BEAUTE: Girlina and Chimera

Coco Beau recently sent me a couple of lip products from Beaute to try, I was informed that the colours had been specifically chosen for me and that I would love them.

Were they right?

Errr yes, both colours are PERFECT. But, it's not just the colour that impressed me, it's the texture and packaging too. The sizes of these are comparable to a Mac dazzleglass and lipglass.

I was sent 'Girlina' weightless lip creme and 'Chimera' luminous volume gloss. 'Girlina' is designed to give you Barbie pink lips. However, I beg to differ as I can say that the colour is a peach toned pink and not a flat pink. When I saw 'Chimera' all I could think of was J Lo. It looks like a colour she would wear.

The texture of the weightless lip creme is like a super moisturising lipstick in lipgloss form, it feels like you are gliding on a nourishing cream. It's not sticky at all. The only texture that I can think that is slightly close to this, is the YSL Rouge Voluptes but, is much smoother and more velevety. This texture of lip product is by far the easiest to apply. 'Girlina' delivers a highly pigmented colour to your lips, the colour is more sheer than opaque. It's a everyday colour that can brighten up your look, one coat of mascara and you are good to go.

Chimera is designed to be a luminous lip gloss, it certainly makes my lips look plump and awake without including any sparkles. The colour is a duo chrome peach with flecks of lilac and pink. It delivers a good amount of pigmentation and doesn't necessarily need lipstick under it. The application is quite smooth and doesn't make my lips stick together. My only complaint is that the wand comes flared out and you have instructions attached for you to wash the brush to make it nice and neat. who can be bothered to do that? Anyway!

Here's what Girlina and Chimera look like together... It's very pretty! Both products last a decent amount of time even after eating.

Price: 'Girlina' WLC: £22
Price: 'Chimera' LVG £22

Yes!! They are rather expensive. Is it worth it? Well, if you are treating yourself and want something 'special' then go for it.

Not interested in texture and want colour dupes?

1. Bourjois Sweet Kiss lipstick: (46) 'Rose Corset'.
2. Barry M Lip paint: (147) 'Peachy Pink'.
3. Mac LE lustre lipstick: 'Made with love'.
4. Beaute weightless lip creme: (115) 'Girlina'.
5. Beaute luminous volume gloss (007) 'Chimera'.
6. Mac lustreglass 'Love Nectar'.

The closest thing to Chimera that I had was 'Love Nectar' but as you can see, it's much sheerer and doesn't have the duochrome finish, it has more sparkles.

Have you tried any Beaute products?


Hinna said…
I haven't tried Beaute, and am more of a lipstick than gloss girl anyway, but they look very very pretty xxx
Holly said…
wow they are lovely and pigmented!x
Sheefa F said…
I havent yet but after seeing how lovely they look on you, I will definately be treating my self :)
Sheefa F said…
You should give Victoria Jackson Lipglosses a try hun and you will love them too. They can easily be found on ebay.
Anonymous said…
I love the colours but how comfortable are they to wear? I'd like to try them but sometimes I can't bear really sticky lip gloss!! xx
Hollywood said…
OMG the colors are Great I love the pink one, it looks very pigmented...they were so right about the colors they are totally "you" =)
Devea said…
These lipglosses look AMAZING!
The Sparkly Poo said…
They look gorgeous on you :) xxx
Meg said…
I adore the pink colour! I always see the weightless lip cremes in Pixiwoo's tutorials and have wanted to try one called Fluro (something like that!) for ages - I just can't justify the price!

Lovely post, the photos are gorgeous :)
Unknown said…
Gorgeous, now I want them! xxx
Laura said…
Oh wow, I haven't tried these, but they look incredible, and I definitely want to try them now!!! xxx
Chimera looks gorgeous - I could totally imagine it on JLo!
Muhsine Emin said…
@Shifa ooo never tried Victoria Jackson! Will investigate, thanks!

@Alice They are very comfortable to wear, the lip creme doesn't even feel like you are wearing anything and has zero stickyness. The lipgloss is quite smooth and light but a tiny bit sticky.
Anonymous said…
These are so stunning. And I'm coveting some Beaute product but the only thing putting me off is the price.
I may have to treat myself at some point our put it on a birthday wish list.
Unknown said…
These look so pretty! I've never tried any of Beaute's products, but they are quite expensive.
Jen said…
Girlina looks gorgeous on you! x
Anonymous said…
Chimera is stunning on you! Love that color.
deniz said…
both seem great, but I just fell in love with girlina. it's amazing how natural yet striking it looks on you. definitely a winner!
Anonymous said…
ooh, pretty, pretty colours!
I'm a Beaute addict (I've done several reviews. LOL) -- the Weightless Lip Cremes I agree are on par with YSL Rouge Voluptes. You should check out the nude colours (Wanted, for example). I did swatches recently :-)

These look amazing on you!
Haha you are SO dead on about the J.Lo thing! I love the combination of the two colors on you the best! :]
Muhsine Emin said…
@Lipstick rules, oh no dont get me started :D xx
ErynneC said…
Girlina looks really pretty! And the mixed version of both is really gorgeous!
glamour rouge said…
Ooh those are gorgeous colours x
They look so nice and pigmented, love the colour of girlina x
Unknown said…
Bloğunu yeni farkettim ve bayıldım.sen Türksün ve çok da güzelsin. keşke bende senin gibi makyaj yapabilsem :(
great post babes, both colours are absolutely gorgeous, and really suit you, however I feel they are really over priced!
Margaret said…
great colors !
Tina A. said…
Chimera look gorgeous on your lips!

Chantal Blows said…
Love Your Blog. Saved it as my Favourite!

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