In's and Out's


  • A holiday - I'm going to Turkey (Istanbul & Bursa) next month for 9 days! *So happy!* Although it will not be a beach holiday, no "real" tan for me this year. It's more of a business trip as well as some much needed time out with the family! :)

Photo (Bursa - Steps leading to Yesil)

  • Designing, drawing, sketching and brainstorming. I'm actually on a mission to design some make up bags, brush rolls, bags and other types of accessorries to add to my jewellery creations.
  • Healthy hair - I have said bye bye to my split ends, and got a trim!
  • Dark nailpolish.
  • Sleek Storm palette.
  • Topshop Jamie jeans.
  • Pretty colourful scarves from H&M.


  • Unhealthy , dry, dull hair.
  • Pretty summer dresses! :(
  • Curling my eyelashes. I don't need to, thanks to Li Lash. :)
  • Pigments... It seems I never have time for these!


ellamarie84 said…
Yay! I'm glad you're having some results from lilash! Excited for you to go on a holiday as well! And am also sad about summer dresses on the outs...will have to wait about 7 more months to bust them out again..:(
Alexandra said…
I love your ins and outs! My manager is from Turkey and she always tells me she misses it...I hope you have fun, be sure to take lots of pictures!!

Unknown said…
Good luck for your new project. I'm sure will be amazing :)
Michélle said…
Great ins and outs! :)
I hate slip-end-looking hair :P I definitely should get a trim too! And thanks to Lilash, I don't need my eyelash curler either! How amazing is that for my super straight lashes!
Marietta said…
I absolutely love Storm Palette!From now on it goes everywhere with me! :)
ebvatathemua said…
Welcome to Turkey !...
Tali said…
Ooo enjoy your trip!! Im supposed to go to visit my bro in Istanbul next month and i cant wait!!
How long are you going for? What you going to do??
Go visit the 'Sakirin camii' my dad and aunt just opened it in memory of my grandmum!! Obviously i have no idea if its nice as i was the stupid catholic bumbling around in there.. but id love to hear what people think of it!

Agree with the ins and outs. No more summer dresses :(
And i never have time for pigments.. even when i have free time!! xxx
Aicha! said…
I'm really happy because I'm in Turkey - İstanbul. I hope you'll love İstanbul :)
Anonymous said…
H&M is my favourite place for scarves, so many pretty designs and rather cheap compared to other stores!!
I hope you enjoy your trip away even if it is a buisness one :)
deniz said…
I think that Bursa is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey. So green, so historical!
Laura-PBN said…
Ooh I'm looking forward to seeing your new project come together. Hope you have a lovely holiday x
Anonymous said…
wow! that's picturesque. g' luck with expanding your jewellery line.

i'm planning a short trip to istanbul with my female friends near christmas holidays. can't wait already. :D
Ashwini said…
I know this may be off-topic from your blog, but can you share some cool things to do in Turkey? I'd love to go it would be great to get an insider's tip on what to see and do!
Sophie said…
love your ins and outs...and i hope you have an amazing time on your trip...i know what you mean by saying you never seem to have time for pigments...but some of them are just so gorgeous that they are def worth the effort...xoxo
on345667755 said…
woooo have fun in turkey! my friend went last yr and she said it was amazing. my parents are going next yr inshallah
Tiff said…
I usually don't have the patience for pigments either.

I hope you have a great trip, even if it isn't a beach holiday :).
Unknown said…
Wow You are so lucky! i hear Turkey is beautiful!!

im from the middle east and im planning to go to london next week to visit some friends and i was wondering if you know where i could find and buy Nyx cosmetics while im there?

Hoping to see some pics of your upcoming trip.

Take care :-)
Anonymous said…
Have a great trip! <3
Muhsine Emin said…
Thank you so much girls :) I will take lots of photos on my trip as instructed lol

@Tali about 9 days :) im going for a break, and to talk about some business prospects with the family. where abouts in istanbul is the sakirin mosque? i would love to visit xx

@Analytic Approach to Style Bursa is def the best city for me in Turkey, as thats were my roots are :)

@su-pah that sounds like fun :)

@Clearly Beautiful Blog wow there is so much to do in turkey, there is so much history in every city, istanbul is beautiful, full of wonderful architecture and scenery. Everywhere is beautiful, for the beach I recommend Antalya Lara beach. x

@lola i should def put some effort into using pigments, some of them are just gorgeous ur right! x

@hanan i dont think u can get nyx cosmetics in london, or at least i dont know :( if u find out please let me know, xx

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