3 Brushes I love for my eye make up!

I own a variety of eye brushes but would be happy just to own and use these three. In my opinion they are all you would need to create and complete a beautiful blended look.

1) The Mac 242 is a shader brush, it has firm fibres shaped to form a rounded edge. It's great for applying concealer and packing on eyeshadow. I use it to apply my eyeshadow as it packs on an intense layer of colour without any fallout as it's flat. I use one side for one colour, and the other side for another colour. I use the tip of the brush to apply colour to the inner corners, and line my upper and lower lash line.
Price: £17

The Jemma Kidd "Deepen" brush is great for getting into the eye socket and applying colour into to the crease. It's made from natural hair, quite small yet firm with a slight tapered tip. It's therefore great for precise application and also fluffy enough to blend. (This particular brush is no longer available as I purchased it as part of a set last year. But, her double ended eye define brush includes it. Price: £14.99

3) The Smashbox #10 crease brush is a large fluffy flimsy blending brush. It's made from squirrel sub and is incredibly soft. I use it to blend blend blend. It completes the look with no visible harsh lines.
Price: $28 (I purchased mine as part of a set from QVC last year.)

I really recommend you check out the shapes of the brushes, every brand has their own range with great dupes. I have SO many eye brushes that I use on rotation but, I just happen to favour these from my collection. If you have 3 brushes similar to these, you should be able to apply eyeshadow to a professional standard once you get the hang of blending.

Happy blending! :)


Great post hun! I love seeing what brushes people use for their make up!

em said…
I love the look of the jemma kidd brush!
Tali said…
lol you forgot the most imp one!! The finger :P thats the best most portable brush!
Like the JK brush..need to take a closer look at that!! xx
Unknown said…
I really want to try Smashbox brushes now x
Tottering along said…
I have that Jemma Kidd brush, I love it. It's so soft and the perfect size.
Muhsine Emin said…
@Tali lol... yes :)
Computergirl said…
Great brushes, I have been looking for one like the JK brush for a while, though not foun one I like.... thanks for sharing Emma :)
Anonymous said…
I can't believe I left it so long to get my hands on some good brushes. They really do make all the difference.

Vi and Ollie said…
I love Smashbox brushes! They're so wonderful, my favorite is their smudger duo-sided brush. But for $30 it can get quite expensive. Great post!
GiGi said…
The least amount of brushes the better. Always love your eye looks!
CassandraKK said…
I LOVE the Smashbox #10 brush. . . Its alot like the MAC 224. . . I like to use one for eyeshadow blending and the other for concealer. . . Fluffy brushes are great for natural looking concealer application!!! Wish I could get my hands on some Jemma Kidd brushs!!!

Unknown said…
Great post. I have got to check out the Jemma Kidd and Smashbox brushes now! xx
VampiressDoll said…
I have some Jemma Kidd brushes and I love them. :)
Unknown said…
I love your blog so here's a lovely blogger award
~Lisa said…
Great suggestions! I need to find a good blending brush.

Sometimes I think it's crazy when I see people with giant collections of brushes because many of them are just dupes of each other, LOL.
I'm perfectly fine with my less than 10 eye brushes =D

Follow me?
Divija Reddy said…
Informative :) thanq!

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