Getting Motivated!

It's that time of year again where we try to burn off the weight we put on during the past few months. It's inevitable that we all put on weight during winter and lose it during summer. However, I put on some weight after I got married. Everybody has told me this is 'normal' but I refuse to accept it. I have always been approximately 55kg. However, 6 months ago I was about 63kg (the highest I have ever been!) Currently I am 59kg. I am halfway there! It took me roughly 2 months to get to the weight I am. I am 5ft5 btw.

Below is a picture of me on my Henna night where I was at my ideal weight.. I was forced to do this pose, it's not my usual custom! :) I think it's great to look at old pictures of when you felt good about yourself, as it really gets you off your feet and motivates you to achieve your goals.

Click to enlarge.

A lot of people have been asking me how I have lost some of the weight, All I can say is "It's not rocket science, healthy eating and exercise!" Everyone is trying to find a quick fix or some crazy diet. Sorry to break it to you, but the most effective way to lose weight and maintain it is by controlling what you eat and getting off your lazy backside.

Here are my tips on eating;

  • Don't be too hard on yourself and give yourself a 'cheat day' and what I mean by that is to pick a day, I chose Saturday and choose ONE meal of the day where you can eat whatever junk you want, it can be greasy fish and chips, doner kebab, KFC and / or naughty desert such as a kingsize snickers bar or chocolate pudding. I assure you, you will feel sick afterwards and not fancy anything unhealthy during the week.
  • What do I normally eat eat? Breakfast: Porridge, cereal, wholemeal pitta bread with honey or peanut butter, scrambled eggs. (make sure your peanut butter doesn't contain vegetable fat, only crushed peanuts, palm oil & salt.) + I only ever drink skimmed milk. Snacks: Fruits, nuts and seeds. Lunch / Dinner: grilled chicken, salad & rice - spaghetti bolognaise - grilled salmon, rice & veg - grilled steak, mushrooms & rice - soup - lamb chops, oven chips & salad, quorn burgers in wholemeal bun & salad - jacket potato & tuna salad - grilled tuna steak, salad & rice - chicken stirfry with noodles. (Lately I have been obsessed with 'quorn' they use mycoprotein to make 'fake' meat, it's high in protein and low in saturated fat which is perfect & yummy!) (BEFORE PURCHASING ANYTHING CHECK THE NUTRITIONAL VALUE)
  • Keep the first 2 meals of the day mainly carbs (porridge, rice, potato + pasta) protein (lean meat = chicken & fish) and complex carbs (vegetables & salad) Pick and choose to suit yourself.
  • Don't eat carbs in the evening, stick to protein and complex carbs.
  • Aim for a maximum of 100gms of carbs a day if you want to lose fat.

I only ever use olive oil, I check the saturated fat content of whatever I buy, I only eat low fat or zero % fat yogurt. I don't eat white bread, I don't drink fizzy drinks, I love water, fresh juice and smoothies. I love earl gray tea but don't have it very often and I hardly ever drink coffee.

I will be at my ideal weight soon, and I can feel 100% comfortable again! I'm not saying being 'skinny' is the way to go - that' not my aim AT ALL, it's just about what makes you feel comfortable, I LOVE my curves!


Anonymous said…
Nice post hunni. you've prob seen my post and video about my weight loss attempt. you're right its not about being skinny, its about being comfortable & feeling good and confident but still having curves in the right places.
Go you :)
Muhsine Emin said…
@legs11 I have hunni, go me and go YOU! x X x
Anonymous said…
u look so pretty ;D
Maria nasim said…
Hey Muhsine I wanted to ask you how long did it take you to go from 63kg to 59kg? Because I have been exercising and eating healthily for the past one year and altho i have lost alot but still need to loose more... Thank you Love you posts by the way!
Hollywood said…
Nice tips, I am always between 60 and 65 and I don't do anything it goes it come back....I go from people asking me if I am pregnant to people tell me that I should eat lol ! I need to find somthing in between =)
Muhsine Emin said…
@maria-nasim it took me about 2 months, you need to re evalute what you eat, maybe you're eating at the wrong time or not burning off more calories than you eat. Good luck with it xx
GiGi said…
You look great, but then again it would be hard for you not too!
SparklesandBows said…
Lovely post!
I actually read skinny bitch and became a vegan and without trying lost 5 kgs! It is such a great and easy lifestyle to follow :-)
Btw you look gorgeous!
Aimee x
Unknown said…
Great post, it's nice to see someone being sensible and telling the truth about weightloss. Good luck reaching your goal x
Dye-A-Graham said…
I always go by this theory as to what size meals I should eat: You should eat like a KING at breakfast, a PRINCE at lunch and a PAUPER at dinner. In other words, the meals should get smaller throughout the day. It works and I don't feel sluggish the next morning!
You look so stunning in that photo! I like the pose hehe. Well done on losing the weight, not that you needed to!
Ana-Maria said…
I think you have such amazing curves. I personally don't think you need to loose anything! You're BMI is "normal weight". However I understand how you feel. I'm picky about my weight too. I used to be 125lb, dropped down to 110lb and was able to maintain it but now I want to be 100lb (I'm only 5'2" by the way). I'm sure I can do it and so can you. Good luck!
Good for you Muhsine! I love your curves, you're a beautiful woman. Its nice to see your sensible and practical approach to achieving a healthy balance. xxN
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This comment has been removed by the author.
you look great in that picture!! really pretty.
Miss Shoptastic said…
I read your blog, just wanted to say that palm oil is 10x's worse for you than vegetable fat, just a warning for your readers.

first of all congrats on weight loss! You look absolutely beautiful in that dress - what a great motivation!

However, as a nutritional therapist I must mention that there are quite a few serious misunderstandings and errors in your diet advice, so it's not a good idea to blog about it to give so many people the wrong information that can actually be harmful for some. I know it's your blog and you can talk about anything and everything, but as bloggers we have to be responsible for the information we share.

Take care
Muhsine Emin said…
@Dye-a-graham excellent theory :)

@Mizz shoptastic you are wrong, palm oil is 50% saturated and 50% unsaturated fat. It's not as bad as people make out. it's actually an oil that is easily digested & increases your energy levels. It's also cholesterol free and contains a good source of vitamin E. It's a medium chain fatty acid and a healthy source of saturated fat similar to coconut oil. (Hope that helps.)
Muhsine Emin said…
@Little Rus Thanks for the compliment - photos are great inspirations!

Also, I would never blog about something that I thought was wrong or harmful in any way. I know through experience from myself and many other knowledged individuals within the sector.

It's up to the individual to research what they eat and not look at what it says on the front of a packet. Something could say 'low in fat' but be high in sugar and salt which would defeat the idea.
i liked this post! good luck im sure youll get down to ur ideal weight in no time. keep updating on this!
Oh and what nationality are you? I'm Indian so the word "henna" popped out hehe
Geeky Mac Boy said…
Yeap I'm needing to lose some weight here myself soon.

No "miracle workout" or "miracle diet pill" will ever replace good ol' fashion dieting and exercise! That's all a person really needs. Oh and getting adquate amount of sleep and drinking plenty of water can go a long way too!!
Anonymous said…
Good Luck; I know you'll make it. I have my uncle's wedding this year and have started regulating what I eat. And I honestly can agree with you that nothing tastes better than fresh and healthy food.
cocobella21 said…
Good luck Muhsine! That's great that you're half way there. I'm working on losing weight also so thanks for the tips. You look gorgeous in that photo! xx
Sheefa F said…
you look so pretty in the pic above! i love that pink dress :) Hope you reach you aim soon hun InshaAllah :) I love my curves too! hehe
Anonymous said…
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Michélle said…
You look great in that picture, but I think you look super hot the way you look now though ;)
Either way, it all comes down to how we feel about ourselves and not what others think. We can't get away from our own body but have to face it every day, so feeling good in our own skin is SO important!
Good luck reaching your goal! Almost there :)
Roshni said…
Omg I'm in exactly the same situation !! I'm 5'4 though and I was 61 and now I'm 57 but I'm trying to get to 52! I've been following the Paul McKenna plan and it's been really easy! And I also work out on the treadmill every other day or use a fitness cd :) I feel soo much better but I've still got a long way to go! Btw you look sooo stunning in that
photo x
Great post - it must be the time of year to think about getting healthy - I just blogged about how I get motivated to go to the gym twice a week (I reward myself with beauty treatments LOL!). I'm 5'4 and after having kids, weigh around 52 kg, but I want to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 48 kg. It wasn't super-skinny on my frame, but my face looked better and I didn't have love handles! Thanks for the tips and ideas in this post - now that I'm keeping up with the exercise, I just need to focus on my food intake to complete the weightloss. I get lazy and have toast (white bread for breakfast). I'm totally going to switch to wholewheat pita bread or porridge. I also have to start making brown rice in the evenings for me (I make white rice for the toddlers - and it seems like a pain to make 2 types of rice - but it will be worth it!)
Dylana Suarez said…
Lovely blog!
Unknown said…
Wow girl you look absolutly stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xXx I just wanted to let you know that im having a UK only Blog sale and invite you to take a look :) xXx BTW: weight loss is deffo on the cards for me this year, and ur right, the Gym and regulated eating is the way to go xx
Nina said…
thanks for this post and thanks for being real/honest/genuine, I think a lot of us girls enjoy reading your blog because of that reason. Stay motivated and have a wonderful day :)
b3boO! said…
hello muhsine!....PLZ HELP ME OUT!

abt a week ago i started wid losing weight i'm 1.65 n current weight is 65kg[my highest]i want to go back to my regular weight of 55kg[like u].....u've told us everything abt ur my question is do u workout...i mean excersice or speed up ur weight loss???
plz give me some tips on this...
Muhsine Emin said…
@b3boO! Hey! Of course I work out, eating right isnt enough to lose weight! you HAVE to do some cardio, I recommend running for getting fit and weight loss. X
b3boO! said…
thanks alot for replying!

bt m here wid one more question....i'd really b thankful if u answer my dis LAST question....
how many hours or days running???or doing cardio????

i walk fast on de treadmill for abt 30 minutes 5 days a week. is it enough?????
thank you!
Muhsine Emin said…
@b3boO! No worries, I would say it isn't enough. I would recommend you try and take that up a notch, maybe try doing some light jogging - it takes about 30-40mins before you start burning fat instead of energy.
I would recommend 1hr doing cardio 3 X a week. This could be 30mins walking 30 mins light jogging. Every time you go to the gym try and outdo your last workout, maybe 25 mins walking 35mins jogging, then 20mins walking 40 mins jogging etc. (What I do is 5mins walking - then light jogging for about 20mins - then I sprint for 1 minute take it down and sprint again etc. Interval training is great for burning fat! Hope that helps! X
b3boO! said…

I'll let u know how it went!:)
Nishant said…
its about being comfortable & feeling good and confident but still having curves in the right places

lingerie video
Hooray! I'm also 59kg, down from 62.5... trying to get down to my ideal weight of 55kg.

I see so many weight loss videos that are all talk and no action - you just have to cut out the crap! Just buying a load of "diet food" isn't going to make you thin!

I now need to ramp up the exercise to lose the rest of the weight whilst keeping up the healthier eating.
b3boO! said…
just wanted to tell ya that i've lost 2kg in 1 month:)....which m really happy abt!i just hope it goes on like dis....thank u very much again for giving all great tips!

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