Benefit, Mac and Lush Haul

Yesterday I went on a little shopping spree, I needed a few things as a lot of my products had run out.


The first thing I needed was a tinted moisturiser, I decided not to repurchase my Bobbi Brown one as it finishes SO quickly. I opted for the You Rebel SPF 15 by Benefit instead. I used this a long time ago, but hated it as it made me look orange and binned it. I told the SA my situation and she assured me that in the past there was a dodgy batch and that I could have returned it for an exchange.
Indeed the colour of this tinted moisturiser is a lovely brown colour, the texture is quite thick but easily absorbed, a little goes a long way. I used it today and I have to say I loved the effect. It was a perfect colour match, it gives light to medium coverage, evens out my skintone and makes me glow. This tinted moisturiser is available in only 2 shades, this one and a light one.


This is a "foundation faker" meaning it doesn't look like your wearing foundation even though you are. I certainly agree with this as the texture of this is so light, highly pigmented yet smooth.

I purchased this once before, I loved the packaging of this cream compact but hardly used it as it was way too dark for my skintone. This is available in 2 shades, a normal one and a deep one. I purchased the deep as it seemed a closer match. My skintone is somewhere in between both. Once I had figured out a use for this I ran out of it in no time. I basically used it to contour my face with a Mac 187 brush, it acted as a bronzer with no sheen, shimmer or glitter. Very natural looking and I will be using it for exactly that again. FYI: This has no SPF.


Luckily for me, The Benefit boutique in Carnaby St, London had a promotion on. I'm not sure if that's worldwide? With any 2 purchases you received Powderflage, a light diffusing pale pink powder concealer. I have never tried this but haven't heard too many great things about it. However, that still doesn't put me off, everybody is different and likes different things. Just because something works for me it doesn't mean it will work for you. This will be interesting to test!


I also received a lipgloss as a gift, I love the "Her Glossiness" lip glosses but they have been discontinued, why? Who knows. The scent of this lipgloss is amazing, it's exactly the same as the her glossiness tubes. "Fresh Squeezed" is a pretty coral colour with a slight shimmer, medium pigmentation with a gloss finish.


I went to Mac, and none of the new collections caught my eye, nothing exciting for me. I have lived without Fix + for a while now and was missing it greatly. I love Fix +, perfect to set my makeup or to freshen up.

This is a facial scrub / exfoliator. It has a very grainy texture because of the chunks of sea salt. I had a sample of this from my previous trip, the first time I used it I hated it as it stung my face so much. However, after a few uses my skin got used to it and it actually calmed my skin down. I decided it was a definite repurchase. It contains sea salt, lime, coconut, grapefruit and is vodka based. I have been using it 3X a week - my husband has been getting some good use out of it too :). When you open the pot all of the sea salt is on the top and it needs mixing...

This is daily skin cleanser, I also had a sample of this from my previous trip and loved it. It has almonds, kaolin and lavender to improve skin tone, cleanse and balance the skin. You basically take out a little chunk, add water to it to form a liquid paste and apply to your skin.

I also purchased the 'Honey I washed the kids soap" and received the 'Godmother' soap free as I spent over a certain amount. They both smell divine!

I also got a sample of 'Coal Face' which is a facial cleanser... interesting!

This is supposed to be chocolate heaven for oily and teenage skin. It contains Rhassoul mud, cocoa butter, linseed, cocoa powder, peppermint, spearmint and sandalwood oil to cleanse, soothe, remove excess oil and calm breakouts. Sounds good to me!

Wooo, I'm all set for my holiday in Turkey! :) I will be going on Thursday for 12 days, *yay* well deserved!


Victoria said…
I really want Ocean Salt. A sales assistant tried some out on my hand and it got into a paper cut and OUCH I was in agony! lol. x
Daisy said…
Two people have recommended the Ocean Salt today- I'm going to have to buy it!

I want to try You Rebel too

Marisa said…
Ocean salt burned my skin |: I'm scared to use it again, my skin it's too damn sensitive!
I want to try angels on bare skin so bad! But first I will try the fresh farmacy, my skin has been getting really oily \:
Yesterday I bought the Vitamin E face mist by the body shop, everyone says that is does the job of the MAC Fix+ I hope it's true :o
Computergirl said…
What a great haul. I havent tried Ocean Salt, but it has faired really well in reviews. I have also been a bit split about You Rebel, but I might go back and have another look as it seems to look of in your photos.

Have a lovely holiday :)
Liparazzi said…
It will be interesting to see how you get on with Powderflage...I have heard that some people aren't keen on it but then there are things that I love that other people don't rate much so as you said, it's up to the individual really
Muhsine Emin said…
@Victoria ouch that must have stung REALLY bad, poor u. xx

@Daisy i would recommend a sample first, you get quite a few uses from it as u need very little. Just incase u dont like it. :) I like samples!

@Marisa ouch, my skins very sensitive too, but luckily after a few uses I'm ok. The angels on bare skin is very gently and calming, would def recommend that one! x

@Emma yes, I was put off it for ages, but swatching it myself seemed less scary than expected. :)

@liparazzi i'm v curious, we'll see :)
Unknown said…
Thanks for the info on the benefit at carnaby st~! I'll see if I can check it out this week, hopefully they'll still have that offer. I've been wanting to try out that cupcake mask from lush, please keep us updated on your thoughts on it after you've used it! x

Livia x
Tali said…
Great haul!

I remember the tinted moisturizer from a few years ago. It was soooo orange on me.. maybe i should take another look!! xx
Unknown said…
Lovely haul! Mac and Lush are two of my fave brands so...
I love Fix + but the moment I run out of it, I will go for thermal water...
Louise H said…
Lush Cupcake is fabulous - I got some in a freshers pack and its really good for drying up spots x
Monique said…
I love love love MAC Fix+ for setting makeup! It gives your skin a dewy finish.
Niika said…
Great haul..i need to try some lush products

I tagged u on my blog
Muhsine Emin said…
@Tali if u still have it take it back for an exchange , im gutted i binned mine!

@catanya la roche posey thermal watcher is lovely, but that finished v v v quickly for me :/ but i do love the scent of fix +!

@Nikka thanks for the tag :) x
Anonymous said…
ocean salt is amazing! i haven't re-stocked on it as i've been wading through my asian skincare and clarins products (best glow-givers on the market). definitely love this a lot though, it works for me.

i also recently purchased two items from benefit and got the powderflage free. i got one hot minute (loose face powder) and rush hour (lip and cheek colour).
Anonymous said…
FAB haul hunni
Cheryl♥ said…
Nice haul! I've been eying the Powderfladge and have wondered if it really works good. Keep us posted!
Gaby Fauchon said…
What a nice haul!

The packaging of the Some Kinda Gorgeous cream is cute! And everything from Lush looks amazing... especially that last face mask! =D
Chloe said…
good haul! I love Lush, it makes it even better that they're natural products
Anonymous said…
I really liked my some kinda gorgeous, would certainly be tempted to purchase again. Curious to see what you make of Powderflage as this has caught my eye several times.

Melissa said…
I just got Ocean Salt too - the texture is so amazing it makes my mouth water! I also got the Coal Face cleanser and it has done wonders for my skin literally in 5 days - I'm stunned! I'm gonna keep using it for a little while before I post a review though, I just want to make skin is so damn fickle. Love Godmother soap that stuff smells amazing, and Cupcake is my fave mask. So yeah, I would say you did great!
Violet said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Violet said…
I Powderflage!! It's my HG powder for setting my undereye concealer! It's great because it doesn't settle into fine lines or look cakey. It also works well for all skin tones. The dinky fan brush it comes with is competely useless though! Love your blog girl!

Violet said…
I mean to say "I love Powderflage!" lol, I seem to be having troubles posting simple comments!
Unknown said…
What a fab haul! I'm not overly keen on Benefit bits so will be interested to hear what you think of them. Love Ocean Salt, just the colour of it is amazing! The smell of Angels is lovely too. xxx
cocobella21 said…
Great haul! I want to try the powderflage, please let us know what you think! xx
Monika said…
If cupcakes what I got years back it smells amazingly edible!
I got a sample of ocean salt today, loved how it felt on my hand...can't wait to try it out.
Great haul! xx
~Lisa said…
Great haul!! Review on the Powderflage please!!

& Have a fun and safe trip to turkey!

Please follow me at
fantastic said…
i like your choices! i've used the coal face in the past, and liked it as it made my face feel extremely clean--but i remember that at the time, my skin was playing i ended up not finishing it. i keep wondering if i should try it again, so i'll be looking forward to your review. that salt scrub looks great! xx
I used use Ocean Salt as felt it was an amazing exfoliator - at so many mags I've worked at though they hate Lush, I don't understand why :S

we'll definitely be back!
come follow us at TBAG, we have an amazing giveaway! enjoy your day :) xxx
Carlito86 said…
Nice haul! I'm tempted to get the Ocean Salt. I have the Rebel and yes it is very orange!! I also like the look of the other Benefit you got...I can't remember now but it is the second item!

Let us know how the coal facial thing is?

Carla x
Anonymous said…
Awww I really do want to buy Lush! All the products you got appeal to me, I think they'd be perfect for my skin type!
<3 Seedi-Sami<3 said…
hey.. i bought the ocean salt and coalface yesterday

ive used the ocean salt and it is amazing

how do u use the coal face tho... i was too excited abwt my samples to ask :S xx
CHB said…
I tried Benefit YouRebel original during spring/summer this year but hated it.The color was fine but I felt it made me greasy after a couple of hours, although I put a light dusting of MAC MSF Natural on top. I trashed it & purchased Dr. Hauschka's translucent bronze concentrate instead. This is truly my HG. You can mix it with any moisturizer you want, add as much as you want and dries fairly quickly and leaves you with a nice glow (and by this I do not mean oily). It has a bit of a herbal scent but that fades pretty quickly. Do try it out you won't be disappointed.

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