Mac Lilicent Blush Creme Review

This is my mums blush and I have worn it a few times and wanted to share my thoughts.

Lilicent is a lovely peachy pink colour that is of a muted tone with no glitter or shimmer. Cream blushes are amongst my favourite sort as they avoid the cakey look of what a powder can sometimes give. The formula of this is very creamy and blends easily and gives a gorgeous dewy finish. This colour is very versatile as it will look beautiful on pale and darker skin tones.
However, this doesn't have staying power, it just seems to disappear as the clock ticks away.

Price: £16.00


ellamarie84 said…
It's a gorgeous color, I like when creme blushes don't have any shimmer to them, looks very natural. Maybe if you put a powder blush over it would stay better? But that kind of does defeat the purpose of the dewy look :)
Unknown said…
I was given a Laura Mercier cream blush, very easy to blend and has very good staying power, for roughly same price :) xxxx
Anonymous said…
Looks gorgeous. I have never tried a creme blush. I must get on that.

Thanks for the review.
tahitian88 said…
Thanks so much for the review! I have been wanting to buy this for quite some time now. Maybe I'll try Illamasqua cream blush instead. Hopefully it will have same/better staying power compared to MAC.
miss_violet said…
I agree completely with your review. So far I haven't had much luck with cream blushes, maybe because my skin is so oily? I do like Stila convertible color though, just have to reapply!
I have one MAC cream blush (Ladyblush) but I like the Illamasqua cream blush and Stila Convertibles better. I like the consistency and the longevity of those products better.

Muhsine Emin said…
@ellamarie84 yes, I have tried it with powder on top which makes it last but it takes away from the finish like you said! :)

@city girls fashion box I have never tried a LM cream blush, i quite like the nars ones. maybe i will investigate :) x

@Olivia I love cream blushes! I never even used to own any powder ones before :)

@Tahitian11 the illamasqua ones are quite nice, but i dont wear mine that often. I must, so that i can do a proper review on them!

@star violet, maybe, but it doesnt last on my mum either and she doesnt have oily skin.

@lipstick rules, i must get me a stila convertable! Never tried it!
Jo said…
I love love love lilicent but I know what you mean about staying power, I brush very lightly over with a mineral blush of the same colour and it seems to stay put all day.

Set with a finely milled translucent powder. It helps it stay on for longer!
lorien kate said…
It looks like such a pretty colour! Ive never bought a MCAC creme blush before, but Ive always walked past and wondered if I should. But I use foundation powder even on my cheeks so Id have to change up my fondation routine to wear the creme blush! Thanks for the review x
Cheryl♥ said…
I nominated you for an award on my blog :D
I'm trying to avoid powder as much as I can lately as well~
Ashwini said…
Wow, that's interesting that a cream blush doesn't have staying power. I've been using Maybelline's Dream Mousse blush in Soft Plum (inspired by your Maybelline event haul!), and I LOVE it. It has staying power and the shade is lovely. :)
Tina A. said…
I surely hope that you can make it work, because it looks like an amazing shade!!!


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