Lush, Mac and Book Haul.

I realise I have been posting more hauls, and none of me actually demonstrating the products. That shall soon come. Promise.


I took a trip to Lush yesterday to purchase some items that were missing from my life. I purchased;

Lemony Flutter - Cuticle butter (1st time buy)
Honey I washed the kids - Soap (2nd time purchase)
Curly Wurly - Shampoo (1st time buy)
American Cream - Conditioner (1st time buy)

Sample: Coconut powder deodorant.

I was also given Big shampoo for free, it was a lovely surprise. Thank you Lush for such good customer service. :) This is my 2nd tub!

I originally went in to get 'big' shampoo but decided that 'curly wurly' was more suited to my hair type after consulting the sa. I assumed it was for curly hair, and was assured it's for anybody who needs moisture in their hair. It's a pinky colour and has lots of coconut chunks in it.

I explained that I was trying to grow my hair, and was advised that I should wash my hair with 'curly wurly' one day, 'big' the next and 'curly wurly & big' mixed together another day. So that my hair would keep guessing?! Will let you know how that goes!


The Benefit boing that I purchased recently isn't cutting it. I think they have changed the formula AGAIN, and somehow it doesn't sit properly, it just cakes, settles and looks disgusting.

So, I headed to Mac as most of you said that they were your favourite concealers to use. I purchased the 'Select moisture cover' in NW30 for under my eyes and the 'studio finish concealer' in NC35 to cover blemishes on my face. I have never tried these concealers before, the only Mac concealer I have tried is the 'Select cover up'. These better preform!


I also took a trip to Borders, they are closing down!!! :( They are in administration so all books are on sale. I grabbed these;

The black book of style - Nina Garcia
The art of Indian head massage - Mary Atkinson
Secrets of youth and beauty (aromatherapy for natural rejuvenation) - Daniele Ryman

Will let you know if they are amazing once I have finished reading them!


Marietta said…
I definitely want a review of the Coconut Powder deodorant!
Lush has indeed great customer service, they know how to keep us happy!
Soo said…
great haul! I really want to try Big and I love lemony flutter!

I didn't love Nina Garcia's book though. =/
Jenny said…
First of all - LOVE your blog.

Second- I have curly wurly shampoo and it's pretty awesome. The texture is weird, but I like it-because it has that coconut or something in it, so it feels odd rubbing it in your hair. Sometimes it tends to frizz my hair when I use it, and I have tp use more products, but could just be my hair :-)

Lemme know if ya like it.
Unknown said…
Great haul. I love both of those concealers! Great Lush goodies, I bought American Cream recently and wasn't that impressed but looking forward to hearing your thoughts on everything. xx
Lizeth said…
I've been meaning to checkout the BIG shampoo.Seems very prominsing :)
Good luck with your concealers.I'm not sure if they have CG where you live but if so, you may want to give the concealer a try.I wrote an entry on it yesterday.Creamy and covers great for under the eye.
heavenrain said…
nice haul hun :)
I have just finished my bottle of american cream, the smell lingers till the next wash, but I didn't notice any breat improvement in the condition of my hair,so I will not repurchase. MAC concealers-one word - great ;)
Cheryl♥ said…
Lovely haul. I would love to hear about the cuticle cream from LUSH. I was thinking about purchasing it next time I'm there
glamour rouge said…
The lush goodies look good...Ive never tried any lush products..I think im the only one left whos never tried anything of theres! I will make it my goal next time im shopping! lol
*~mad munky~* said…
american cream smells gorgeous :o)

what's the cuticle butter like? it sounds tempting....
Anonymous said…
I love the Lemony Flutter Butter!

Would love to know your thoughts on the Curly Wurly shampoo :)
Alexandra said…
Hmmm wasn't too big a fan of the moisturecover BUT it was on top of a different one so that could be why it personal favorite is MUFE lift... uhhh mazing...get a sample!
If your looking for a moisturizing conditioner try Retread! It is amazing. It has soy milk and yogurt in it and makes my hair feel AMAZINGGGG. And try lemony flutter as a lip balm too! Its really great on the lips!!! And the coconut deodorant is great to use over your normal deodorant as a back up. Especially if you sweat a lot, but its smells really good!
Hope that helps!
Muhsine Emin said…
Thank you for your comments girlies.
will do full reviews soon!


@Aleksis wore it this evening didnt crease on me. :) x

@Christina Tal-Qurru ooo great tips. yes i think prefer retread too, thats the strongest conditioner, i feel like i need to use alot of product to achieve the softness i desire. x
~*Mare*~ said…
I love American Cream, Lemony Flutter is ok...kind of overrated. I definitely want to try the Curly Wurly and Big shampoos next up.
Tina A. said…
Lovely haul! Please let us know what you think of the concealers... I use Select Cover Up for under the eyes myself, but I think I need a lighter shade now that I 'm mega pale, so any reviews could come in handy! :)

fantastic said…
lemony flutter is so nice on the lips overnight..i swear it feels like i still have it on, when i wake up in the morning.

i tried to look for the shampoo you just picked up, while i was in lush tonight..didn't see it..but i'll check again :)
rufflesandrouge said…
I'm a big believer in switching up shampoos and conditioners too. I'm looking forward to your review on the lush range.

I love the book haul - very interesting picks ::)
I must try those LUSH shampoos.. I've been meaning to do it for ages and can't get my act together. :)
Would love to read a review on "Secrets of youth and beauty" I love essential oils and have a tiny collection of my favourites at home.
Have a wonderful day!
Muhsine Emin said…
@little russ im having a fab time reading it, will probably blog about it when i'm done. x
beautyparler said…
Really want to try the Lush Big shampoo, I have the Curly Wurly & its ok (not a fan of the chunks). The lemon fluttery is awesome!

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