Ins and Outs!

  • Body Shop colourglide liptsicks in #64 & #48
  • Olay Beauty Fluid
  • Mac Grand Duo msf in "Moon River" - This is my favourite highlighter & I have recently been showing it major love.
  • Body Shop cool dusk powder as blush - the darker colour looks so pretty (I will be doing reviews once I get my camera)
  • Healthy Diet & Exercise
  • Leather biker jackets - I am on a hunt!
  • Experimenting with my hair colour?!
  • My new leather fringe bag!
  • Inspiring eye make up for my scrapbook.

Images from Google &

  • Breaking my digital camera and having to wait to get a new one!
  • Processed food!
  • Hair extensions
  • Long nails
  • Picking and squeezing at scars & spots

What's in and out for you?


Laura-PBN said…
I LOVE that second image. Such a gorgeous look x

Just letting you know that I've tagged you my lovely x
Those are some great picks. I love mustard eyeshadow too but there aren't that many around!? Bobbi Brown does one called Camel (i think). Nice post. :))
Anonymous said…
I am on a hunt for a leather biker jacket too- its harder then it seems isnt it!!! Just cant seem to find the right fit/style for me so far but the search must go on :)

Those are some great beauty images also! Very inspiring.
Unknown said…
I remember when you posted the first pic on Twitter...i love it!

And I soooo want a biker jacket! lol

hopping over to your scrapbook!

lorien kate said…
Sucks about your camera! Ohhh exercise in your Ins section? I only wish exercise was fun!!! xx
fantastic said…
i love biker jackets--can't wait to see the one that you find! that picture of chanel iman is really nice too....and processed food--you're right...yuk!
Anonymous said…
I love the makeup with the blue shadow, so pretty! Your new bag is killer
cocobella21 said…
I love reading these posts! I bought the Olay Beauty Fluid after you had recommended it & I love it so thank you!! Those are some gorgeous images :) xx
Ashleigh said…
hair extensions are still a big IN for me - as long as they are clip in bc the glue in ones are a little gross. Allow sme to change my look in the blink of an eye ;)
Muhsine Emin said…
thanks for ur comments girls..

@shirley yes, im still loving that photo, i need to try it out!

@Lorien BeautyLove i soooo want exercise to be in but somehow it's always an out :(

@yorkieluvs indeed, im so pleased with myself when i look at it :)

@cocobella im so glad you like it :)

@ashleigh oooo hair extensions are in as quickly as they are out for me :) im ALWAYS changing my mind!

*~mad munky~* said…
Now that the weather's starting to change, my cardigans are definitely

I'm loving my nails inc. strengthener - it's rescued my nails :o)
ellamarie84 said…
I love the beauty fluid! My great aunt has used it for many many years and she has beautiful skin. I hope to have the same skin as her when I'm 80! Those are amazing pics by the way. :)
I am not sure if you guys have Express in the UK but
this is such a great piece because the silhouette is perfect without an overdose of metal zippers and things :)
Thank you for the tips!!!

Lived With Love said…
LOVE your hair, it really suits you!! :) xxx
Tina A. said…
That eye makeup is jaw-dropping!
You could definitely recreate those looks, the 2 top ones especially! ;)

Unknown said…
When I am nervous and/or impatient, I always scratch my pimples and scars, I just cannot help it... But we need to be strong and keep our hands quiet. The best thing we can do is stand far from the mirror and just do some other thing...
Muhsine Emin said…
@catanya it's very hard... i find myself squeezing spots without realising. i'm terrible, i need to stop! x

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