Bursa - Old Bazaar

Here are some photographs I took yesterday outside the old bazaar in Bursa. It's situated on the side road of the "Yesil Mosue" in Yesil. You can find some real gems here, they sell mainly antiques with the odd new item. I visit it almost every year and end up buying the most bizarre and beautiful things.

Here's the owner of one of the shops, in his hand he is holding a Ottoman coffee roaster.


stilettolover91 said…
Very cool photos!! Looks like a lot of interesting things are available to buy there.

Laura said…
it looks gorgeous! oooh, i could probably spend all day there :)
Emma said…
I've nominated you for the lovely blog award!
Check out this for the rules : http://hiemmaa.blogspot.com/2009/11/lovely-blog-award.html
Anonymous said…
i love it, there's always something charming and cute about old, chaotic-looking bazaars.
xcharleym0ox said…
I have an award for you on my blog! :)

~Lisa said…
OOh! Lovely! It must be fun digging
through the stuff trying to find an interesting item ^.^

Follow me?
A said…
The hours/days of fun that could be had there. AMAZING.

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