Bangle Storage

First of all I want to say Eid Mubarak!

Moving along.... I was at my friends house and I couldn't help but be starstruck when I saw her bangle rack as I am rather obsessed with organising. I immediately took some photographs and wanted to share them with you.

It was given to her as a gift from India.

The whole thing is made out of wood with detachable bars. This one fits 4 rows of bangles, 2 on each side.

I have found some bangle racks on google but they seem to be rather expensive. There are various colours, shapes and sizes available. Do you know where I can get something similar to this? I have been advised to go to Green St.... If you have seen anything similar, (pretty) please let me know!


Louise H said…
that is fab - I have loads of bangles too and I'd love to know if you can get something like that in the UK x
Zara said…
Hey hun I have one thats similar altho mine is acrylic and holds 8 rows of bangles..I bought mine in Mauritius.. i will take a pic and post it either on the comment section of this post.. or on my blog!

You will definetley find them on Green Street, the best shop to go would be 'Bees' because they are a bangle store!

You could try their website.. but I can't seem to find it on there..Although they definetley sell them!

Eid Mubarak to you too hope you have a wonderful day tomorow..

Lots of Love

Zara xxx
Computergirl said…
Oh wow. I thought it was a kitchen roll holder at first, I didnt realise it had been specailly made. Amazing. Cant wait to see what you get!! :) Emma x
fantastic said…
wow, what a smart idea! your friend also has sooo many bangles..but it's very pretty to have them organized that way :)
Sheefa F said…
wow! this looks gawjus! I am sure you'l find something similar in green street for sure =) If not then I have my sibling visiting India in a bit, I can tell her to look for something similar for you =) It will be cheaper there!
Sheefa F said…
and yea Hope you have a lovely Eid ♥
This looks so pretty!

Love your blogs habibti :)

muah xo
Cute! I got myself one of these from pakistan when i went to visit some family! Its so practical!
Alexandra said…
So pretty! And I LOVE bangles!
Beauty Shed said…
I need something like this , i have so many bangles and yet no way of organsing them !!
Laury said…
Selam canim iyi bayramlar diliyorum, buarada fikir cok hos bilezikler icin ve yesil olan bileziklerede bayildimmm...eger bi yerlerde karsima cikarsa boyle bisey haber veririm sana sevgiler...
Divija Reddy said…
Hi, those bangles are a festival to eyes. would u mind me sharing something? I have a bangle stand (gift) handles luk like veena (musical instrument from India). Its a big stand rather, like it can hold 32 dozens :) enjoying the post! happy eid :)
Lovin' Makeup said…
Eid mubarak to u too..I have the same thing for my bangles but I got mine from Pakistan..hope u can find one for urself too :)...
Unknown said…
hi, i have one of these from green street. i paid £10. the shop i got it from was a shawl shop that also sold kurta tops. i am pretty sure it is called poshak mahal. if its not that then its the shop next to it :) hope this helps
Tina A. said…
This is just ideal for bangle organisation...
I 've seen some bracelet/bangle racks on ebay, but none of them are this pretty...!
Great item to put on a vanity dresser too! Hope you find one!

Adelina said…
The bangle stacker is an awesome invention, I wonder just how expensive they are!!!

I tagged you for a blog award on my blog!!!!
Unknown said…
That is gorgeous, I hope you are able to find one x
Zara said…
Hey just to let you know I nominated you+your lovely blog.. for a
i <3 your blog award :)

Lots of Love
Miss P said…
Oh my goodness you have lots of bangles!!! But what a smart idea!! By the way, I nominated you for an award!! You can check it out at
OMG that is the best invention ever! ts a beautiful piece to put ont he dressin table. Would be good if they had it in white or black lacquered wood!

Love your blog <3
^^ Join my beauty/fashion competition on my blog. the prizes are Mac/Bobbi Brown etc. goodies!
Unknown said…
How good a carpenter are you? Perhaps you could make yourself something similar... or rope in a friend with some woodworking skills!
MsEclectic said…
Hi babes. I got mine from pakistan but i know you can get them from here but it might be a touch tricky. Have a look in Green Street but if you dont find it there you can also try The Broadway in Southall. If that fails you can try Ealing Road in Wembley. If i had known you wanted one i couldve got you one coz my cousin just came back from Pakistan. Let us know if you find one. xx
Anonymous said…
cool! i have two of these but hauled them back for myself from pakistan.
i actually watched while the craftsman made mine too and charged hardly anything.
unfortunately i don't know anywhere where you can find them in england, especially not around london.
Saira said…

I bought about 10 of these back from Pakistan a few years ago as gifts. I shall see if I have any left in the loft if you like!

Eid Mubarak!
Muhsine Emin said…
thank you for all the awards :) xx

@mouldy fruit well you have given me a great excuse to go to mauritius :) lol. thanks for the names of the shops, if i go to green st i will hunt it down! x

@shifa thats a lovely gesture but i couldnt let u do that for me. thank you though :)

@laurylou wow thanks :) but i was too late for that one, but theres loads there thank you x

@Les yeux marron yay £10 sounds good :)

@the style pa not a very good one, but i shall see if i can make something similar :)

@Saira thanks that would be great but i couldnt :) xx
Glam-Me-Up said…
Check on Ebay for a "T-Bar 3 Tier Stand"
They can be made out of clear acrylic or velvet. They also come in different number or tiers, or rows.
I recently got one for my necklaces that had just one bar and it was pretty cheap.
Good luck!
at Glam-Me-Up
playet89 said…
michaels carries a bracelet rack its just one bar though..but stil nice for 7bucks...OH and another idea look online for RIBBON organizers...there is several different types but I have seen some very similar to this ;)
Sushil said…
Hi everyone,

I was just passing through and came across this thread relating to bangle stands. I realise that this originated some time ago, but I can imagine that your bangle collections are still growing.

I work at Bees on Green Street and we do indeed sell bangle holder storage units. Unfortunately, we've not displayed them on the website yet, but are working on it.

We specialise in two main sorts. The first is a two-holder bangle box and the other is a three-holder box. They are made using special acid free acrylic materials which helps ensure that your bangles (particularly the ones from Bees!) actually last longer. We use traditional bandhani designs and are available in some lovely colours.

If you'd like more information please contact us on

Thanks guys!
Keep up the good work and I hope you're all a fan on Facebook (search for: 'Bees ( and Twitter (ShopBees).
Unknown said…
Hi I hope you're well!

I have the same bangle rack which I purchased several years ago from Poshak Mahal in Green Street. Like you everyone who comes to my room is fascinated over it and to be honest I love it as it keeps my bangles organised and in great condition.

Dont lose faith... I believe if you cant find it we can make it at home!

Take care
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