Line and Shine - Heads up!

I was recently sent a few things from Eyeko including these double ended 'line and shine' fat pencils for review purposes. At first I was a bit sceptical about their quality and and pigmentation, but turns out I didn't need to be. However, I do not like them for what they are marketed for.

There are 3 duo's available. My favourite duo is the 'Popstar' duo which includes the shade 'Electric blue' perfect for a summer holiday or to add interest to any look.

I was sent 2 of the duo's, Here is a closeup.

Swatches - You can see the pigmentation for yourself.

£4.00 (per duo)

How to use? They are actually marketed as eyeshadows, However they are terrible for that purpose as they crease like crazy. I tried these as a liner for my upper lash line and as a base but it still transfers and creases. I found that these are perfect for the waterline and to smudge underneath, I wore mine all night and it had amazing staying power.

Would I recommend them? Yes, but only if you are looking to experiment with colour on your waterline without breaking the bank. However, the black glitter one doesn't last as long as the others, which was very dissapointing.

What do I think of Eyeko? Mixed views; I don't really like their packaging but I like their affordable prices. I hate their nail polishes, I think their bronzing cream is 'OK'. I was also sent a felt tip graffiti liner which is actually REALLY nice.

EXTRA NOTE: I understand that reviews of products from PR companies can become VERY boring, but I think it's important to get some swatches and opinions posted. I was not paid for this post.


sabrina said…
that looks amazing!
Muhsine said…
thanks hun, I think electric blue will be perfect for the summer!
India said…
The pigmentation looks brilliant. Fabulous colours! xx
Ebru said…
I love all the colors, I need to get my hands on these ASAP! Thanks for doing swatches, did I mention I love your blog?? Keep up the good work ;)
you know this was my doing lol.xx
Muhsine said…
@Ebru thanks Ebru, i'm glad you found the post useful :)

@beautyandtheblog not sure what you mean by that :) ?
cbsg5861 said…
I always envy the quality of your photos, the swatches are perfectly clear!
Pinkalishy said…
Mmm do you think the electric blue would make a good base, I've been looking for an electric blue and have been umming and ahhing over this one and the barry m matt blue.
haha I sent u an email.x
Hollywood said…
Wow that's beautiful I love what you did with the blue one !
CocoBella said…
I love colored liner! This looks amazing on you! xx
Muhsine said…
@Pinkalishy No, it creases like crazy!

@cbsg5861 thanks, I do try hard :)

@beauty and the blog Just read it & replied. :) X

@hollywood & @cocobella thanks girls!
Jaime said…
That blue is amazing! So bright and pretty!
I ordered these and some other bits a couple of weeks ago and my parcel still hasn't shown up :( so far the company hasn't been very helpful either.
The blue looks gorgeous on your waterline!
Laura said…
woah, that really is an 'electric' blue! the pigmentation looks amazing
thanks for the review :) xx
Hannah said…
Thanks so much for the tips! They really are helpful and I appreciate your honesty!
I love that electric blue colour! :) x
*Jody* said…
The Eyeko products i have tried i have liked but they can be hit and miss but for the price i think the quality is very good .... I love these pencils though they look amazing on the waterline and very creamy! I am looking for different colours for the waterline other than black and these look perfect x
vadilucia said…
Everyone always says if you want to do dramatic eye makeup, you must do neutral lips and if you want to do bright lips, you must do neutral eye makeup. Is it okay to do both neutral/dramatic eyes and lips?
Ms.Jenn said…
Amazing swatches!
Evee said…
the pigmentation is awesome!
Muhsine said…
@vadilucia I would say that those rules are true to a certain extent, it depends on the face shape, features and complextion.

Dramatic eyes + nude lips = Good
Subtle eyes + vibrant lips = Good

Dramatic eyes + vibrant lips = bad (why? because it will most likely age you, it's too much going on like you are trying too hard.)

Hope that helps.
Anonymous said…
I love those..that blue is gorgeous

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