Lush Haul

I squeezed in a small trip to Lush yesterday, here's what I got:

Honey I washed the kids - Soap. I love this SO much!

Tea Tree toner - My skin likes this A LOT.

The comforter - Bubble bar. OMG the last time I used this I was at college! Crazy, I know.

Happy blooming bath melt - 1st time purchase!

Ultimate Shine - Solid shampoo. 1st time purchase.

Godiva - Solid shampoo & conditioner. 1st time purchase. Used this once so far, it's quite nice. However, you can't get away with just using this. You still need a 'proper' conditioner.

Jungle - solid conditioner. 1st time purchase. Used this once so far, it's horrid. It doesn't even come close to conditioning the hair. I had to shampoo again to wash it all out and then conditioned with Bodyshops banana conditioner.

I forgot to buy ocean salt, Angels on bare skin and Turkish Delight smoothie shower soap! That's what you get for not making a list!

What have you purchased from Lush recently and are any of you ANTI LUSH?


Anonymous said…
Great haul! I love the Comforter bubble bar, it smells gorgeous and makes your bath water pink. What more can you ask for?
Unknown said…
Jungle is tricky to use - jungle soup works well tho. I don't like the solid shampoo bars they make my hair like straw, I wish they did work though as I adore the smell of Godiva.
Muhsine Emin said…
@Kelly/PlaneBeauty I know, isn't it amazing :)

@Lady Gray ooo interesting, I hope my hair doesn't feel like straw!
Jen said…
It's a bit of a cliche now, but I finally bought Big shampoo the other week and I am in love! Oh and I am also loving the lip scrubs...yum.

I've used the solid shampoos before, sadly my hair type is a bit too demanding for it - let us know how you get on :)
Tali said…
LOVE the cherry flavoured bath melts they smell sooooo good.
I also fogot the turkish delight soap last time i was there.. but at £15 (which is a bit much) maybe its a good thing! lol I want to see some reviews on it before i buy!!
Anonymous said…
Hey, I updated my Lush series yday and did a post on the Comforter Bubble Bar. Such a treat and doesn't it look so bright and happy?! I've decided every girlie needs to try it once!
loveaudrey said…
I used happy blooming for the first time last night and was disappointed. I'm going to mix it with a sakura bath bomb tonight though which might be nicer. I picked up turkish delight today. I adore rose scented products so I can't wait to give it a try.
abbzzw said…
I use ultimate shine and godiva :) hope you like them as much as I do

And I loveee honey i washed the kids :):) xx
Miss Tapia said…
I've never purchased Lush products but I'm hearing lots of good things about them. I might just give it a try =)
Muhsine Emin said…
@Jen big is great :)

@Tali I know £15, that's crazy! Might just get a sample instead :)

@essjay23x I agree! :)

@loveaudrey I used the blooming bath melt with the comforter, didnt make that much difference. It's abit blah perhaps.

@abbzzw said I hope so :)

@Mis Tapia start with 'honey i washed the kids' soap! X
Asiya said…
Hi Muhsine,

I'm a big fan of their sugar scrubs. I love the way they come as a solid bar, plus, they are cheaper than body shop!

I want to try one of their solid bath soaps on the kids, but because of their eczema they can't have any of the scented stuff. That rainbow coloured one (can't remember it's name) looks like it would be a blast for my little girl.
Ebru said…
Gotta love a Lush haul! I absolutely love the Comforter, it's one of my faves of all time. For some reason I just never liked Honey I Washed the Kids and I know a lot of people do, is there something wrong with ME??? Have you ever tried their Porridge soap? If not, then you must give it a whiff next time you're there, ahhh it smells AMAZING!
I'm just getting into having baths (as opposed to showers). When I went to the spa, my masseuse told me that I have a lot of upper back tension, and that I should take epsom salt baths.

So I now want to check out the LUSH bath products - as there is nothing nicer than soaking in fragnant water.

I found a great DIY recipe for a detoxing soak - and I plan on making that too - it uses Epsom and Sea salts, Glycerine, Baking soda and the essential oil of your choice. I'm going to use rose oil :-)
I'm taking a break from buying Lush and posting on it...I find that my skin needs a break. I was in the process of trying different shampoos and conditioners and I find that their conditioners just don't do anything for me. But I have the ultimate shine bar and its great, leaves my hair shiny and soft.
I like honey I washed the kids, but I don't know why but I just don't love it like everyone else..but I think I'm over their soaps, I actually just did a post about a bunch of different ones that melted/gone bad...they look like fungus :(
Muhsine Emin said…
@aaina it's great for the little ones :) x

@Ebru maybe you love it or u hate it :) porridge smells nice too! :) x

@Ella pretty sounds good, diy is the best. I refused to buy their lip scrubs - easily make them yourself, quicker than locating something tiny like that in my stash :) xx

@Obsessed.Makup.Addict I think some people get carried away with lush, I mean it's hard not too as it's addicting. But, I don't understand buying tons of stuff just to store it. I only buy what I need or run out of. I hate lush conditioners too, I use a bodyshop one. I've tried to love them but don't. As I have just got my hair dyed 'big' will strip it so I wanted something more gentle. I hope I like the ultimate shine as much as you do! x
The Sparkly Poo said…
Lovely purchases :) x
The shampoo bars are both really great! Ive used them for a while and they work really well!
Lush bars are the best when it comes to travel!!
Hope you like it!
India said…
Great haul! I love the Tea Tree toner too xx
Karleigh said…
great haul, that bath melt looks yummy! I recently bought CoalFace soap (my ultimate HG, its AMAZE.) candy bubble bar, ultrbland make up remover & Dark Angels scrub/wash all amazing =D

Karleigh said…
great haul, that bath melt looks yummy! I recently bought CoalFace soap (my ultimate HG, its AMAZE.) candy bubble bar, ultrbland make up remover & Dark Angels scrub/wash all amazing =D

I hear about Lush products all the time, but I can't find them anywhere where I live!! Btw, do they sell "paper soap"? I tried this paper soap from a little shop in my town, but they don't sell it anymore! I love it, because you can carry it with you, and have it for those times a bathroom may not have soap in there, ya know!
I love the sound of all of them! I bought the Honey I shrunk the kids soap today too!
Nikki said…
I hated the jungle conditioner, it didn't make my hair tangle free at all! Godiva was the same, I have reviews of them on my blog :)
I dont think I will go to lush again for hair products... too much hassle, liquid is easier :p

Tea Tree toner is so drying for my face as well. I am not anti lush though, I love their facial and body moisturisers :)

I love Lush but it hates me. Everything I have tried dries my skin out :( I really want to try their hair stuff though
Unknown said…
Ooh, I'll have to try the toner out :)

I got Honey I Washed The Kids as well (after reading about you being so into it and hearing a couple of other positive reviews), but I'm not too impressed... Along with HIWTK I got Porridge, which I like more, especially smell-wise, and 2 hennas - Caca Rouge and Caca Brun, which when mixed give a lovely colour :) Got one of the lip scrubs as well, and absolutely loving it - sorted my dry lips right out! :)

Oh dear, maybe I should get a blog as well and review it all? ;)

P.S. Hello by the way :)
Unknown said…
I just bought honey I washed the kids soap and cant wait to use it, I love lush! :) XO
Laura said…
great haul! hope you do some reviews :)
oh goodness, how could anyone be anti-Lush!? haha :)
b3boO! said…
Reading your last post abt "honey i washed de kids", i went to LUSH n bought it, it smells really good but i might not buy it again cz i was expecting de smell to stay a bit but it didn't at least on my skin....
Stephanie said…
I LOVE Lush..i used to work there a few years ago and it was literally heaven on earth <3 I love honey i washed the kids...smells amazing and really moisturizes my skin..I also use a lot of the bath melts as well
Unknown said…
I have no money at the moment, but when i do i'm going to buy LOADS from their new valentines range and the Turkish Delight, so lovely! I adore the comforter, lovely blackcurranty smell, i have the solid perfume of it. I'm not keen on the idea of the solid shampoos not really sure why though.
Roshni said…
i bought 'honey i washed the kids' soap because of you.. and i love it :) it lathers much better than rock star.. also i bought ultrabland.. i hate it.. my skin has broken out and gotten worse! however, i love the rose water toner :) it's very calming :) i also bought the 'crash course in skin care mask' and it is amazing !! really works. but its mainly for dry skin!
Anonymous said…
Great Blog. I recently brought the new Lip scrub in Bubblegum. It is so scrummy and does the job. They have 3 flavours but Bubblegum was my fav. I also got the seaweed face mask. Nice and calming and helps my skin just like the tea tree water you brought. Keep up the great blogs :)
i also went yesterday to Lush store here in Milano
I dediced to buy alot of things but this is my last purchase because i already have what i like and what i need!
I LOVE the soap HIWTK, also the conforter love love love, i tried ultimate shine.. ihave dry hair.. it turns out to dried me more my head.. but although i used the Retread after and my hair is PERFECT!
i recommend you REHAB, is absolutely fav for hairs like ours :)
im waiting my last purchase.. i bought
big shampoo (1st time)
king of skin body butter
sex bomb ballistic
oatifix fresh mask
retread conditioner
creamed and almond shower smothie (i also want the turkish delight hehe)
shower gel rub rub rub 250 gr (third bottle) =)
so happy
but imalso like you.. i just bought only the things i need, unfortunately i need everything from lush hahaha

see you :)
Sara said…
how did the angels on bare skin work for you?
i know youve got the same skin type as me and ive always wondered what angels on bare skin would be like on me just never picked it up.
Ty - if you get round to answering this :)

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