My Skincare Routine!

It's been a few months since I have updated you on what my skincare regime is, and finally feel 100% comfortable with what I am using. Skincare is extremely personal and what works for me may not work for you. It's vital to listen to your skin, it tells you when it's dry or oily, you need to address it and treat it accordingly.

Skin History:

  • I had lovely "normal" skin that was on the dry side up until the age of 22.
  • At 23 my skin went bananas and became very sensitive and very spotty. Sometimes, the acne was hormonal, stress related and other times is was cosmetic acne caused by using the wrong skincare and too much make up.
  • November 2009, I went for a facial where I was diagnosed with "oily" sensitive skin and had my spots extracted, these were mainly small spots on the sides of my cheeks but in general was on the whole surface of my face, I also had big cyst like spots too.
  • January 2010, I went for another facial and my skin was diagnosed as "normal" and even on the dehydrated side.

I have narrowed it down to 4 products that work for me and that have become staples in my skincare routine.

Firstly, I want to introduce you to the miracle cleansing bar that I have been using every morning and every evening. It's by SebaMed and looks like a soap, but it's actually soap free. Soap based skin care products can be too harsh for sensitive skin and breakdown the skin's natural protective layer. In the evening I remove my eyemakeup with my DIY eye makeup remover and then use the cleaning bar to remove my face make up. I store the bar in a case I purchased from Superdrug.

I have been using this since November ever since the pharmacist recommended it to me, he took one look at my skin and very confidently said, the PH level of your skin needs to be balanced. I was like, of course#*?!

I read several reviews for this cleansing bar on makeupalley which consisted of mixed views, but I didn't let that affect me. This bar is highly recommended by dermatologists and very inexpensive (approx £2.50). I seriously love it and wouldn't use anything else to wash my face anymore. If you have any spots you may feel a slight tingle but never stinging, it's very gentle and doesn't leave my skin feeling tight or dry. I stopped using it for a couple of weeks, and I got spots again, so I can 100% say that this soap does work!!!

(Click to enlarge)

The 2nd thing my skin has been loving is the Tea Tree water by Lush, for some reason my skin absolutely loves it, it leaves me feeling fresh and doesn't irritate my skin.

Here's what it contains...

When I went for my facial in January at a Champneys spa, these products by Elemis caught my eye. They are the Elemis maximum moisture day cream and maximum replenish night cream. The moisturisers are supposed to be intelligent enough to adjust to your skincare needs. This seemed perfect for me as my skin type keeps changing.

Click photo to enlarge to read the back clearly.

I don't know if they are intelligent or not, but what I do know is that these creams haven't irritated my skin and leave my skin feeling hydrated, smooth but not greasy. They have a lotion type consistency and I love the packaging. as it's very practical yet sleek. The day cream is £35 and the night cream is £40. I purchased the day cream and got the night cream free as I am fabulous at finding special offers. :)

Sometimes, my skin feels dry so I mix a little bit of pure organic rosehip oil from Neal's Yard with the Elemis Maximum replenish moisturiser.

To exfoliate my skin I use Lush Ocean Salt roughly once a week, I sometimes crush fresh fruit and spread it on my face too :) and lately I have been loving up the Montagne Jeunesse face masks for weekly pampering

If you are going to check out one thing, make sure it's the SebaMed cleansing bar!

If you are confused about your skin visit your doctor, a beautician or dermatologist. Please note that it took me almost 4 months to get my skin clear, I cut down on makeup and made the transition from heavy and thick foundations to light foundations or tinted moisturisers. It takes time for scars to heal and no cream is going to solve that issue overnight. Regular exfoliation and care will payoff.

All products purchased by moi.


Anonymous said…
You mentioned a DIY eye makeup remover, what's in it? :D xx
Nooberella said…
fab fab post, im buying that soap payday!!!!!!!!! and you look GORGEOUS without any makeup on, what a lucky hubby u have =D xxx
LadyDanger said…
I loved reading through this, it was really insightful and I really want to try some of the products you mentioned! :) Your skin is looking gorgeous xx
Lollipop said…
God, you even look gorgeous without make up, it's not fair ha ha xx

I love reading your skincare posts as I have troublesome skin too - very dry at the moment x
Hollywood said…
You are ABSOLUTLY STUNNING seriously I love the fact you show your face without anything on it SO BRAVE !!!! I love that.
Thank you for showing us your Skincare routine I think I will try the soap I always forget about the PH stuff and maybe that's why my skin is so dries.

miraldamaasikas said…
I love your posts. It is absolutely true that it is all very personal. I had bad bad skin for last 15 years!!!! And then I started reading blogs and really studying all the tried and tested alternatives. And vola my skin is wonderful. My husband is tired tired tired of me gushing about it. But I myself cannot belive it since I had resigned to spotty life forwever. What made the difference to me was the olive oil and Prozone (clarisonic dupe but half the price). I basically use olive oil to clense the face of makupally and the. Use soap based clenser with Prozone to get it absolutely clean. Amazing results.
Finding myself. said…
Your skin looks very healthy! I wish that cleanser was available in the US.
Ally said…
It must be a relief to find something that works for you..I did for 6 months last year, but i have found that my skin flares up with travelling and different weather off to find the seba med now just to try it out. You are beautiful without makeup as you are with!
Anonymous said…
Ooh, I need to remember this post. I'm still not sure if I'm going to repurchase Clinique three step. I'm not sure it has done enough to justify it's price tag and I think what has been achieved so far may be more due to the fact that now I have a routine rather then the actual products I'm using.
Fee said…
Loved this post and may actually try out the soap.

I am also in love with the Tea Tree Water, well my skin in. I actually run out afew weeks ago and can already tell the difference in my skin, which isn't good.

when I run out of cataphil I'm definitely going to check out the bar! My skin is still terrible, hopefully I'll find my cure soon! Your skin is looking gorgeous =) xx
Emma said…
I purchased the sebamed bar after you recommended it to someone else a few weeks ago but I find that it leaves my skin a bit tight albeit soft. Which is a very strange combination. You're right about skincare being very personal. I might give it a few more days just to make sure though! xx
Hope said…
Your skin looks beautiful without makeup!
Riham said…
makeup or no makeup.. you are just as stunning:) mA!
Anonymous said…
love the clear complexion!!
Kajal Couture said…
I don't even think most of those products are available in the US, or I haven't seen them here. But I really enjoyed the post...I like reading what works for different people.
Anonymous said…
You look gorgeous without make-up. Lovely skin, very clear.

I used SebaMed ages ago and after your entry might try it again as my skin is becoming more and more sensitive. I once even reacted to a cream that was supposed to be for sensitive skin, go figure.
Kerry said…
where did you purchase the SebaMed cleansing bar?? xxxx
Lauren Loves... said…
Great post. Have you also tried Elemis' Visible Brilliance moisturiser? I love it. It's a bit pricey but worth it.
I also like Botanics skincare range from Boots. Cheap, but nothing has sorted out my spots like this range.
St Ives is a good shout too.
Clare said…
Thanks for all the tips, I think my skin is on the turn at the moment so I'll take some on board! What is your DIY make up remover by the way?

Come over and say hello sometime :)


Liparazzi said…
Kudos to you for posting a 'no makeup' pic! I wouldn't have been brave enough to do that before but I reckon I might do that in future so people can see the true condition of my skin. Thanks for a great post x
VampiressDoll said…
Whoa sounds like a wonder soap especially being £2.50! x
Patricia said…
your skin looks perfect! glad to know it's cleared up now, it's really bad when something is breaking you out and you don't know exactly what it is so congrats for finding the right stuff for your skin :)
Fab fab post - you're stunning with and without make up :D x
Muhsine said…
Thanks for your wonderful comments girls! I appreciate the positive responses. I removed my no makeup pic as I just felt weird looking at it on my blog, those of you who saw it are lucky! :) X

I know that most of the products aren't available in the US but I'm sure you can order it online and have it shipped if you wanted to.

@Alice, I have added a link to where I mention it on the post.

@Kerry I purchased the sebamed cleansing bar from a chemist in haringey London.
Marshall said…
I was given a sample of the sebamed soap in my local chemist about 2 weeks ago and It's made a difference to my skin already! Definitely a great find :)
missmascara1983 said…
I bought the Sebamed bar today, dont know why but am feeling a bit apprehensive about using a a bar of soap to wash my face! xx
jalyssacakex said…
Hiii really great post =) I am curious about the Lush Toner, does it work well for balancing oil? I can't seem to find it on the website =(
Ting Ting said…
I've tried Sebamed before, the liquid version instead. Have been using it for years before I started to indulge in cosmetics and skincare and I went on to try other brands. But I agree with you, it's great for sensitive skin!
Muhsine said…
@Marshall Yay :)

@missmascara1983 it will be ok, i promise.. give it a chance, its just a form of soap its actually soap free. :) x

@jalyssacakex yes the teatree water works great for oily skin, it helps close up pores dramatically.
Hinna said…
I missed the picture it seems! But I think you can tell that your skin is good from the light base in all your other pictures!
Sarbeauty said…
Def going to try that soap bar thing!
My skin was great untill i hit 22/23 now i get break outs a few times a month =/

thanks for the info :)
Mariana said…
I love your blog :) nice work!
Marina said…
Hi can you please tell me where you went to have a facial as I have loads of bumps UNDER my skin that I really want to get rid of
You can email to
Thank you so much!
Btw your skin is gorgeous! :)
Ruzanna said…
Hi! Just wanna say thanks for recommending the sebamed bar. I couldn't find the exact bar where I live (well I didn't really look that hard cos I was eager). But I did find one that is actually for babies, but it is also pH 5.5, soap free and alkali free. And its helping with the occassional cystic acne on my chin! Been using over a week now, and I will continue using it and see if it can stop future cystic acne :) Thanks!
Sandy Zoee said…
Great post. Have you also tried Daffy baby skin bathing bar moisturizer? I loved it. It's a low price with pH5.5 soap.
I like soaps which moistures in the outermost layer of the skin & keeps the baby`s skin smooth & supple.

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