yourself!! xx
Your cheeks have an amazing glow! Is that the maybelline dream mousse talking? Is it gentle on the skin, i.e. no breakouts?
bubblegarm said…
Thank u all so much :)

@clearly beautiful blog. Yes, so far so good, it's not very illminating but the dream mousse shimmer is! X
lola said…
you look absolutely gorgeous...xoxo
Angela said…
i really love that necklace that you are wearing
it is so pretty
thanks for sharing the pictures with u ^_^

Petrichor said…
Your mommy looks so young! What's her secret???
tiff said…
You always have such a beautiful golden glow. The necklace color really pops on you :).
fantastic said…
so nice! i was squinting, trying to see what you were all eating--i know it must have been good! the jewelry (and you!) look great :)
tina_mbc said…
You look STUNNING with that mega-watt smile of yours!!! ;)

bubblegarm said…
thank you so so much :)

@petrichor genes :) x

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