This morning I was greeted with a mahoosive size of Calvin Klein - Euphoria from my dad and it got me thinking, why the hell did I do without it for so long and decided to make a list of my favourite perfumes and share them with you.

I have sectioned my favourites into 3 rows horizontally.
  • 1st Row: Evening scents. The last two are so sweet you might be sick, but not me. :)
  • 2nd Row: Sweet Fruity daytime scents. Warning: some may find them TOO sweet, but I don't!
  • 3rd Row: Fresh daytime scents

1) Calvin Klein – Euphoria (Dark, sexy, sophisticated & slightly sweet scent.)
2) Gucci – Flora (Sophisticated floral scent.)
3) Britney Spears - Midnight fantasy (Dark, sexy & VERY sweet scent.)
4) Britney Spears – Fantasy (VERY sweet scent.)
5) Cacharel – Amor amor (Sweet fruity scent.)
6) Nina Ricci – Nina (Sweet fruity scent.)
7) YSL – Babydoll (Fluffy Sweet fruity scent.)
8) Escada – Pacific Paradise (light sweet tropical summer scent.)
9) Escada – Sunset Heat (light sweet tropical summer scent.)
10) D & G – Light Blue (light fresh scent.)
11) Davidoff – Cool water (light fresh scent.)
12) Cerruti – 1881 (light, fresh & feminine scent.)
13) L’occitane – Cherry Blossom (light, fruity & refreshing scent.)
14) Vera Wang – Princess (light, fresh, vanilla scent.)

I personally don't like to own all of these perfumes at once, I prefer to have about 5 on the go and buy new ones as they finish. I don't want them to clog up valuable space and I seriously don't think it's necessary to own so many at once as they can go off.


My favourite men's scent has to be Paco Rabbane '1 Million'. Every time my husband sprays it, it sends me a little bit crazy. It smells SO amazing! So, if you are stuck on buying the boyfriend or hubby something, definitely get him this! Look at the packaging....

What are your favourite scents?
Images from google search engine, I was not paid to do this post and I am not a secret perfume shop owner trying to get rid of my stock! :)


Karleigh said…
thats so strange, I have just done a post on my faveourite fragrances lol.

great minds and all that! xxx
Muhsine Emin said…
@Noorbella - of course, great minds think alike :) X
Unknown said…
I love all of the second row :) Great post. xx
Ebru said…
I just did one of these too :) I heart Euphoria to pieces, that perfume stays on all day and night, great job CK! My favorite cologne must be Acqua Di Gio, I thought of getting myself a bottle just so I could sniff it all the time, then just ended up getting it for my hubby :) I never heard of this cologne that you wrote about maybe I will get him this one too, hopefully it's not one of those brands that are sold only in UK?
Sophie said…
I love the smell of Cherry Blossom L’occitane
Lauren said…
My faves are Calvin klein euphoria and
Stella McCartney STELLA

LOVE them :)
Muhsine Emin said…
@Ebru omg Aqua di gio is another fav, I LOVEEEEEE that scent! :) I think 1 million is worldwide, it's gorgeous, you have to get hubby a bottle, you will be hooked. I kind of want one for myself lol! X

@Sophie yes L'occitane do some lovely scents that they aren't credited for. x
Muhsine Emin said…
@Lauren Euphoria is just AMAZING, I have never tried STELLA by stella mcartney, will give it a whiff next time I see it. X
Such an interesting list! A lot of people love Britney Spears perfumes - I should try smell them the next time I'm at a store.

When I was younger - I really liked sickly sweet perfumes - Versus by Versace, Red Jeans by Versace, the apple one by Lolita Lempicke.

Now I like for daytime - lemon citrusy scents - especially men's ones...Burberry Weekend for men and Dior's Eau Sauvage. I want to get Aqua Di Parma eventually.

For going out I love Coco Mademoiselle (cliche - but it smells gorgeous on me) and Angel by Thierry Mugler (I layer this with a pure rose perfume - and it makes it smell even more amazing).
India said…
Ahh I have a few loved ones on that list! Great post xx
Karleigh said…
have you tried Chloe? its sooo pretty, I love it =D

Also if you get a chance could you please do a swatch of the bourjois healthy mix foundation? Im itching to see it, and theres so swatches online =0/

ps. thanks for following! xxx
Tali said…
Im gonna go on a spritzing trip next time i pass the perfumes section. I love most of them the only ones im not familiar with is the Escada ones!! (and they sound exactly like my type of smell!!)

Muhsine Emin said…
@Ella Pretty - I used to get those Versus ones too! I also love mens scents. Coco madmoiselle is AMAZING, I forgot to include that one, oh well! :)

@Noorbella no I haven't tried the Chloe one, I will put swatches up of the new bourjois foundation, I'm actually going to maybe do a comparison. They are not that similar. I will do it soon, promise, (few days!) X

@Tali Escada do great ones, their limited edition summer scents are the best! X
Anonymous said…
We have so many of the same ones! I love Light Blue and used to wear Amor Amor a lot.
My all-time favorites though are Gucci Rush 2 and Issey Miyake. I also LOVE Burberry Summer. Fun post!
By the way - I read of a great tip for making your perfume last - put a little vaseline on your pulse point, and spray the perfume on top of that. Apparently it makes the scent linger :-)
jennie said…
I ♥ flora. I think that's the next on my list to get. I don't like having too many perfumes at once either, it makes me sad if they start to smell a bit off! xo
Muhsine Emin said…
@Andi oo I love issey miyake too!

@Ella pretty excellent tip, Will try that, and apprently you should never spray perfume directly onto your collarbone & neck, as the alcohol can age it. X
Ashwini said…
I know what you mean about going a little crazy. When my husband sprays on Gucci by Gucci for men, I go nuts! ;)
Unknown said…
LOL @ the disclaimer.

Had I known you loved Amor Amor I'd have given my bottle to you. It was given to me as I gift but I hated it and gave it to my Mum a few wks ago. I gave Britney Spears Fantasy away to somebody at work too. It's nice but I'd just grown out of it.

I just finished Nina by Nina Ricci and am gonna get Bvlgari BLV II next cos it smells amazing! Maybe the Mr will surprise me with it on Sunday actually LOL xx
Muhsine Emin said…
@Ashwini lol, nice to hear I am not alone! :)

@Vex gotta love my disclaimer! :)
you are obvisouly more sophisticated than me at picking scents, I'm still hanging on to my super sweet (probably annoying) scents :) Maybe the mr will surprise me too, here's hoping :) X
Em said…
ooh looks like we have similar taste in perfume, I own a few of those! I'll have to go and test some more of the ones on your list now! :) x
The Sparkly Poo said…
Vera Wang is delicious, I completely agree with you on the not needing too many perfumes :D x
fantastic said…
some of these are the same from my collection, so now i'll have to try the rest! i like the look of that paco bottle..may be something to look into :) x
MediterraneanX said…
no. 2,8 and 14 are my favourites...along with Burberry Brit!
MediterraneanX said…
I also love Miss Dior Cherie and steal it from my mum when I can :)
Unknown said…
I'm currently using Britney Spears Fantasy, and Beckham's Signature, but love Kenzo's Flower and Amour, Burberry's Brit and Klein's Euphoria (btw, maybe it's only me, but Euphoria smeels a lot like Signature and one of the XS perfumes ;)
I'm very fussy with my smells and it takes me absolute ages to find something I like, so this might be the only couple I'd reach for so far.

When it comes to colognes, I totally agree - Acqua Di Gio ROCKS! And it all started with a very sexy priest... <3 ;-)
This comment has been removed by the author.
ralph lauren, victoria's secret heavenly(which i've gotten compliments on),DKNY be delicious, halle berry,victoria's secret sweet temptation(but i think they discontinued it), victoria's secret black noir are some of my favorites!
Anonymous said…
I loove perfume, yay so goes without saying a very good post. I've discussed this on my blog before but often I choose my perfume according to who I want to be that day. It really seems to work. Ghost orginal and chanel allure are my grown up perfumes. Givenchy Very Irresistable and Beckham Intimately when I'm out to impress, Diesel when I'm in work mode and Gucci Rush 2 when I want to kick back and just be me. I love Flora and Princess and am lusting after Marc Jacobs Lola and then there are all the others . . ! Must try Britney Spears though, a lot of people seem impressed with her range. Ha, can you tell I get a bit carried away when it comes to fragrance?!
Dye-A-Graham said…
I really like's in the mens section at Sephora but I think it can double as a ladies cologne as well. I looove it. I must check out the '1 Million' for my hubby. Sounds interesting.
Muhsine Emin said…
@essjay23x that's a fantastic way to choose your scent :)

@Dye-A-Graham oo we have no sephora in the UK :(
Jekkita said…
thats so weird i just did a male perfume post! lol i work at a perfume shop and ppl go crazy for the one million.

great post!
Tass said…
I agree about 1 million. Whenever my boyfriend wears it, I can't stop sniffing him! x
Unknown said…
Glad I'm not the only one who like's Britney's fregrances! I really like Believe too - I need to get another bottle as I ran out a while ago.

I bought my boyfriend a bottle of 1 Million for Christmas and it smells AMAZING! Wonder what they put in it that has such an affect on us girls!?
Becka said…
I LOVE Euphoria too, it's one of my favourites along with Daisy - Marc Jacobs, Chance Fraise - Channel, Nina - Nina Ricci.
I really want the Gucci flora one xx
Unknown said…
I love Euphoria Scent, I have all 4 Euphoria perfumes, Classic, Blossom, Spring and Winter. They are great :)
Anonymous said…
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This morning I was greeted with a mahoosive size of Calvin Klein - Euphoria from my dad and it got me thinking, why the hell did I do without it ...

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