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Today I went shopping with my mum, we purchased some things for her newly decorated London apartment. She ALWAYS takes me out with her to add the finishing touches to each room.

Basket £8 - Matalan
Hand towels £3 - Matalan
Honey & Almond Soaps - TK(J) Maxx

We picked up some stuff for the bathroom, I just had to show you this, it's a cute shopping basket type storage box that your supposed to put bottles in, but I very neatly folded two hand towels in there, and added two bars of honey and almond soap. This will sit in front of the bathroom window... Seriously how cute does it look?
Places like Laura Ashley or Zara Home is usually where I go, but I've realised that the cheaper stores have really caught on and that you can find gorgeous dupes. TK(J) Maxx is also a great place to go to find unique and afforable items.

Do you have tips to style a room?

I always make sure there's a focal point, and that things are balanced but not too overdone. For example, I hate it when you look at a shelf and there are three vases of the same colour sitting in a row. I much rather put one vase on one side, and a group of things on the other.


Juicygirl... said…
I totally agree that is sooo cute.

TK Max is my fav store to pick up pieces for my new home, Mum & I go there often its sooo funny we spend what seems to be hours in that place & always come out with loads :)

Love your blog BTW.
Muhsine Emin said…
@Juicygirl 2906 I know, you really manage to lose track of time while dreaming and looking at the home items :) and thanks for loving my blog :)
Shortiee31 said…
Such cute lil buys! I want to get myself down to Matalan and get some stuff for my bedroom now! :p
Sophie said…
i would pick a style and a colour concept first...and then go the stuff that you got...xoxo
Tali said…
Great combination of texture and color! MMMm i love buying new things for my home!! xx
Mailim geldi mi? acaba...Lolicoco ya gondermistim...Yesil yaprakli kolye siparisi icin...ayrica annen icin aldiklariniz cok ciciler, bayilirim ev icin alisveris yapmaya...SIA-Home da cok hos seyler var bilmem zevkine hitap eder mi?
DeAnna said…
i love TJ Maxx or Marshall's for home items - you never know what you may or may not find - i've found some lovely items there when i wasn't looking. and the prices are always good - i have to watch how much i get for my house or it would be over accessorised - lol. i have to make sure my husband will like it - so we keep it simple - i'm a neutral sort - so mostly tans/browns/creams/with a pop of color.
BrionyLou said…
Matalan have some really nice home things at the moment - I love the Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen collection!

Holly said…
Love Matalan for home things and TKMAxx!!Thats gorgeous v.Laura Ashley!xx
Cute buys! I really enjoy your blog.
I adore this basket and colours of the towels! It's really beautiful. Agree with you about "the three vases thing" - I like asymmetry in interior decorating, too. As far as I remember the origin of this rule comes from Japan.
I don't really have any other specific rules. I try to choose a colour palette for the room, so that there are always three colours to play with, no more no less and then pick and choose items I love the look of and that go well together. It always takes time, often months to finish the room, but then it's such a pleasure to be in it.

P.S. I've got to visit Matalan next time I look for pretty little things. :)
Steph said…
I find the most amazing things at TJ MAX. It's one of my favorite stores. I am not much into interior decorating but with your last organization post you've defintely inspired me to channel my creative energy in a bigger way. Off to the furniture section of TJ MAX I go!
Unknown said…
A very beautiful and cute detail for the bathroom indeed!

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