What I wore last night!

Last night we went to the movies to see 'The Invention of Lying' . It was an OK enjoyable film, but nothing to rave about. I wanted to look smart but still "fun".

Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to take some 'proper' full length photos, this was the best I came up with. But you get the jist. On a side note, those "arty" pictures some of the fashion bloggers take really blow me away. They must walk around with a very patient photographer! :)

Top: Zara
Belt: Armani Exchange
Skirt: Primark
Shoes: Zara
Clutch: Primark
Jewellery: Accessorize

I wore a cropped black jacket from Zara to complete the look. I also wore a big brown and gold chunky bangle to bring the outfit back down to earth and added some snazzy gold earrings.


Sparkles84 said…
I love this outfit it looks like something I would totally wear! Gorgous darling xx
Foxy Lady !! Glamour personified for the movies x
CocoBella said…
Love the outfit!! x
bubblegarm said…
Thanks girlies :) x
Liparazzi said…
Love the colour of that skirt, it really adds a nice splash of colour to the black!
Marietta said…
Daring, with this yellow skirt, I love it!
Lol I wonder the same, usually it's their boyfriends, I can never get anyone to take more than one pic of my outfit, grr.
glam i am said…
I love that skirt! :)
Anonymous said…
I LOVE the top
Tali said…
Bloody hell you look foxy!!! I also thing your figure is looking great! Hothot!!..love the color of the skirt.. I can imagine it contrasts loads of things in your accessory collection well (wood and that color is so summery!)
MaryBelle said…
Stunnin love the look. Love those earrrings :)
natalya said…
Gorgeous!! Love the pop of colour that the skirt gives and it looks like you are already losing weight hun! Well done, I guess the diet is going well :) xxx
LaaLaa said…
*wolf whistle* very foxy honey, love the skirt.
Pinklipssstick said…
love this outfit
Glam0rousGuju said…
I must say I love your style! I have been reading your blog for a while now, and I added you to my your blog link on my blog! :-)
nameeee here!? said…
cool blog ♥

beeeutiful! You're really pulling off a daring color on the skirt there! And I agree, the arty pictures do require a patient photographer. ;)

Beautygirl24 said…
Amazing, love the outfit! may I also ask how you label your pictures with your blogger name on them? I am still new at all this!
bubblegarm said…
thank you SO much girls :)

@Tali thanks hun, the figure is getting there, slowly but surely - still a quite a way to go. :) x

@LaaLaa lol :)

@natalyafgm im really trying hun, but i havent been that strict.. a few more kgs to go!

@Beautygirl24 I use photoshop, thank you :)
sabrina said…
I love love love the skirt its something i would defo buy. xx
~Lisa said…
I love the colour of the skirt and the shoes!! Gorgeous!!
Melissa said…
that skirt looks awesome!
tina_mbc said…
SUPER hot!!!!
That skirt makes all the difference I think!!!
Beautifully styled girl! ;)

Doma-Nikki said…
This outfit is so nice!! I also have that bracelet too :o)
bubblegarm said…
thank you so much :) xx
ladyb said…
love love love the outfit and the skirt.

you look great - motivated me to get strict w. my workout plan

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