Mac pigment and Barry M dazzle dust swatches

Pigments are so versatile. you can use them as eye shadow, blush, mixed in with a clear gloss to create a unique lip colour and even mixed in with your lotion to give you a glow.

I think that Mac do great pigments, they are great quality and have a great choice of colours. Below are the ones I have.

1) Mac - Spititualize pigment
2) Mac - Teal pigment
3) Mac - Deep blue green pigment
4) Mac - Cornflower pigment
5) Mac - Deep purple pigment
6) Mac - Rose gold metal pigment
7) Mac - Melon pigment
8) Mac - Vanilla pigment

My favourite out of the pigments has to be 'Melon' pigment, it's such a great colour for any skin tone. I also like 'Deep purple' pigment to create a smokey eye, it just looks gorgeous, so much better than using 'carbon' e/s if you don't want your look to be harsh. 'Vanilla' is a classic, it makes a great highlight on the cheekbones and inner corners of the eye.

Saying that Mac pigments are currently priced at £15 for 4.5gms. The packaging has recently changed, oh how I do feel sorry for the collectors or those with OCD. I think if I was collecting them or displaying them somwhow it could slowly drive me crazy. :)

Barry M also do pigments, and they call them 'dazzle dusts priced at £4.50 each. They are highly pigmented, great quality and have an amazing colour choice. They also do fine glitter dusts which have finely milled glitter in them. All dazzle dusts come with a sheen, they are not matte. Below are the ones I have.

Barry M - No 53 'Chocolate' dazzle dust
Barry M - No 25 'Rust' dazzle dust
Barry M - No 51 'Mushroom' dazzle dust
Barry M - No 24 'Toffee' fine glitter dust
Barry M - No 44 'Bronze' dazzle dust
Barry M - No 22 'Black gold' fine glitter dust
Barry M - No 98 'Petrol black' dazzle dust
Barry M - No 91 'Silvery black' dazzle dust
Barry M - No 23 'Midnight' dazzle dust

Barry M - No 80 'Blue grey' dazzle dust
Barry M - No 90 'Pearly mauve' dazzle dust
Barry M - No 3 'Pink Gold' dazzle dust
Barry M - No 58 'Candy' dazzle dust
Barry M - No 22 'Electric blue' dazzle dust
Barry M - No 92 'Aqua gold' fine glitter dust
Barry M - No 14 'Khaki' dazzle dust
Barry M - No 79 'Gold green' dazzle dust

My favourite dazzle dust is No 79 'Gold green' this just looks amazing on me, I team it with UD 'Mayhem' similar to Barry M's 'Pearly mauve' in the crease. I love the effect it gives. My favourite fine glitter dust is No 22 'Black gold' this is a black with very finely milled gold glitter in it. It just looks beautiful.

What are your favourites?

TIP: When using pigments never ever use a fluffy shader brush, make sure it's flat and made of synthetic bristles like Mac's 242. Pack the colour onto your eyelid after using a base. You could also try adding Fix+ to create a paste.


Anonymous said…
melon is def my fav too..really pretty colour
nice swatches
Hollywood said…
Thank you for the flat brush advice, and the color are so deep and pigmented ! Uk as some great brands you are making the world a lil bit envious =)
Unknown said…
Thanks so much for the tip... now I know where I've been going wrong! Thank you!
Anonymous said…
Mushroom is gorgeous!
Anonymous said…

thanks for the swatches they all look lovely!
you remind me so much of cheryl cole :)

ellamarie84 said…
those colors look lovely, makes me want to go buy them all :)
CherriesinSyrup said…
Melon mixed with a clear lipgloss will get gorgeous!!! I also like Barry M. 24 and 25 really pretty :) Great swatches !
Unknown said…
I don't have any MAc pigments, but I love, love, love Dazzle Dusts.

My favourites at the moment are #93 Block Blue, #83 Green Silver, #78 Kingfisher and #44 Bronze.

I've got 19 of the colours, but I think I'm going to try and get all of the shades before this year is out. A girl has to have a goal after all ;)

Great tip on the brushes too, thank you. I tend to apply the dazzle dusts wet or using a foam/sponge applicator because I get much less fallout that way.

♥ Chloë ♥ said…
Fab post hun, need to try the Barry M ones, they look fab!! xxx
Unknown said…
The colours are amazing, great selection there.
Melon is pretty but that one you sugest to replace carbon is very special too.
M said…
Melon pigment is gorgeous I love it with goldmine! x
Connie De Alwis said…
I love Melon! Teal is also beautiful. I have Barry M Dazzle Dusts and the colors are great but I prefer the texture from MAC. Dazzle Dusts feel more loose and powder while MAC feels more creamy
VampiressDoll said…
Ooo thanks so much for doing these swatches. I need to pick up mushroom definitely. :)
Imo said…
Woah u have a of of dazzle dusts! I love cornflower pigment..Ive got a sample but I want the full size. Is it permanent or ltd edition?
Ashwini said…
oh what eye candy this post had! I nominated you for two awards. :)
sumaya said…
my fav pigment aside from melon has got to be cocomotion, its a gorgeous color. Just wanted to say i loveeeee ur blog..and im really happy its updated frequently. You have such honest and fresh opinions and im OCD about organizing as well! so would you please do a youtube video for ur new storage system for makeup? thanks alot once again and keep up the great work :) x
GiGi said…
I wish we had Barry M in the states. I love all the colors.
I love the melon, the teal, and every thing in the last set of swatches!
Abbie :D said…
Thanks for the swatches im deffo gonna try some of those dazzle dusts :)
Muhsine Emin said…
@Imo I think its permanent.
Tina A. said…
Gorgeous collection!
You make me wanna try out more pigments this year! :)

AllThingsGirly said…
I love Mac's pigments they are such amazing quality for money & i've never paid full price (ebay) for one expect for my beloved sunnydaze which is my staple!

I've not quite managed to get on with the Barry M's dazzledust for me personally i get too much product fall out & it is messy which i don't like :( The colours look fab but i just don't reach for them much anymore
Anonymous said…
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