I just want to say I have a totally different skincare routine to what I used to use in the past.

It's been just over a month since I switched things up, I'm not going to blog about it for a while, as I don't want to influence others as I know skincare is a tricky subject. In fact, I don't want to blog about it at all. But, I know that most of you will want to know out of curiosity, and I wouldn't deny you of that. As I too, am curious about what people use on their skin.

I think it's important not to be influenced by fellow bloggers and their skincare routines, as what works for them may not work for you. No offence intended.

I started blogging to help people, as I had either found some wonderful products or things that I absolutely hated and wanted to share my views so that people don't make the same mistake I did.

Therefore, I want to make absolutely certain that the products I am currently using are actually helping 100% before revealing them. This will realistically take a few months.

Furthermore, if you are happy with your skin care regimen, I think it's vital not to experiment and disturb what your skin is used to. "If it's not broken, why fix it?".


That's so true, but it's just so tempting to switch products if you see someone with nice skin using something. I made that mistake with creme de la mer after I read somewhere that jennifer lopez used it.. it did absolutely nothing for me except give me spots and rob me of over £100. :))
Nikki said…
Very true, I have chopped and changed products so much and my skin is hating me for it now, so I am going straight back to basics now! I am hoping that it will soon thank me, but Im not sure.. we shall see!
Anonymous said…
I agree about the why fix it thing. I'm going back to using cheaper basic skin care. All the expensive ones ive been trying have just been breaking me out, well most of them anyway
Tali said…
I never really change my routine! lol
BRIEFLY if I am sent something to try but i always go back.

Facewash: Garnier Pure or Lush babyface or FF
Toner: Tea Tree water by Lush or any Rosewater
Moisturiser: Body Shop Vit E or Boots Vanishing Day Cream

Boring but it works!!
My skin does not like change, and I have found a combo that really works on giving me clear skin. I don't want to change any part of my system - as long as it works!

I recently ran out of Burts Bees Tomato Toner and substituted a homemade toner (Apple Cider Vinegar, Rosewater, Filtered Water) - when I used it at night, I noticed the cotton pad came out clean (with BB toner, it picks up any residual make up and sometimes sebum plugs - gross I know LOL!). After 5 days, I had a spot on my cheek and bumps on my forehead - so sad! So I immediately went online and ordered some more BB toner - my skin can't afford to be without it!
Lexi A-N said…
nominated u for an award on my blog :) xx

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