Inspiring Interiors

I love how simple yet cosy this bedroom looks.

I love the 'rustic' feel to this sitting room...

This bedroom looks so airy and beautiful.

I want this dressing table... I'm having dreams about it! It has so many little drawers that would fit make up in. It's just SO adorable.

..and this little stool.

I'm not telling you where they are from as they are the last ones remaining and I want them! :) I hope they are still in stock next week! Pray for me! :)

I would love to combine shabby chic with a rustic island or urban feel for a bedroom. Too much shabby chic can look a bit too much, too many florals make it look a tad dated in my opinion. I prefer to add rustic touches, stuff that have uneven edges, woods, shells and natural textures. I also like to keep things minimal, so clutter is a big no no. What's your style?


Εvi said…
Oh I wish you all the luck!
I hope the little dresser will be unnoticed by the crowd for you to get it!

Its style is so Bubblegarm ;)
Muhsine Emin said…
@cbsg5861 Thanks, I hope so too :) xx
Devea said…
That dresser is absolutely adorable!! I am crossing my fingers for you! :)
Lola said…
The vanity looks great! I would describe it as vintage chic. Fingers crossed for you! :)

Good Luck! xo
Muhsine Emin said…
@Lola yes vintage chic for sure :)
Jekkita said…
I know where that dressing table is and Im going to get it!! justttt kidding. lol
I really love the first picture. it looks sooo comfortable I just wanna sleep in it
Unknown said…
They are amazing :)
These pics are the look I'm looking for my new house, moving next weekend. Very inspiring, thanks :)
Anonymous said…
oooh, I love the second image you posted. I am all about the 'rustic elegance,' must be a Capricorn thing ;)
Laura said…
ooh, good luck girl! i hope you get that dressing table! it's gorgeous :)
i absolutely love that rustic/shabby chic style ♥
Unknown said…
Good luck!! Fingers crossed for you.
I love that cosy shabby chic feel, the dressing table is beautiful.

ellinelle said…
..I addore french style furniture , it's kind of romantic and really glamorous ..I have french style dressing table in my wish list - I just NEED to have it ..I found it on very good web site furniturevillage - I can spend hours in french section : )
..I really wish you to get your dressing table in the picture ,it's truly beautiful ..I like also the other interiours you posted ..have a wonderful day
Muhsine Emin said…
@Dela Rome lol, u got me angry there :) thank you. x

@Gabriela good luck with the move sweetie xx

@Andi, yes it must be a Capricorn thing :) x

@Laura & Kel thanks girls :) xx

@ellinelle Thank you, french style furniture is the best! :) x
ellinelle said…
..sorry ,the web is ..I get mixed up : )
ErynneC said…
Aww...they are so adorable! I am waiting for my own place one day too, which I can decorate and buy items to my liking. =)

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