Lush and Clothing Haul

The last time I went to Lush was 2 years ago when I purchased some bath bombs and soaps. This time I went with other things in mind based on reviews and recommendations! You all know that I am a "natural" addict so fresh handmade cosmetics seem VERY appealing... I'm surprised I didn't get all of this sooner. It's just when people go on too much about a brand it makes me not want to have it... weird I know.

I am seriously SO excited to try all of my purchases... everything was very well thought out. :)

Here's what I got....

Big: I have heard so many good things about this shampoo, I seriously can't wait to use it! It has raw sea salt, seaweed and lime juice for shiny bigger volumised hair. Price £9.60.

H'Suan Wen Hua: A hair mask that you apply prior to shampooing on dry hair, leave it for 20 mins and then shampoo and condition. Price £7.39.

Veganise: Mini conditioner as I wasn't sure which one to get, one of the girls that worked there recommended this as it had lemon and seaweed in it and said it will go very well with big. Price 100g £3.40.

I also got a sample of the Retread conditioner.

Babyface is something that I knew I wanted. It's basically a makeup remover. Price £3.40 and the tin was £2.49.

I got 2 samples of facial exfoliators. I wasn't sure which one to get so hopefully one of these will be better than the other. One is Ocean salt and the other is Angels on bare skin.

I also knew that I wanted the tea tree toner based on rave reviews! Price 100g £3.10.

My skin is sensitive but dry so I opted for Celestial facial moisturiser. Price £9.96.

I also got a sample of Imperialis facial moisturiser which is for combination skin and the Vanishing cream which is for oily skin.

That's it from me... Is there anything you recommend?
My mum got the Marilyn hair mask and my brother surprisingly who is anti cream got Coco lotion and Cosmetic Lad for his face. :)

I have to say all of the staff at Lush were so friendly and helpful, I really had a fantastic shopping experience.

On to the clothes!

One of my favourite places to shop is Mango. I nearly always managed to find something. I was on a hunt for a big cardigan and I found it. Yesterday I saw a girl wearing the most amazing cardigan and I kicked myself afterwards for not stopping and asking her where it was from. But, guess what? I found the exact same one in Mango!!! Result!:) Price £49.

It looks so amazing from the back, the whole cardigan actually looks stunning. I'll have to model it in a video for you! :)

This cream ruffle skirt I also had to have, it's high waisted and looks so cute on. Price £28 on sale from £42.

It has navy stripes and I plan on wearing it with navy tights, navy top and flat brown boots.

I saw this feather Hair clip from H&M and had to have it, I love the colours. Price £1.99.

Not sure how you are actually supposed to wear it but this is what it looks like on....

I purchased these lovely deep brown leather boots from New Look, I needed some flats and these are perfect. They also match my brown fringe bag from Warehouse! *yay* Price £55.

I couldn't go home without popping to Hollister! :) My mum got me this long sleeve navy top, I love the detail on the arm, I'm such a kid I know, but I love it! I don't care, it looks totally cool on! I plan on wearing it with light stonewashed jeans. :) Price £24.

Wow what a long post! Well done if you made it this far, yay for retail therapy! :)


Tali said…
Even though Marylin is for blondes it really keeps brown hair looking less orangy and bright. LOVE IT!

Love the haul..esp baby face cleanser. Im using BIG at the moment and i have found my holy grail shampoo... plus it is SO much fun to use!!!

Glad you had a productive shopping day!! xxox
fantastic said…
Ooh I just heard HG! I think I'm in that same boat...the stuff really is fun to use! I'm happy FOR you on this haul--I want to try some of these things also--especially the babyface. Maybe even just bc it looks so cute?!

That sweater reallly makes me miss the Mango we once had. It's exactly the kind of thing i'd like to throw on everyday as it's getting cooler... great shopping! xx
Muhsine Emin said…
@Tali ooo that's exciting to have found the hg shampoo, i'm so excited to try it :) I was thinking that about the marilyn too :) xxx

@fantastic i just used the babyface, it's rather special :) glad u like the cardigan. xx
GiGi said…
Everything looks great!
i have sensative skin also, so I can't wait for your Lush reviews.

I love all the clothes. The sweater is amazing & i love the boots & feather!
plz do a fotd when you where them.
Muhsine Emin said…
@Gigi thanks will do :) xx
~Lisa said…
Wow! Great haul, you got loads of stuff. Let us know how Lush works for you!
Melissa said…
I'm going to Lush right now actually, what a surprise to see your post! I love the fresh face masks, I did a review on my blog ages ago somewhere, I think they work well and are such a nice relaxing treat. I've been wanting to try vanishing cream so please let us know how that goes! And that feather hair clip looks awesome.
Hope you are having a nice weekend.
Nikki said…
Excellent Haul! Most of the Lush products you now have, I had on my wish list! Hopefully Ill get them soon, Keep us updated on what you think of them :)

I have normal/combination skin and I use vanishing cream everyday its great! :)
Marisa said…
I didn't like marilyn, it didn't do nothing for my hair soo... I won't buy it again (: I want to try Big Shampoo sooo bad! Can't wait for your review about it :D
I loved your cardigan from Mango I was like "I have to pay a visit to Mango next time..." but the price turned me off... well my birthday is coming up, so maybe... :O
Natalya said…
The tea tree water is my HG toner, it is so refreshing and I know you will love it! Please do a review on BIG as I have wanted to try it for ages, but am not sure if it will work for my hair. I love that cardigan too! Do they have it in any other colours?
Unknown said…
I go to LUSH a lot, but to buy bombs for my litle girl, she loves them and the bubbles too.
I never buy nothing to me but always fell very curious, after some bad experiences I just play safe.
Can't wait to read your reviews, I really trust your taste for natural products :)
Anonymous said…
Love everything! And I can't wait for the videos 0.0

Thanks for the post (=
Hollywood said…
GREAT HAUL !!! I love Lush products !!! a the NIG shampoo is wonderfull a lil bit pricey for me thought...

and I really love the hair piece it's so beautiful =)
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks for your comments girls, I will def be reviewing the lush goodies. :)

@Natalya no just this one colour at the moment.. x
mizzworthy said…
Looking forward to your thoughts on the BOG shampoo - it sounds fab! I love Lush's Lemony Flutter cuticle butter and their volcano foot mask - I am a fan of that hair mask too!I LOVE that cardie you got too - looking forward to seeing it in a vid! xxx
Muhsine Emin said…
@Mizzworthy i saw the lemony flutter cuticle cream and the volanco foot mask, looked interesting, maybe in my next spree :) xxx
Anonymous said…
Great haul! I've seen a few posts about Hollister on your blog. If you like Hollister and like the comfy cute clothes like the chunky sweater you just bought, you should check out It's A&F's newest brand for only women! LOVE LOVE LOVE all of their stuff. You might like it too :)

Anonymous said…
@o@ drools LUSH haul i luv it :D what a cute skirt and boots!!xoxo
ellamarie84 said…
Love those boots! xox
Dolly said…
I have never bought anything from Lush, but I seriously want to! :)
Alexandra said…
OMG that cardigan is absolutely amazing!!! And wow @ the Lush haul ...I'm interested in:
Angels on bare skin
Tea tree toner

Would LOVE it if you did reviews on those three!

AHH can't get over the Cardigan! lol

Honey said…
What a lovely haul :) I haven't tried that Big shampoo yet, and it's so tempting. Everybody seems to love it. I hope you'll like the Ocean Salt - I absolutely love it.

I like Paradise Regained moisturizer, but it's maybe best for dry skin. I need it during winter time.

Oh and I love that feather clip!
Laura-PBN said…
Ooh I love that cardigan and the boots! Fab purchases. I want to try Big so let us know how you get on! Ocean Salt is my HG scrub. Looks like you had a lot of fun! xx
fashionjunkiexx said…
absolutely love the hair clip from h+m the way you're wearing it looks so 50s!
Daisy said…
Ooh I love seeing Lush hauls! I'm interested to see how you get on with the BIG shampoo! xx
The Beautifier said…
Hi! Love your Blog!
Nice haul! can't wait for your Lush review! xoxo
Unknown said…
Remember to let Baby Face dry out before you put it back in the tin - I learnt this the hard way with a solid shampoo bar!

I got a sample of Big and it did nothing for me but I love the shampoo bars. Jumping Juniper is great for greasy hair.

I'd love for you to review Ocean Salt as I've heard so many good things about it.

I lovee the skirt, so pretty!
Dye-A-Graham said…
Those boots are gooorgeous! I have been searching for a pair just like it!
Unknown said…
Wow you got some lovely Lush goodies! The babyface cleanser is good but sadly mine melted on the bathroom windowsil :( Looking forward to seeing some reviews on the hair bits! xx
cocobella21 said…
Great haul!! I especially love the clothing & accessories you bought. xx
Qurratulain said…
Those boots are amazing!
Muhsine Emin said…
thanks for the lovely comments girls, I will def be reviewing the lush, so far so good! :) xx
Feline said…
Wow amazing haul!!

I've just started to use Lush and I love it! Can't wait to try the Big shampoo!!
Let us know how you like the veganise conditioner. I got a sample of it once and it was nice, but 2 uses wasn't really enough to see if it worked..

Nisha said…
Iam totally hooked on Lush Coal Face facial cleanser, its totally transformed my acne prone skin... its great
Emma said…
Hi! I just stumbled across your blog! It's amazing and I think your makeup looks amazing on you!
you were very lucky to get samples from lush, the lush in leeds doesnt give out samples. boo.x

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