Bourjois: Healthy Mix, round pot e/s and mini pigment Review!

Healthy Mix is the latest fruit therapy foundation to be launched by Bourjois. It claims to give you a perfectly glowing complexion and toned skin that lasts up to 16 hours.

Price: £10.99.

What do I think? I personally don't like it because it has a thick texture, it dries quite matte and has a slight powdery finish. It does however give excellent coverage, doesn't need powder to set and looks quite natural on the skin, but I have to say there is no glow.

This isn't a foundation that wows me or one that I will be repurchasing. This foundation is one to avoid if you want a dewy finish. I also don't like the colour tones, they seem too pink or red. When choosing a foundation you must know exactly what you want, this one doesn't fit my criteria but may fit yours.

I much prefer the 10hr sleep effect, the below photo gives you a rough idea on how different the two textures are, 10hrSE is very light and runny, whereas Healthy Mix is a thick paste.

Ombre a paupieres eyeshadow - Little round pot eyeshadows!

Price: £5.99

75: Bleu Paillettes
76: Vert Paillettes
93: Tabac Blond (2010 Spring Collection)
90: Blanc Diaphane
24: Turquoise Ensoleille
07: Noir Emeraude

This is what the eyeshadows look like swatched: Very disappointing!

However, in all fairness there are instructions included which tell you to use a wet brush to achieve the true intensity of the colour.
Here they are swatched again with a wet brush: Much better.

75 and 76 are glitter eyeshadows which include HUGE chunks of glitter, this is not usually something I would go for, but I can see it possibly working on a night out all over the lid. 90 blanc diaphane makes a lovely inner corner highlight, I actually purchased this in the past.
24 (swatched with a wet finger) is very similar to Mac 'Steamy' and UD 'Shattered' eyeshadows, see swatches below. My favourite is 'Shattered' as it has a smooth buttery texture that has the most pigmented colour payoff with minimal effort.

93 (Tabac Blond) is a golden brown colour that is really pretty, put you HAVE to use it wet to get a decent colour payoff, which takes away a little bit of the fun. It's most similar to mac's 'Romp' eyeshadow, and in the same family as Woodwinked & Tempting.

07 is a lovely colour and is my favourite of the Bourjois eyeshadows, it's one that doesn't need to be wet when used. It has amazing pigmentation even when dry. It's a shimmery black green that is in the same family as Mac 'Club' e/s, I think the two would look AMAZING together.

Mini Bourjois: Dose de bacres - Eyeshadow loose powder / pigment!
Bourjois do a 'mini' range for some of their products, it's very fun and cute. I wasn't expecting much from these pigments, but turns out they are actually really beautiful. The size is roughly the same as a mac sample size pigment pot.

Price: Approx £2.50

My favourites are 11 & 12, they have a duo chrome finish and have a very vibrant and intense colour payoff. If you like 'Vex' & 'Stars & Rockets' e/s by Mac, you will love these as they would work beautifully together.
These are great finds and I would certainly recommend checking them out, they are much more affordable than mac pigments and even Barry M dazzle dusts. Be sure to check out No 11 as it's a truly unique colour.

Hope you found this helpful! What are your views on these products?

All products mentioned were complimentary for review purposes, I was not paid for this post and this is my honest opinion.


Sophie said…
I like to look if the mini pigments. I have never seen them in store but will take a look.
fantastic said…
#07 of the shadows, and #11 of the pigments look really pretty! Thanks for comparing those two foundations--when I get around to picking up another foundation (it will probably be a while, as I'm finding it takes forever to finish just one!), I'll def consider the 10 hr sleep effect.

Btw, your pictures just get better and better! Xx
India said…
I haven't tried the Ombre a paupieres! I really want to now :) xx
Muhsine Emin said…
@Sophie they are def worth a look, check out No:11, it's a really unique colour. X

@Fantastic 07 e/s & 11 from the pigments are so pretty. I know what you mean about using up foundations, it takes forever, and thanks for always complimenting me on my photography skills :) xx
This review is great - the pigments really look like they're worth it! I dislike Bourjois eyeshadows - I never knew that you're supposed to apply them wet - guess that would have been helpful!
Alina said…
I agree with bourjois round pot eyeshadows not eing very pigmented..i personally do not want to buy an eyeshadow that i have to apply wet to get the colour as in the pot. I have many of the pigments from their mini colection and i love them. They are really good quality, size and great prices too.

Thanks for the foundation review..i wanted to try it but seeing as you said its not dewy, i think il give it a miss.
Εvi said…
Bourjois round pot eyeshadows are baked, that might contribute to the poor pigmentation of the swatches when used dry. By the way, is it just me or is it true that when an eyeshadow pot gets in contact with water, the surface gets ruined and then it can't be used dry?

Anyway, I find Bourjois products too cute to be passed by ;)
AllThingsGirly said…
Personally i can never find the correct shade for my skin but this new foundation is worth looking at as i need a pinker based foundation so this could be good for me. I don't particullary love matte finishes or the powder effect though i like to have a little dewy effect or glow to my skin...Did you recieve the concelor as well ? Would you do a review on that as i am looking for a decent one..... I have tried a few of the mini collection but not been overally impressed with them, i'm not a great fan of the dazzle dusts so won't try this version of the mini shadows but i have to say i have just purchased two mini nail polishes and so far i am really liking the colour pay off, review/post to come on them...

Great post though hon x
The Beauty Edit said…
Great swatches! I like your comparisons with other brands. I really like the Healthy Mix Concealer, used for undereyes, have you tried that yet? My skin is quite pale so the colour is good for me.
Anonymous said…
I find your swatches against other brands really helpful! Its great too look for dupes :) Im definately going to check those pigments out!x
I have a Mini Boujoirs pigment #12 and I like it. They have good quality and long lasting. And they're cheap!

Thanks for the review of the foundation.
Noris said…
Oh! I think I'll keep using my 10 hours foundation, for I prefer the dewy look. Great review as always :)
I've never considered looking at the Mini Bourjois, will def have a look next time though. x
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks for your responses girls, I love reading them! X

@cbsg5861 if the eyeshadows are baked, it's ok to get them wet, but say when a normal mac eyeshadow gets wet it can ruin it and the layer has to be scraped off.

@Jody ooo great news for you with the pink tones then. I didn't get the concealer as there wasn't one suitable for my skin shade, they might send me one later to review.

@The beauty edit I havent tried the concealer. x
Devea said…
These pigments and eyeshadows are gorgeous! Thanks for the review!
Anonymous said…
i love the mini pigments...the round pots seem like i would def have to wet them to like them ...!!

xo mw
Kajal Couture said…
Those shadows look lovely and very pigmented! I have been wanting to try out their foundations, esp the 10 hr one you always recommend!
LillianZahra said…
Great review and swatches - the pigments look great and are really good value too! I was looking at the Little Round Pot Eyeshadows today and had no idea they were supposed to be used wet. I'm surprised how poorly pigmented they are when swatched dry.
LilyRibbons said…
Thank you so much for this post! I have tried out a few Barry M dazzle dusts and i like them but a cheaper alternative is always good to know about! I think 10 and 11 of your pigments look gorgeous! Are they available in superdrug? Oh and thank you for the swatch of Macs Club e/s, been wanting to buy this for a while but wasnt too sure of the colour payoff! Is it nice on green eyes?

I love posts with lots of pics so this was a great one!

Lil x
Muhsine Emin said…
Lil Yates yes you can get the mini bourjois from Superdrug, Mac club is lovely, it sometimes looks green or brown, depending on the light and base you use, and obviously what other colour you combine it with, but in general is a pigmented e/s and one that I love. x
Alina said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said…
Thanks for the great swatches :) xx
The Sparkly Poo said…
I've never been a big fan of the little round pots. Who's got the time to use a wet brush, eh? Thanks for this :) x
kiddie26 said…
hi thanks for a great post as always. i am interested to see if you found the foundation long lasting. i tried some on the back of my hand and it seemed to disappear pretty quick despite claiming to last 16hours. xx
Muhsine Emin said…
@kiddie26 it lasted a few hours, but I didnt leave the foundation on long enough to really test it as I didnt like the finish. :/ x
Hinna said…
The Bourjois pots swatches are really disappointing dry, but they sure do come alive when wet! I much prefer the look of the mini loose shadows.

It's funny thinking about different foundation preferences! For me, neither of those you swatched would provide enough coverage! Maybe in a few years when my skin sorts itself out ... Lol xxx
Unknown said…
Wow, looove these swatches!! Shame it's not sold her in the states, at least I doubt it, I've never seen it!
JANE. said…
Thanks for posting this:)))))

I spotted the 75 eyeshadow in boots the other day and I was getting sooooo excited!!! Purple and glittery!<3<3<3
Robo said…
Hello! Came across your blog via, and I actually just bought the Healthy Mix Foundation. I was quite impressed with it because it matched SO well with my skin tone, and that's something I've always had issues with. I've tried everything from liquid to mineral, Armani to Almay. Perhaps the type of primer used will affect how it sits on the skin? I use Laura Mercier's oil free version. It also seems that a little bit goes a long way with this foundation, and the more you blend it, the better it looks. With the Lilas d'Or blush, it looks great.

Anyway, great blog and excellent tips. I'm definitely bookmarking you :)
Katerina said…
Wow I can't believe you found the healthy fix foundation to be matte! I tried it out today and it was VERY dewy on me, bordering on shiny/greasy!

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