Happy ..... Day!

Yes, today is Valentines day, but what's that all about? When you are in love, everyday should be celebrated, not just Feb 14th. So today I say... Happy 'Day' and may every single day be filled with love.

I refuse to spend silly amounts of money on Valentines day and instead try to show my appreciation with a personal touch. Last night I baked some 'Sweet Heart' cookies.

You know I am crazy about presentation, so I tried to make them look as adorable as possible.

They tasted so crumbly and delicious, it was a fantastic hit! My Hubby was SO pleased. :)

I got my cookie cutter from Paperchase, along with all the other bits. I'm very obsessed with that shop, stationary is probably my 2nd biggest obsession after beauty products!

Here's the recipe that will make approx 20 large cookies!

  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 1 cup of butter (I used Lurpak)
  • 2 Eggs
  • Squeeze of orange juice for flavour.
  • 2 Tea spoons of baking powder

Mix all together!

  • I added flour until it turned into a dough and added some dark chocolate chips suitable for baking.
  • I cut my heart shapes using the cookie cutter and baked on greaseproof paper in a preheated oven for roughly 20mins.



LilyRibbons said…
What a lovely idea! I actually saw this cutter in paperchase along with all their other valentines things! I went for the heart shaped mirror myself! I will have to try the recipe, ive been looking for a good cookie recipe for a while! Happy...Day! to you too :)
Lil x

Lina said…
Mmmmm, they look so good and relatively simple to make. Of course I'll need to get the Sweet Heart cookie cutter as well, haha. Great post. xx
Laura-PBN said…
I baked for Mr Lollipop too - completely agree with your sentiments :) Your cookies look delicious xx
Unknown said…
Hey Mushine! I totallyt agree with you in that spending lots of money today is nonsense since love should be celebrated everyday! Instead, a cute detail like yours is much better.
I must say I share your 2nd obsession with you, again, since after beauty products and cosmetics I am totally crazy about stationery. I am going to check that website right now.
P.D a couple of weeks ago I purchased some Moleskine notebooks! Gorgeous!
Have a sweet and yummy day you two.
Love from Spain,
Unknown said…
Sorry Muhsine since I mis-spelled your name in my previous comment, this silly keyboard... XX
Rosa Adores... said…
ohh those cookies look yummy! and that cookie cuter is sooo cute!
i'm glad your having a great 'day' :)
Oooh I haven't been in paperchase for years since I worked in London....lovely lovely stuff. Baking sounds yummy, but I went for painting instead.....you can see the results on my blog. lol x
ahh they are so sweet! I think thats a lovely gift xx
Anonymous said…
That's such a great idea! Those cookies look so yummy!
Shortiee31 said…
They look amazing! How much flour did you use?.. You didn't say :) x
Tali said…
Lucky hubby!! :)
I am so anti valentines day and i must say even though im anti valentines.. i could have made a bit more effort this year lol. Ohh well next year I may bake him a cake!
Muhsine Emin said…
@Shortiee It was roughly 3 cups maybe more not sure, I never measure flour, I just add until it looks right :)
AllThingsGirly said…
Everyday is Valentines in my home ;) LOL xx

Love the cookies babe and that cutter is so cute!! I am so obsessed with stationary esp from paperchase love that store
Evee said…
cute cookie cutter! bet they were delicious xx
Devea said…
Those cookies are adorable! I didn't do anything for valentines day.....oh well...maybe next year!
Anonymous said…
looks cute and yummy! In Japan, its all about DIY cooking - as gifts!
fantastic said…
i love this cookie cutter/stamp! what a great idea :) conversation hearts were part of the Mr's gift..they were in spanish though. and for some reason, most of the phrases had rubbed off :( ah well! x
The Sparkly Poo said…
Hehe, I also love stationary, I remember my frequent trips to paperchase ogling all their beautiful designs. Lovely Valentines Day idea :) x
iliketweet said…
They look so yummy, such a sweet idea :)


Anonymous said…
How cute are those cookies? I hope your day ended well! XO
Unknown said…
Yummmm I want to try! XO
GiGi said…
That was so sweet! We don't get each other anything either. We make it a point to just get out, even for a coffee!
Anonymous said…
Your cookies look delicious & made with a lot of love! x

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