Supermarket Shopping!

Technically it's still Saturday for me as I haven't gone to sleep. This evening I pursued the beauty aisles of 'Asda', a UK supermarket like I was on some kind of secret mission to find something that I supposedly needed. A great way to spend Saturday night, I know. :)

The first thing I apparently needed was a toffee shimmer oil and chocolate bubble bath, of course.

The scents won me over, both of them are by N-spa which I think is exclusive to Asda. The toffee shimmer body oil has a sheer tint and tiny flecks of shimmer, once applied it gives a 'healthy' finish and smells of caramel and fruits. I have tried N-Spa's shower gels in the past too, and the vanilla one is my favourite.

Here's the lot I came home with.
  • Ambre Solaire - Dry face mist self tan. £7.50
  • N Spa - Toffee shimmer body oil £3.98
  • N Spa - Loving chocolate bubbly bath (Limited Edition) £1
  • Montagne Jeunesse - Chocolate masque 97p
  • Rimmel - Eyebrow pencil dark brown £2.98

I needed fake tan specifically for my face, this dry face mist by Ambre Solaire fit the bill. I haven't tried this particular product before, but am in much need. I don't think I have been so pale. *Holiday please!*
Will I be orange like the can, or bronze like the wording? Hmmmm...

Asda also has make up and lots of it. But everything is very cheap and cheerful. I wanted an eyebrow pencil as I have never tried one before and thought a Rimmel one would be a good starting point. And... guess what? It's actually quite nice, I'm wearing it in the photos, but keep in mind I have no other pencil to compare it to, it's a whole new world.

On an extra note, I flat ironed / straightened my hair for the first time since I got it cut. It looks like the layers have done a runner, but I assure you they are there. I am also liking the colour of my hair, it's gone a lot lighter from when I had it dyed.

What are your best supermarket buys?

Also, yesterday I received my 'About Face' book by Scott Barnes, it's just AMAZING, I purchased from the book depositary which has free delivery worldwide. I will do a separate post on it, because it's that great!


Ohh the toffee body shimmer oil sounds lovely. Great finds hun!
The chocolate bubble bath sounds heavenly!!! I just did some shopping at Target and picked up some great makeup brushes and some other random stuff!
Me said…
Who can resist something that sounds so scrumptious? Mm'mmm....chocolate bubble bath! I'd probably end up licking myself like a kitten, hahaha ^_~

I never have enough luck to find anything at the market! I wish the local markets around me had more treasures. You're so lucky you can obtain such neat finds!!
Unknown said…
Snap on the Rimmel pencil ... I've never used an eyebrow pencil before and bought myself the exact same one on Friday from Superdrug :D I'm really liking it so far :)
Anonymous said…
I love you in green, gorgeous!
I am so getting the Scott Barnes book too, thanks for the fun post!
LillianZahra said…
Great supermarket haul! I use the Rimmel eyebrow pencil in "Hazel" and I love it. Your hair looks really nice straight, too :) x
lorien kate said…
omg YUM! I can only imagine hoe beautiful they'd smell!!!

love the choc face mask aswell :) i buy it in australia aswell, its like $4 here and lasts like 2 uses!!!
The Sparkly Poo said…
ASDA is a great place to go beauty shopping. Their george range is really good, amazing value for money ;) x
Lucy said…
Oooh the facemask, toffee body shimmer and chocolate bubble bath sound amazing!
They have a brand in Tescos which looks IDENTICAL to Nspa and I thought it was the same but it wasn't. Never thought to look in ASDA again.

My two favourite supermarket buys at the mo are the Tescos Vit E wipes and the ASDA nail polish.
Evee said…
yummy chocolate bubble bath :) must smell heavenly!
Alina said…
I'm waiting for my scott barnes book through amazon..its pre ordered...didnt know about the website you mentioned otherwise would have ordered from there. :(

my asda doesnt have much choice in regards to cosmetics, unlike tesco...but has so many hair and body products.

chocolate bubble bath sounds heavenly!
Roshni said…
mm i love the chocolate mask! the only mask that actually works on me!! =D
Becky said…
I love love love nspa! They all smell so amazing.
Anonymous said…
Hee hee. Sounds like my kind of supermarket shopping!
lol "will i be the color of the can or the lettering?" lol anyhow one of my favorite products from the supermarket would have to be maybelline's XXL curl power mascara. it's amazing and i've gotten compliments on my lashes!
Big fan of the N-Spa fruits range here too. Vanilla Creme Brule is my fave too, smells like biscuit mix! Haven't seen that Toffee oil though, looks amazing! Will defo be hunting for that next Asda trip, thankies! x
Anonymous said…
The N Spa chocolate stuff sounds amazing, and the packaging reminds me of Philosophy :) I'd love to read your reviews!!

Ira (yep, I'm new!)
Unknown said…
I love the ambre solaire selftan. It gives a nice tan and does not go patchy. Much better than St Tropez.
Tali said…
Guess whos going to asda tomrrow! lol xx You look so cute in these pics.. so fresh faced!!
nadine said…
Please keep us posted on how you're liking the Garnier self-tan spray... You can't get much paler than me and while I usually just accept (and sometimes even like) my paleness, I'm thinkg of getting a tanner, just for a change.

Sheefa F said…
I love the chocolate masque :)

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