Spring Summer 2010 Fashion

What is fashion? A trend, fad or craze? For me, fashion is more than that, it's about identifying your personal style and sticking to it. I will not wear something because I am told it's 'IN'. In fact, I will try my best to avoid it to stop me from looking like a clone. However, it's inevitable that designers have an influence on what we wear, even when buying from the high st or a charity shop as everything is trickled down.

The trends that are deemed hot for the season include cut out dresses, denim, leather, wearing underwear as outerwear, pastels, all white, ruffles, digital prints and lace.

I have been on Vogue identifying certain trends that stand out for me. Here's what I have compiled.

STATEMENT NECKLACES are always hot, they can transform ANY outfit and are guaranteed showstoppers! Paul Smith opted for maximum impact whilst Dolce & Gabbana opted for a 'goddess gypsy' look.

ROMANTIC always ensures femininity and is perfect for long summer nights. Silk, chiffon and floral prints are key. Emilio Pucci didn't disappoint with fabulous prints and floaty dresses. TIP - Why not toughen up your outfit with a belt as demonstrated by Amanda Wakely.

ROCHAS had beautiful intricate belts made with flowers. DIY - Why not take your favourite waist belt and add a massive flower headband or broach to create your own to suit you.

TRIBAL is effortlessly cool, I love bold prints and Marc by Marc Jacobs got it spot on. Topshop usually have great prints in the summer, but they sell out quick. DIY - Why not buy your own printed fabric and create a simple top that nobody else has.

HEAD SCARVES are a quick way to update your outfit especially if you are having a bad hair day. Keeping your outfit simple and wearing a bright scarf as demonstrated by Oscar De La Renta is sure to be an eye opener and great for hijab wearers. You can also roll scarves up in pretty knots to create a more interesting hair style as demonstrated by Marni.

SHOES, you can NEVER have too many! Wedges give height, great posture and are comfortable, Bottega Veneta had a gorgeous pair. Burberry and Vera Wang opted for ankle tie platforms which are equally as gorgeous. DIY - Why not personalise a pair of your shoes by attaching or threading a beaded necklace or chain to the strap inspired by Lanvin.

MY ADVICE: Don't be a follower, be a leader. Interpret trends to suit your body shape, complexion and age. Be original!

All images from Vogue.co.uk, compiled using Photoshop.

What will you be wearing this Spring / Summer?


Miss Vendella said…
I agree about the necklaces. accessories can always make a plain outfit look hot! :) nice post :)
Tali said…
GREAT post! Love the collages and im drooling over that amanda wakely draped skirt and belt.

This year im going more orange and brown. I think I want to look warm and exotic.. last year was so floral it was out of my comfort zone.
And of course ill be adding color to all outfits with orange and turqoise acessories!!

Will need a new muji box soon.. i passed by Accesorize todaya nd ohh my gosh.. i saw some pretty mutlicolored and wood stuff!! xx
multiple said…
I totally agree, knowing what you like and interpreting trends your own way makes you feel more confident and sexy in what you wear. x
Anonymous said…
I totally agree, knowing what you like and interpreting trends your own way makes you feel more confident and sexy in what you wear. x
Muhsine Emin said…
@Miss vendella I'm so weak when it comes to accessories, I want it ALL! :)

@Tali Thanks hun, I'm drooling over it too!
Orange and brown sounds HOT, I think I want to be more exotic too :) haha! turquoise accessories sounds spot on! I'm visualising it in my head *dream land*. And, dont get me started on accessorize, I could spend forever in there!

@Multiple thanks :)
I think this spring/summer, I'll continue looking for classic pieces that suit me. I like wearing delicate white cotton/linen tops with jeans and metallic sandals.

I also love blush pink and soft yellow - so I hope to find some items in these colours too.

Oh - and I'll grab some more maxi dresses before they go out of fashion (I'll wear them anyway, but it is nice to have a selection to choose from)

I'm also growing my hair longer this year, so I want to go for the whole "beachy" look with loose, long curls.
Muhsine Emin said…
@Ella pretty delicate white cotton is SO amazing + jeans, a classic for EVERY summer. I love maxi dresses too, who care if theyre in or out! :) And, SNAP with the hair thing, mines getting longer and hopefully by July /August it will be half decent! :)
I have to go and get some statement necklaces!!!
I usually stay away from trends but this year I don't mind pushing the boundaries and getting some trendy items.
Great post!
Anonymous said…
Summer is en-route. . ,Yay. As usual, enjoyed the post! Those necklaces are amazing.
I Love head scarfs and chunky necklaces!!! So excited to bust them out for the spring!!
If only it would stop raining ... then I can get my nice wooden wedges out too!!
Marina said…
Great post!
I totally love the Statement Necklaces.

And I am all about coral for the next season. I also want to add some turquoise :)

Marina from Makeup4All
sabrina said…
I bought a necklace in primark today which was a short version of the amanda wakely one in pastel colours you might like it. Great post XX
Houda said…
hey sweety you are so pretty mashallah I love you blog what do you think of these heels that I added to my wishlist on my blog I would like your opinion x


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