Project Clear Skin: My Current Skincare Routine

As you know, throughout the past few months I have been having rather a lot of trouble with my skin and continuously experimenting with different products ranging from the high end and "natural" spectrum. I have already done reviews on some of these products, but wanted to include4 my full regimen.

This post includes pictures of me wearing no make up, just to prove that my skin is actually looking rather good! :)

This is what I use everyday: Click photo to enlarge.

  • Nivea refreshing facial wash gel
  • Olay gentle cleansers refreshing toner

Night time:

  • Nivea gentle waterproof eye make-up remover
  • Olay gentle cleansers cleansing milk
  • Olay gentle cleansers refreshing toner

And this is what I use on the odd occasion: Click photo to enlarge

Neals Yard organic rose hip seed oil: I used this once every 1-2 weeks as a face mask left on overnight. This is supposed to help with scarring.

Burts Bees orange essence facial cleanser: I have been using this about 1-2 times a week as a cleansing treat for my skin.

Origins Get Down: I use this to exfoliate once a week.

Liz Earle smoothing line serum (night) eye cream and Superdrug natural high brightening eye cream in the morning. I always forget to apply eye creams, which is actually a good thing as it avoids product buildup and prevents from bags. I usually just apply my moisturiser all the way up and around my eye area which seems to work as thankfully I don't have wrinkles.

And here's what my skin looks like ready for bed with NO MAKE UP! Yes I am brave :)

My skin has seriously improved so much, I have been doing this regimen for AGES now and it really works. All that is on my face is Nivea creme which is why my face is SO shiny. But when I wake up in the morning my face has soaked up all the moisture and just looks amazing.

I also went through a retro skin routine, where I applied lemon juice to my face every morning for 5 minutes, for about 2 weeks. I think this has also helped immensely.

I couldn't even include my before pictures as I look SO disgusting in them. :( I can now officially say that I don't suffer with acne anymore. I still get the odd spot and some of my scars haven't fully healed yet... but it looks SO much better! *Yay* :)

I have FINALLY found what works for me, and surprisingly and luckily they are drugstore brands. Simplifying my regime and eliminating harsh chemicals has really helped calm my skin down. HAPPY TIMES! Yes, my skin is totally not clear yet, but it's getting there. :)

Please keep in mind that I really minimised the amount of make up I put on my face, if you wear a heavy foundation everyday it's time you switched to something like a tinted moisturiser and saved a full coverage for special occassions. Your skin will thank you for it.


Nina said…
So glad for you! I on the other hand am still struggling to find the perfect regimen to clear my skin. I'll try out your lemon routine and see if it will help out.
babyskyblue said…
That's good to hear. And you know what? You also look beautiful without makeup! :)
Love your Blog so much.

Catanya said…
You look great! I am happy to read this! Definitely trying the Nivea Cream soon!
adelinky said…
I've never considered trying nivea face products. I always thought they were a brand on lotions for the body and hands...

your skin is pretty good!! not as bad as others :)

amalass said…
wow! your skin care routine is eerily similar to mine. Also you look great without any makeup on!
UnicornSmile said…
Very nice looks dewy and happy :). I'm a HUGE fan of Bliss products can't advocate them enough :).
Anonymous said…
You look soo pretty with no makeup on!
Thanks for sharing.
Tali said…
Gorgeous even without make-up!!
I love that orange cleanser but it is SO hard to wash all of it off!.. it makes me not want to use it!

Great post glad to see your finding things that work for you! xx
Jo said…
Yay! So pleased for you! x
Petrichor said…
So happy that you got your skin under control. I know how frustrating it can get when its acting up. I really think the simpler the skin routine, the better it is.
Yay for clear skin!!! You look beautiful hun!
Anonymous said…
I am so glad that you feel your skin is getting better.
Well, I have had lots of problems with my skin lately too. And it was all caused by my trouble with teeth, believe it or not.
bubblegarm said…
awww thanks to all of you :) and for puttig up with me through my journey of clear skin.

Dye-A-Graham said…
I so want to switch back to just tinted moisturizer, but with my acne scarring the only thing that will cover it is reg. liquid foundation! But once my scarring is easier to cover I am going back to a much simpler make-up routine!
bubblegarm said…
@Dye-A-Graham try the lemon juice, and reduce your makeup over the months, use a tinted moisturiser and stipple on the foundation to only the areas you need. X
mizzworthy said…
Your skin is looking amazing now - I'm really pleased for you!

I've been using shu uemara cleansing oil, a lush toner and a nude moisturiser in the morning, and a clarins night cream, and my skin is looking a lot better - its so individual, and its really hard work finding the right thing for you - its so individual!
fantastic said…
you're looking great! you'd never know you were suffering before! i've been eyeing that orange cleanser from burt's bees... hmmm..

glad you are still enjoying the oil of olay! xxx
Anonymous said…
Yay for good skin days!! :)
Dazzledust25 said…
Your skin looks amazing!
ellamarie84 said…
Yay that is wonderful you have found something that works for you! I also have finally found a skin regimen that works for's so nice to not have to worry about zits anymore. Your skin looks beautiful! You look great without makeup! Lucky gal. :)
I'm so happy for you that you've found a good regimen. I'm always writing about skincare at my blog since that totally affects how my makeup looks. I also agree that on weekdays there is no need for crazy amounts of makeup.

I love Nivea too so I'll try to incorporate some of your products into my routine once my stuff has run out. :)

Hope you check out my website as it is all about skincare!
jetsetter_30 said…
Hi Munshine! I've also struggled in finding the right skin care products to suite my oily and acne prone skin but after accutane treatment and neutrogena and aveeno I can say that my skin is at its best after years of struggling with acne. I know how you feel and I can say that confidence really radiates from within to outside when you know you have great skin
tina_mbc said…
You 're looking amazing without makeup on, take my word for it!
Glad that you gor rid of the horrible acne, I know it's a huge pain...

You have gorgeous skin! Its amazing you only use Nivea - burts bees is a good brand :) I use their shower gels, hair products and lipbalms!! Havent tried out their facial cleansers though! xx
Annigje said…
You might try Nivea Young, Clean Deeper Peeling. It's lovely. Just put it on your skin and wait for 5 / 10 minutes. You can feel it works already! Put some water on your hands and scrub your face. It feels very clean and sooo smooth.
Anonymous said…
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Bayramin mubarek olsun! viva
StephVaz said…
Do you still do the honey masks?
Anonymous said…
You skin is absolutely gorgeous without makeup.
Anonymous said…
You are an exceptionally beautiful young woman, with amazing skin. My only recommendation, would be to ensure you use an oil free sunscreen during the delay.

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