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Yesterday I attended a lovely and exciting event organised by Boudoir PR, it was for a exclusive styling tutorial by Neil Moodie on how to wear different kind of hair extensions. As you all know I am rather obsessed with longer hair and have experimented in the past with clip in and sew in hair extensions. I have recently dyed my hair back to its natural hair colour and now wish to grow it super long whilst keeping it healthy. This event came at a perfect time as I was actually on the lookout for clip in hair extensions for my new hair. I decided not to go for sew ins again as I have come to realise that they did actually damage my hair.

Love Hair Extensions was founded in 2004 under the expert directorship of American Dream, Britain’s longest established trade firm in hair extensions. Clip ins are a great alternative as you can clip them in and out whenever you want depending on the hairstyle you desire. You can also add lighter or darker wefts to alter your hair colour or add volume without damaging it.

We watched 3 demos and all of them looked super natural and wearable. Hair is SO important and really makes a BIG difference to how one feels and looks. The change can be as subtle or as dramatic as you like. The best thing with clip ins is that you can control it, it's cheap and doesn't take to long.

The 1st demo was on a blonde girl that had her hair slicked back and a clip on ponytail was attached. The 2nd demo was on a girl who had very dark long hair, she had lighter and darker wefts attached for some colour and volume. The 3rd demo was on a girl who had a very short bob, she had a few wefts of hair clipped in for medium length hair.

Once the presentation was over, we were asked if anybody wanted to be colour matched, me being the loud eager outspoken person *raises hand* and says "I do". I was lucky enough to have the extensions attached by Neil Moodie himself. With thanks to Lina for the photos! :)

He applied them by backcombing a tiny strip of hair so that the clips had something to hang on to.

In total I had 3 wefts applied to the crown of my head. These were all 18". The colours used were: 2X (6) Dark ash brown and 1 X (4) Chestnut brown.

The clips are so tiny and rounded that you hardly notice anything in your hair.

I got away with applying 3 wefts, but I think 4 wefts would have been better. Once they were all in, the fronts were cut with a razor so that the layers blended in with my natural hair. I love the outcome, what do you think?

Love hair extensions do various types of extensions, synthetic hair for the clip in ponytail, thermofibre hair which you can apply a low heat on and 100% human hair extensions which are ethically sourced. I have found the prices to be very reasonable and there are even some great special offers on.
Visit for more info. Love hair extensions will also be launching an afro hair range with longer lengths of human hair at affordable prices. Currently you can buy afro hair extensions from:

I was given a rather generous amount of hair extensions to go home with these include a clip in pony tail, 18" and 24" human hair extensions, and I even have blonde wefts so that I can add highlights to my hair! So expect some dramatic looks in the future! :)


amynicola_ox said…
these look gorgeous on you!!
the 3 wefts look decently thick too!! i usually go with 4 on myself - but what an amazing event i wish they had stuff like that where I live lol!
Princesa Livia said…
Those extensions look really good. How long do they last? I've never had hair extensions done before, since I'm pretty iffy about the whole thing... but maybe some day I'll try them.
Computergirl said…
Wow they match up with your hair really well and look very natural.
Liparazzi said…
Looks fantastic on you!I've been wanting to try hair extensions for ages but I dont think I would be that great at trimming them to make sure they look natural
GiGi said…
Wow! They match perfectly. They look amazing.
khmari123 said…
Love it! LOve it! Love it!
I am definitely going to look into this as I have been wondering where to get some of these from for my upcoming wedding. Hurrah and thankyou for the perfect timing!
Hollywood said…
I love clip in hair extensions I make my own it's cheaper
But yours look fab '

Chloe <3
Saira said…
Hey, they look great... i LOVE my own human hair extensions, I bought them from Selfridges 'Hot Hair' department about two years ago and they have been brilliant!

Definitely provide a confidence boost every time!
Petrichor said…
Clip ins are the best! No hair damage whatsoever. I've been using mine for a while now for volume (usually only when I go out).. but I feel sad I can't play with different colors, since my hair is just black now.
Yours are a perfect match for your new hair!
jessalyn said…
aaah I love them!! Ive been wanting to try some, but Ive been a little apprehensive, but after seeing your post, I think I might look into getting some! they look fab! :)
Anonymous said…
gorgeous! i wanna try em!
bubblegarm said…
Thanks for the comments girls :) xx

@princesa livia they will last for roughly 3-6 months if you wear them everyday and style them everyday. They can last for years if you wear them now and again and take excellent care of them.

@liparrazi you could always ask your salon to blend them in for you when u go in for your next trim :)

@Hollywood i've made my own too in the past, but these are so reasonably priced that it's not worth the effort and time to make your own. :) x

@saira wow good job on taking good care of them to make them last that long :)

@petrichor thanks sweetie, but i think you can add lighter colours to the back, as when its curled they will blend in and u will have amazing highlights, the 2nd demo i watched expressed this beautifully, try it u will be surprised!
Lina said…
ahaha, I do believe some of those pics are the property of not Bubblegarm! But thanks for using them doll, and it was great meeting you! I can't wait to try my own set out - I have a wedding this Sat so may be the perfect opportunity! Lxx
Oooh very cool and natural! And you love beautiful by the way!
bubblegarm said…
@Lina lol :) yay u should def rock those extensions not that u need any! xx
Anonymous said…
Interesting process but wowzah, you look stunning! :)
Mz. More said…
They look great... a perfect match!
~Lisa said…
It looks great on you! And so natural looking too! I don't use hair extensions since my hair is pretty long =] I need to cut it soon, even though it doesn't have splint ends yet.

Please visit my blog at
Sakeenah said…
I've never thought about extensions before i keep my hair ridiculously long and there's a hell of alot of it so i guess I've never needed too. all the extensions I've seen on other people look really tacky but yours look really natural and if i didn't know i never would have guessed that they are extensions! fake it till you make it doll!
Anonymous said…
Sooo pretty! x
tina_mbc said…
Stunning - I don't think I could tell that these are extensions and not your own locks...!!!
Very natural looking!

Stephanie said…
I just stumbled upon your blog and I saw your pic. I thought you looked like Leona Lewis. you are gorgeous! anyhow, I'm following you now! woo!
I've always wanted extensions as i've naturally fine hair so are they a product you'd recommend to a hair extension virgin so to speak? they were featured in February's edition of GLAMOUR magazine so i'm hoping their of good quality? I'm just struggling trying to analyse what shade of brown i am and how long my hair is naturally so that the extensions don't fall too short
adam badger said…
After wearing a Clip in hair extensions she looks more beautiful and glow of her faced looks amazing.

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