Sunday, 28 February 2010

Inspiring Interiors

I love how simple yet cosy this bedroom looks.

I love the 'rustic' feel to this sitting room...

This bedroom looks so airy and beautiful.

I want this dressing table... I'm having dreams about it! It has so many little drawers that would fit make up in. It's just SO adorable.

..and this little stool.

I'm not telling you where they are from as they are the last ones remaining and I want them! :) I hope they are still in stock next week! Pray for me! :)

I would love to combine shabby chic with a rustic island or urban feel for a bedroom. Too much shabby chic can look a bit too much, too many florals make it look a tad dated in my opinion. I prefer to add rustic touches, stuff that have uneven edges, woods, shells and natural textures. I also like to keep things minimal, so clutter is a big no no. What's your style?

YSL Faux Cils and Touche Eclat!

I was lucky enough for someone to bring me back this package from duty free, happy times! It works out much cheaper than buying them individually and you also get a free mini eye makeup remover, sometimes they throw in a pencil too. This set cost £33.65 from a UK airport.

There's something about the gold packaging that warms me up and puts a smile on my face! :) I think Yves Saint Laurent possibly have the best packaging ever.

Faux Cils is my FAVOURITE mascara ever, it's the only mascara I have gone through many tubes of. Every single time I wear this, I ALWAYS get asked if I am wearing false eyelashes. It creates lots of thick volume and drama on your lashes, the only downside is if you apply too much, it can look a bit clumpy.

A good dupe for this is the L'oreal voluminous, but I find that after a few uses the drama disappears, it's only good for a couple of weeks. Whereas the Faux cils is good even after 2 months.

The wand is easy to use and I don't need to use much product as the black is very intense.

The touche eclat, is a classic, a must have for any makeup addict. It's a beautiful brightening product to add light to the skin. Please note, this is not a concealer, and I don't recommend you use it as one unless you don't have any dark circles. I use it under my eyes, cheekbones and sometimes to highlight the bridge of my nose for a brightening effect. It's a great natural highlighter for a radiant finish. It's not heavily pigmented so it doesn't have a cakey finish as it's quite watery and very blendable. I love it! :)

The brush applicator is very handy, so once the product is distributed when you click the top, it makes it easy to apply.

What are your favourites from YSL?

Friday, 26 February 2010

All that Glitters and Cork + Book of shadows talk!

A couple of days ago I went to Mac and purchased two eyeshadows. "All that Glitters" a shimmery nude colour, and "Cork" a medium warm matte brown to finish off my neutral palette.

Here they are swatched.

Here's my completed palette. *Applause!*

Also, as I am such a space saving maniac, I depotted my Urban Decay book of shadows into a Mac palette quite a long time ago but never declared it on my blog. I'm sorry, but as pretty as the packaging was for the Book of shadows, it's not practical and takes up too much space. FYI: I haven't purchased the 2nd book of shadows and I will not be purchasing the Alice in wonderland palette as the colours are too similar.

I also added my body shop and Benefit shadows, and added an extra Bourjois one at the bottom. I love saving space! :)

How do you save space with your make up?

Thursday, 25 February 2010

BEAUTE: Girlina and Chimera

Coco Beau recently sent me a couple of lip products from Beaute to try, I was informed that the colours had been specifically chosen for me and that I would love them.

Were they right?

Errr yes, both colours are PERFECT. But, it's not just the colour that impressed me, it's the texture and packaging too. The sizes of these are comparable to a Mac dazzleglass and lipglass.

I was sent 'Girlina' weightless lip creme and 'Chimera' luminous volume gloss. 'Girlina' is designed to give you Barbie pink lips. However, I beg to differ as I can say that the colour is a peach toned pink and not a flat pink. When I saw 'Chimera' all I could think of was J Lo. It looks like a colour she would wear.

The texture of the weightless lip creme is like a super moisturising lipstick in lipgloss form, it feels like you are gliding on a nourishing cream. It's not sticky at all. The only texture that I can think that is slightly close to this, is the YSL Rouge Voluptes but, is much smoother and more velevety. This texture of lip product is by far the easiest to apply. 'Girlina' delivers a highly pigmented colour to your lips, the colour is more sheer than opaque. It's a everyday colour that can brighten up your look, one coat of mascara and you are good to go.

Chimera is designed to be a luminous lip gloss, it certainly makes my lips look plump and awake without including any sparkles. The colour is a duo chrome peach with flecks of lilac and pink. It delivers a good amount of pigmentation and doesn't necessarily need lipstick under it. The application is quite smooth and doesn't make my lips stick together. My only complaint is that the wand comes flared out and you have instructions attached for you to wash the brush to make it nice and neat. who can be bothered to do that? Anyway!

Here's what Girlina and Chimera look like together... It's very pretty! Both products last a decent amount of time even after eating.

Price: 'Girlina' WLC: £22
Price: 'Chimera' LVG £22

Yes!! They are rather expensive. Is it worth it? Well, if you are treating yourself and want something 'special' then go for it.

Not interested in texture and want colour dupes?

1. Bourjois Sweet Kiss lipstick: (46) 'Rose Corset'.
2. Barry M Lip paint: (147) 'Peachy Pink'.
3. Mac LE lustre lipstick: 'Made with love'.
4. Beaute weightless lip creme: (115) 'Girlina'.
5. Beaute luminous volume gloss (007) 'Chimera'.
6. Mac lustreglass 'Love Nectar'.

The closest thing to Chimera that I had was 'Love Nectar' but as you can see, it's much sheerer and doesn't have the duochrome finish, it has more sparkles.

Have you tried any Beaute products?

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

How to fix your broken eyeshadow!

A couple of days ago I dropped my Mac palette and shed a tear or two at the sight of 3 broken and cracked eye shadows.

I was devastated and shared my sadness on Twitter. A big thanks you to all the girls who felt my pain and supported me through the tragic time! :)

I started googling on how to fix your broken eye shaodws and the most helpful was KandeeJohnson's video on YouTube. I was able to fix them very easily and the colour payoff was not affected.

Please note that when I took the step by step photos I had already fixed them but wanted to show you visual explanations to my written text.


  • Surgical Spirit or Rubbing Alcohol (I purchased surgical spirit from Superdrug!)
  • A see through plastic bag / zip lock
  • 10p Coin or a Quarter.
  • A knife or something similar
  • Fabric or kleenex

Step 1: Place your broken eyeshadow into the corner of the bag making sure it's secure, use the end of your knife to crush it even further so that the particles will join together easily once the surgical spirit or rubbing alcohol is applied.

Step 2: Remove the eyeshadow from the bag and add a few drops of surgical spirit or rubbing alcohol until the entire eyeshadow is damp.

Step 3: Wrap your coin with piece of fabric or kleenex like so, if you are using fabric wet the surface area with the surgical spirit so it doesn't stick, using fabric will give the e/s a textured effect.

Step 4: Press firmly and leave to dry. I left mine overnight but the drying time is much quicker than that. I didn't like the textured effect of the fabric so I swirled my finger in the pan whilst it was wet to get rid of it. I don't mind what the e/s looks like as long as it's usable. :)

This method can be used to fix blushes, bronzers and even press pigments.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Contrast FOTD.

Contrast e/s is quite hard (for me) to wear, I admire it quite often but hardly ever use it unless I decide to do a night time smokey eye. Today I decided to wear Contrast during the day. Here's the final look.

Here's a step by step of what I did to my eyes:

  • I used Urban Decay primer potion.
  • I applied Mac 'Contrast' e/s on my lid.
  • I applied Mac 'Vellum' on the inner corner of my lid to highlight.
  • I dusted Mac 'Vellum' into the crease and brow bone very lightly.
  • I added Mac 'Romp' into the crease blending everything together.
  • I used Urban Decays 24/7 pencil in 'Lucky' on my waterline.
  • I applied Max factor lash extension mascara.
  • I applied clear brow gel to my eyebrows.

On my cheeks I used Too Faced bronzer from the quickie chronicles naughty neutral palette. Mac 'Moon River' grand duo to highlight. On my lips I am wearing Mac Creme d'nude lipstick and L'oreal Cappuccino lipliner.

How do you wear 'Contrast' e/s?

Monday, 22 February 2010

My Skincare Routine!

It's been a few months since I have updated you on what my skincare regime is, and finally feel 100% comfortable with what I am using. Skincare is extremely personal and what works for me may not work for you. It's vital to listen to your skin, it tells you when it's dry or oily, you need to address it and treat it accordingly.

Skin History:

  • I had lovely "normal" skin that was on the dry side up until the age of 22.
  • At 23 my skin went bananas and became very sensitive and very spotty. Sometimes, the acne was hormonal, stress related and other times is was cosmetic acne caused by using the wrong skincare and too much make up.
  • November 2009, I went for a facial where I was diagnosed with "oily" sensitive skin and had my spots extracted, these were mainly small spots on the sides of my cheeks but in general was on the whole surface of my face, I also had big cyst like spots too.
  • January 2010, I went for another facial and my skin was diagnosed as "normal" and even on the dehydrated side.

I have narrowed it down to 4 products that work for me and that have become staples in my skincare routine.

Firstly, I want to introduce you to the miracle cleansing bar that I have been using every morning and every evening. It's by SebaMed and looks like a soap, but it's actually soap free. Soap based skin care products can be too harsh for sensitive skin and breakdown the skin's natural protective layer. In the evening I remove my eyemakeup with my DIY eye makeup remover and then use the cleaning bar to remove my face make up. I store the bar in a case I purchased from Superdrug.

I have been using this since November ever since the pharmacist recommended it to me, he took one look at my skin and very confidently said, the PH level of your skin needs to be balanced. I was like, of course#*?!

I read several reviews for this cleansing bar on makeupalley which consisted of mixed views, but I didn't let that affect me. This bar is highly recommended by dermatologists and very inexpensive (approx £2.50). I seriously love it and wouldn't use anything else to wash my face anymore. If you have any spots you may feel a slight tingle but never stinging, it's very gentle and doesn't leave my skin feeling tight or dry. I stopped using it for a couple of weeks, and I got spots again, so I can 100% say that this soap does work!!!

(Click to enlarge)

The 2nd thing my skin has been loving is the Tea Tree water by Lush, for some reason my skin absolutely loves it, it leaves me feeling fresh and doesn't irritate my skin.

Here's what it contains...

When I went for my facial in January at a Champneys spa, these products by Elemis caught my eye. They are the Elemis maximum moisture day cream and maximum replenish night cream. The moisturisers are supposed to be intelligent enough to adjust to your skincare needs. This seemed perfect for me as my skin type keeps changing.

Click photo to enlarge to read the back clearly.

I don't know if they are intelligent or not, but what I do know is that these creams haven't irritated my skin and leave my skin feeling hydrated, smooth but not greasy. They have a lotion type consistency and I love the packaging. as it's very practical yet sleek. The day cream is £35 and the night cream is £40. I purchased the day cream and got the night cream free as I am fabulous at finding special offers. :)

Sometimes, my skin feels dry so I mix a little bit of pure organic rosehip oil from Neal's Yard with the Elemis Maximum replenish moisturiser.

To exfoliate my skin I use Lush Ocean Salt roughly once a week, I sometimes crush fresh fruit and spread it on my face too :) and lately I have been loving up the Montagne Jeunesse face masks for weekly pampering

If you are going to check out one thing, make sure it's the SebaMed cleansing bar!

If you are confused about your skin visit your doctor, a beautician or dermatologist. Please note that it took me almost 4 months to get my skin clear, I cut down on makeup and made the transition from heavy and thick foundations to light foundations or tinted moisturisers. It takes time for scars to heal and no cream is going to solve that issue overnight. Regular exfoliation and care will payoff.

All products purchased by moi.

Saturday, 20 February 2010


For ME anyway!

I often mix my foundations, TM's and moisturisers to get my desired finish and colour but only do it when I'm desperate. I prefer to use one product that does exactly what I want without the fuss.

Yesterday I nearly puchased a new bottle of foundation, but battled with that urge. Instead, I mixed the Laura Mercier TM with Benefits 'You Rebel' TM, and the effect was great. Today I mixed Bourjois' 'Healthy Mix' foundation with 'You Rebel' and the finish was amazing. It seems like 'You Rebel' (something I nearly got rid of) is beautifying the finishes that I don't like.

The photo doesn't do the finish justice, my face is matte but it still has a glow to it. The shade is perfect too, but the flash loves to interfere!!!

Next time you "think" you need a foundation, why not mix what you already own to create your custom shade and texture.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Blogging IS the new media!

I heart beauty bloggers!

I support and recognise the beauty bloggers who portray real opinions on products expressing their experiences, obsessions and daily discoveries.

The way in which we buy products are quickly changing, consumers are becoming more aware and are actually researching products before they buy. The internet is proving to become an invaluable source within the beauty community by raising brand and product awareness. Beauty blogging is helping the consumer to make an informed decision; bloggers are increasing by the minute enabling the consumer / researcher to have a wide variety of written material to read from.

The majority of Beauty bloggers are not professionals within the sector; they are blogging as a hobby, as a way of therapy. They do not get paid to blog and do it for the love of beauty. This is what separates them from beauty editors, the reason why they started blogging was because they themselves were researching and experimenting with products and realised they had something to share and wanted to voice their opinion. Beauty bloggers love what they do and are genuinely interested in discovering new and existing products, some are ‘professionals’ in their own right, having a qualification in something does not mean you are a professional, however experience talks.

If you support the beauty blogging community, please add this stamp to your blog if you have one!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Bourjois: Healthy Mix, round pot e/s and mini pigment Review!

Healthy Mix is the latest fruit therapy foundation to be launched by Bourjois. It claims to give you a perfectly glowing complexion and toned skin that lasts up to 16 hours.

Price: £10.99.

What do I think? I personally don't like it because it has a thick texture, it dries quite matte and has a slight powdery finish. It does however give excellent coverage, doesn't need powder to set and looks quite natural on the skin, but I have to say there is no glow.

This isn't a foundation that wows me or one that I will be repurchasing. This foundation is one to avoid if you want a dewy finish. I also don't like the colour tones, they seem too pink or red. When choosing a foundation you must know exactly what you want, this one doesn't fit my criteria but may fit yours.

I much prefer the 10hr sleep effect, the below photo gives you a rough idea on how different the two textures are, 10hrSE is very light and runny, whereas Healthy Mix is a thick paste.

Ombre a paupieres eyeshadow - Little round pot eyeshadows!

Price: £5.99

75: Bleu Paillettes
76: Vert Paillettes
93: Tabac Blond (2010 Spring Collection)
90: Blanc Diaphane
24: Turquoise Ensoleille
07: Noir Emeraude

This is what the eyeshadows look like swatched: Very disappointing!

However, in all fairness there are instructions included which tell you to use a wet brush to achieve the true intensity of the colour.
Here they are swatched again with a wet brush: Much better.

75 and 76 are glitter eyeshadows which include HUGE chunks of glitter, this is not usually something I would go for, but I can see it possibly working on a night out all over the lid. 90 blanc diaphane makes a lovely inner corner highlight, I actually purchased this in the past.
24 (swatched with a wet finger) is very similar to Mac 'Steamy' and UD 'Shattered' eyeshadows, see swatches below. My favourite is 'Shattered' as it has a smooth buttery texture that has the most pigmented colour payoff with minimal effort.

93 (Tabac Blond) is a golden brown colour that is really pretty, put you HAVE to use it wet to get a decent colour payoff, which takes away a little bit of the fun. It's most similar to mac's 'Romp' eyeshadow, and in the same family as Woodwinked & Tempting.

07 is a lovely colour and is my favourite of the Bourjois eyeshadows, it's one that doesn't need to be wet when used. It has amazing pigmentation even when dry. It's a shimmery black green that is in the same family as Mac 'Club' e/s, I think the two would look AMAZING together.

Mini Bourjois: Dose de bacres - Eyeshadow loose powder / pigment!
Bourjois do a 'mini' range for some of their products, it's very fun and cute. I wasn't expecting much from these pigments, but turns out they are actually really beautiful. The size is roughly the same as a mac sample size pigment pot.

Price: Approx £2.50

My favourites are 11 & 12, they have a duo chrome finish and have a very vibrant and intense colour payoff. If you like 'Vex' & 'Stars & Rockets' e/s by Mac, you will love these as they would work beautifully together.
These are great finds and I would certainly recommend checking them out, they are much more affordable than mac pigments and even Barry M dazzle dusts. Be sure to check out No 11 as it's a truly unique colour.

Hope you found this helpful! What are your views on these products?

All products mentioned were complimentary for review purposes, I was not paid for this post and this is my honest opinion.