Mac Mischief Makers: Sexy Shenanigans

Mac releases a holiday collection every year and the miniature lip gloss and pigment sets are a great way of trying out new colours without breaking the bank. This year that collection is called "Mischief Makers".

The 3 available options for the lip gloss sets were: "Sexy Shenanigans"(Soft), "Frisky Business" (bright) and "Models Misbehaving" (deep).

Each set contains 5 lipglosses which include 3 lipglasses and 2 lustreglasses.
Price: £23.50

I purchased: Sexy Shenanigans!


Colours include:
  • Elle lipglass (pastel pink)
  • Cruise Control lipglass (white pink)
  • Poetic License lipglass (peachy pink)
  • Ensign lustreglass (clean coral rose)
  • Morning Glory lustreglass. (pale lavender w/ high level pearl)

I haven't worn all of them yet but I love Poetic License, similar to Underage almost. But, I know I will wear EVERY colour, which is a plus!!

  • Did you get anything from Mischief makers and what are your favourites?


Those colours are JUST to die for! I want them!!!

I just gave you an "I love your blog" award... Because it's fabulous and you're the reason I started blogging! <--- see x
HeavenNRJ said…
Check the colour description for Cruise Control lipglass
and Poetic License lipglass. You mixed them up, didn't you? Just thought you'd like to know. :)

Love your blog! :)
xcharleym0ox said…
I just got the Sexy Shenanigans lipglosses today, i love them! :) x
missmascara1983 said…
Definitely going on my Christmas list!! x
Muhsine Emin said…
@Cake girl thank you! X

@HeavenNRJ indeed I did, I sorted it out, well done and thank you for spotting it :)
Emily said…
I got quite a bit from this collection. I picked up Frisky Business lipgloss set. I love the Poetic License and Ensign colours! x
Anonymous said…
I've got one of the pigment sets and two of the eyeshadow palettes for christmas but can't play with them yet.

I always tend to ignore the lip sets but these look really lovely x
ellamarie84 said…
I've been wanting to buy this exact set too! I just love the colors and it's rare that you find a set or palette that you would for sure wear every shade.

Maybe I'll have to buckle and go get it now :)
Zara said…
I have to say.. when I saw these in store I didnt jump for excitement.. but I secretly am after reading this post. Might have to head down to MAC tomorw and give them another look..

Also wanted to ask you a question..I noticed you have the MALM dressing table.. I have it too and love it.. although the mirror you have.. I NEVER SAW!! does it come with or did you put it together yourself.. I love the size of the dressing table and would love a mirror the same size..! Its fab!

lotsa love
Beauty Shed said…
I really love the poetic license that looks like a gorgeous nude lipgloss for added glamour to a more natural look !!
Tina A. said…
Stunning nude-like colours!!!
Great set hun, bet it's gonna look great on you!

Muhsine Emin said…
@mouldy fruit hey :) the mirror for the table isnt from the malm range, i cant remember what it's called, maybe print the picture and take it to them in ikea and demand they find you it :) x
Stacey said…
love your post ... i got the set for christmas from my BF i love em! ive just done a quick post on them too ...


Love it if you could check it out & follow ?? xx

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