Kitty on Etsy!

My cousin from Turkey has a shop on Etsy and I wanted to share it with you since it's the season for gifts. She sells handmade jewellery, delicate crochet winter accessories, traditional Turkish crochet edging for hand towels and even head scarves. Click HERE to visit her shop! She also does free worldwide shipping which is always a plus! :)

Below is a selection I have chosen which are some of my favourites!

Crochet earrings $8.90 = £5.37

Soft pink handmade crochet angora shawl $58 = £35

Multi colour handmade crochet shawl $59 = £35.50

If you have any requests, comment below and I will forward them onto her. x X x


Unknown said…
Those look gorgeous, i love the earrings xx Livia
Anonymous said…
Her shawls look amazing, i recently taught myself to crochet- its fun :)
vanilla said…
the earrings look really beautiful !hehe
Anonymous said…
ohmaigosh! i want! so cute! :)
those earrings and at least a couple of scarves i'd love.
was wondering if she can do those turquoise earrings in another colour? so i can co-ordinate with my clothes, etc.
fantastic said…
your cousin is just as crafty as creative as you are! xx
Anonymous said…
so beautiful!I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.


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