ELF - Pink Lemonade Review

Blogging can sometimes cause you to fuss over 'new' products and make you forget about existing ones.

One of my 'must have' make up items is ELF's (Eyes Lips Face) all over color stick in 'Pink Lemonade'. I use this very often when I need to look 'fresh faced' and realised I hadn't blogged about it. I first purchased this over a year ago when I saw OxfordJasmine use this in a few tutorials.

It's a pigmented cream product that can be used as a blush, highlighter, illuminator, e/s or lip colour. The texture is smooth, creamy but not greasy at all. It dries matte with a sheen. If you close your eyes and feel the product, it just feels like skin, it's undetectable. The packaging is practical, but not very exciting which is what you should expect with Elf. The colour is a soft, cool toned rosey pink with shimmer. I have had no problems with this fading, for me it lasts all day.

Below you can see the silverish sheen.

This is what it looks like swatched...

Here's what it looks like blended.

I mainly use mine as blush on my cheeks when I need to look awake which this product certainly achieves. It will work well for even the lightest and darkest skin tones, as it's controllable and pigmented enough. I have also tried this in the shade 'Toasted' but it did nothing for me. I have tried several other items from Elf but honestly nothing has really stood out for me, they just seem 'blah' but this product is definitely worth trying.

Price: £1.50 (GBP) Visit ELF for more information.

What's your favourite ELF product?


Hollywood said…
I have have it and I love it too I am not FAN of all the e.L.F products but this on is like you said a MUST HAVE
Anonymous said…
I would love to try this shade stick! I went and watched a few of Lisa's videos when you posted about her being on youtube the other day and she used it one of her demos- it looks so pretty with the silver sheen in it.
Looks really nice! And such a good price! I have never tried 'ELF' before but heard lots aobut them! You tried any of their products? xxx

x_Sophie-Rose_x said…
I bought this last year too. You have reminded me and now I am going to start using it more often! Thanks for this post! xx
MarrMarr said…
Haven't used elf yet! Hopefully will be doing soon, that colour is gorgeous.
Kel said…
I recently got my first ELF order, their stuff is fab and well priced.
I think this is next on my list.

X x
Anonymous said…
I really must try out some ELF products. £1.50... it's a steal! x
Ashwini said…
Ooh I want this now. I bet it would also be an adorable pink e/s for valentine's day! Maybe you could try that and give us a little EOTD. :)
Anonymous said…
i want to try this ..i have really oily skin so im always looking for products thats creamy ,gives u a glow but wont make me look shiny
this looks good

x0 mw
Christina said…
I love the Elf Shimmering Facial Whip in Pink Lemonade! I like this better than the stick since for me, it blends a bit easier. I usually mix a bit of the whip with a bit of inexpensive liquid foundation to create a creamy blush! I get the most awesome glow like that. I do love the All Over Color Stick in the color Toasted. I use it on my eyelids as a sticky base ;)
Thanks for this, I'm most definitely gonna get it :) x
glamour rouge said…
Ooh, thats gone on my shopping list! x
LilyLipstick said…
I love this product - it makes me look really healthy without being overly made-up. Amazing for £1.50! x
StuddedLilly said…
first thing- you're so beautiful! and e.l.f is such a fun line to buy, they are cheap and you can experiment and play around with their colors and not worry about spending too much.. now im going to get me some all over stick!
btw, i'm following :)

Tali said…
I really want to try the newer peach colored one. It looks sooo fresh looking. Great post.. good to see elf getting some love! :) xx
Katie Hayward said…

This looks pretty, I've never used a stick or cream blush but I wouldn't mind trying that out :)

Lots of love,
Shifa said…
wow the swatches look stunning :O
fantastic said…
this is the one product from this line that has stuck out in my mind, because of the way you praise it! at some point, i must try :)
Kate Gene said…
I haven't actually tried any E. L. F. products, believe it or not! I think I'm the last girl in the world to purchase anything from them!

That color looks really pretty and dewy against your skin. I love it! I don't usually like using cream blushes, but this one looks awesome!

Thanks for sharing!

OxfordJasmine said…
I love Pink Lemonade and I reach for it constantly! I think you'd also like the new Spotlight shade, it has an amazing luminosity!

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