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I am obsessed with pomegranate!

Yesterday, I went to Holland and Barrett for a wonder, and my eyes immediately went to the pomegranate range by Dr organic. I decided I needed to revert back to my organic natural shampoos, as recently I have been using drugstore brands and it hasn't done anything for my hair.

These shampoos don't contain any harsh chemicals, I used to use "Naked" but I didn't stick with it, not sure why - they were actually really good. Check my previous post on shampoo cleansing ingredients to avoid. FYI: Don't expect natural shampoos to lather up as much as chemical based ones, this doesn't mean that it doesn't clean it properly, because it does. These were £4.99 each.

(Click to enlarge)

My eyes then went towards this face cream, it's supposed to be anti aging. This was £7.99, quite reasonable. I can make my own toner, exfoliator and mask from pomegranate but a moisturiser? I'm not so sure! :)

(Click to enlarge)

The texture of this cream looks rich, but it isn't. It's actually REALLY light. It's actually not that moisturising at all. Maybe even a bit too light for my dry skin. The finish of it is incredibly matt, it's quite similar to a vanishing cream. The most amazing thing about this cream, is the smell, it smells divine - like pomegranates and roses not a disgusting "herb" smell like other "natural" creams. I may mix it with something....

Today I went to Sally hair and beauty in Picadilly London. I have decided to dye my hair back to it's natural colour. I have played around with my hair quite a lot within the past few months, so decided enough was enough. I don't want to have to dye it again, also I have found with drugstore hair dyes, the colour fades really quickly and it seems to take a red/copper tinge which is quite common with Mediterranean hair.

I opted for light brown ash, however this is more like a medium brown. The medium brown dye looked black so I skipped that. It's important for the hair dye to be from the ash family to take away from the red/copper which I despise! I CAN'T stand it on me, it just looks off key with my colouring. All of this is for 1 application, it cost under £10.

I then marched into Superdrug and got some baby lotion, I got it for my body but may apply it to my face too, does anybody else apply this on their face? I got the white tube to carry in my bag, I have never used it before. I love the smell of baby products! :)

I also picked up a lipgloss in pink moon by L'oreal from their glam shine moonlight range. It's a beautiful baby pink with some mauve/silver shimmer. I love it, I couldn't quite capture it but it has tiny blue reflects in it. It's like a more pigmented version of Mac baby sparks dazzleglass but with no sparkles.
See below swatch on its own. Imagine what it would look like with a lipstick :)


Anonymous said…
Lovely haul hunni. Johnsons baby stuff is gorge. I love the smell. I found that H&B pomegranate stuff so drying but I loved the idea of it. Pomegranate is a great anti-oxidant. The manuka honey range from H&B is lovely.
Anonymous said…
johnsonbaby lotion is love .. I often use it as face primer :) very gentle to my skin ..great haul btw
Anonymous said…
Ooh those pomegranite items look fabulous hun i want to try :D
Muhsine Emin said…
@legs11 hey marcia, yes the pomegranate cream has NO moisture in it, it's so light, i think i'll have to mix it with something to use it. i'll take a look at the manuka honey range next time. xx
Anonymous said…
Yeah that cream is defo offkey. lol. u've made me want to stock up on johnsons tho
VampiressDoll said…
Ooo I've never noticed the Dr.Organic range before, definitely looks yummy and I've heard so many good things about Pomegranates. x
Kirsten Read said…
I used to use Johnsons baby lotion as make up remover, lovely and gentle. AWhatever you do, don't apply it before make up or fake tan as it will patch or the colour will not develop properly! x
Petrichor said…
Baby Aisle is probably a gold mine when it comes to good products. I'm surprised that more beauty addicts don't explore this area. The products are gentle enough to use on babies skin, so you can be sure they won't irritate your own. I used to buy baby soaps for my face, I use baby oil as a make up remover and I had that exact same lotion you bought, but ran out. I also use this almond baby cream (very rich in texture) that I bought when visiting back home in Bosnia. It smells divine, and heals my spots better than anything. I also use it as a lip conditioner. I saw my sister use this cream on her baby, and I had to have it, it smelled so delicious.
I really want to test out more baby stuff, so I'll probably wander into the baby aisle next time I'm at the store.
Anonymous said…
Oh, I just love the smell of pomegratate...especially the body shop's Christmas collections.
~Lisa said…
Great haul! I love the smell of pomegranate! I haven't tried using the J&J baby lotion since I was a baby, LOL. Maybe I'll go back to it after I'm done with my current ones. I too also extremely love the smell of babies!!!
Gaby Fauchon said…
The pomegranate moisturizer looks yummy!
Hollywood said…
Great haul I love POMEGRANITE and I love it even more knowing the BENEFIITS =)

Chloe Noelle said…

I'm wondering if you dyed your eyebrows? since your hair naturally is black..

Love your hair as it is right now but i think black will look stunning also :)
Muhsine Emin said…
@Chloe Noelle he chloe, no my hair is not naturally black, it like a mousy brown. no i didnt dye my eyebrows. but i would if i was going to make my hair really light to make them look more natural.
Tina A. said…
The lipgloss is a perfect shade of pink for you girl! :)

hey muhsine, hope your good! wow, gr8 haul! am glad to know i'm not the only one crazy bout baby products,lol! cant get enough of the smell & it keeps the skin real smooth! went crazy the other day n bought the oil, bath and powder! also hun i just wanted to let u knw that i think u r such an inspiration, the way u experiment with different products and colours, you've helped me so much since i found your blog so thnku mwah!:) am still on the hunt for a good nude lipstick, went into bodyshop today (& bought the yes yes yes lip butter on ur recomendation & luv it!) just wantd 2 ask ur opinion on their lipsticks & liners, are they good? also have u considered doing make up tutorials on youtube? that would be amazing!! or just become a make up artist then i could come to you!!lol!! sory for going on and on hun, just wanted u 2 knw dat i fink ur gr8!! tce cre xoxox
Chloe Noelle said…
Aw thanks for your reply hun! i was reading to fast hihi ;) thought you said your hair was naturally black.

I love the color of your eyebrows! :)
Muhsine Emin said…
Thank u for all of your wonderful comments :)

@Aysh thank you so much, i am seriously humbled for words :) u made my day!

@chloe sometimes i fill them in with dark brown :) i have to remember to write down what i do with my brows, thanks for reminding me :)

x X x

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