Tanning Update!

I used the dry face mist self tan by Ambre Solaire the evening I purchased it. I liked the effect so much that I went to Asda again the next evening to purchase the dry body mist.

Why? Because, it was quick and easy to apply. It gave me a natural looking golden bronze colour that developed in one night. It dried instantly, I didn't have to rub the product in and it didn't have that nasty fake tan scent.

Please note, I'm not saying that being tanned is the way forward, but me being Meditteranean and generally quite tanned, it just makes me feel more comfortable when I have a golden glow to my skin. Some people favour paleness which looks exquisite, but sadly not on me.

Below is a photo of what I looked like after I used the face mist on my face and chest area overnight. You can see that it made a significant difference, look at my white shoulder. I actually look like I have tan lines from sunbathing.

After using the body mist self tan last night, I am now even and looking quite golden. Application was quick as the aerosol can makes it a breeze, it dried within about 5 seconds, so I was able to get dressed almost immediately unlike the Garnier summer body spray mist I usually use which takes AGES to dry.

However, I wouldn't recommend using it right before bed, as I did get subtle crease marks from my duvet which doesn't look pretty. I would suggest using it a couple of hours before going to sleep or during the day.

As with any fake tan, you absolutely HAVE to exfoliate your whole body and moisturise your knees and elbows to ensure a perfect finish.

Price of face mist - £7.50
Price of body mist - £10.99

Available in 2 choices; (fair - medium) and (medium - dark) skin tones, I purchased the medium - dark option as I wanted a dramatic change as opposed to a subtle one as I felt SUPER pale. I was given the fair - medium option for the body mist at a Garnier event but, I felt like it didn't do enough for me to consider it 'special'.

Will I repurchase? Yes, it does the job. I LOVE the application, it's SO quick and simple to apply. It's quite similar to the St Tropez bronzing spray self tan but not as expensive. I still like my Garnier gradual tanner, which I may use when I want moisture and a more subtle colour. On an extra note, I binned my St Moriz as I HATE the application of it, once I remove the cap the mousse goes everywhere and it just feels too messy.


ellinelle said…
..hello..I have been reading so many good reviews about st.moritz and I give it a try, and I can honestly say - the worst 4£ I EVER spent ..such a horrible "thing" ..Love dry mist by garnier..
Unknown said…
I am so so lazy to tan in winter time... I never do it until the sunshine comes. (Badly done),
However, I have to try this one.
Have a lovely night, Bubblegarm!!
LilyRibbons said…
Ooh you have got me in the mood for tanning now! It lifts your mood when you're nicely bronzed huh?! I use this the day before a night out, i love how you can spray it in any direction! Fab post!
Lil x
Charlotte said…
I love this face spray and it smells good too, gives me a nice even colour even though I am quite fair. Haven't tried the body spray but want to give it a go now!
Εvi said…
I trust your opinion on products, so I will probably purchase it one of those days!!!

Just a little question; is the face mist suitable for the body and/or vice versa?

I was thinking of saving some money and buying only one product, which one would be better for use on face AND body?
Anonymous said…
Do you think there are very many applications in a bottle? Once I start fake tanning, I tend to keep it up for ages, can be expensive. Liked Piz Buin, dial a shade, last yr but think there was some waste dialing a shade from a universal bottle.
Sarbeauty said…

With the body mist do you not have to rub it in at all?

I got this the other week but havnt tried it yet.

thanks :)
It does look very natural. I had a spray tan once and it messed my sheets up so bad I had to get new ones! I really wish I skin with a natural glowing tan all year round.
Devea said…
This sounds like a holy grail tanner! I have never used self tanner before because of my Indian origin, but I will recommended this to my friends!
Ebru said…
Looks great Muhsine! I don't think we have this in the U.S. though bummer! I have been looking for a self-tanning product for a while since I had bad experiences with the ones I used before and tanning beds are not an option for me. Guess the search continues! :)
BrittanyR said…
Ooooh, this makes me crave the summer! I can't wait.
Lived With Love said…
This looks really natural and good! Not like fake tan at all! I might try the fair one! Is it easy to reach everywhere, do you have to get someone to do your back for you? xx
glamour rouge said…
I love this! I allways have a bottle of this in my wardrobe..its great on your legs!!
Sara said…
Hey doll! Xen-Tan is a great at home self-tanner but is pricey. The best yet is the sprays you can get at the salons "Mystic Tan" but those are super expensive! We dont have this brand here, that I know of, so I can't comment on it but it looks to do a great job! Another fabulous one is Hawiian Tropic lotion, a gradual tanner. Best cheap-o self-tanner that you can get for home though I would say is L'oreal Sumblime towelettes, because it isn't messy what so ever and very fast. I didnt experience any streaking with it what so ever and it gives you a great tan glow instantly. Great face application too since its towelettes! I have several boxes of those if you ever want to do a swap or something! I also have two bottles of Hawaiin Tropic. ♥ best wishes*
The Beauty Edit said…
Great post really informative! thanks
Unknown said…
I use the same tanning bronzer, LOVE it!
BTW I have nominated you for Beautiful Blogger Award. Check it out: http://dutchessroz.blogspot.com/2010/02/beautiful-blogger-award.html
Love your blog! xoxo
Lola said…
I definitely need to try this! I hope they have it here. I got a self tanner a couple weeks ago... 'Jergens Natural Glow' for body. Its a cream and takes ages to dry, so streaky, so I really want to try something new. What I like about this is that its a spray, no rubbing in and drys fast, very nice! xo
Muhsine Emin said…
@cbsg5861 thank you. I'm sure you could use either of them on the face or body, but I get scared to sometimes do that, but I would say get the body one as theres more product in it and use it all over.

@essjay23x yes, I would say it would last you a long time, but I havent used up my bottle yet so can't be exact.

@Sarbeauty you don't have to rub in anything, on the face or body!

@Kerry I get hubby to do my back sometimes, but you can use this can upside down aswell so you can do your whole body alone. yay :)

@Sara wow thanks for your detailed post, I've tried the loreal ones, but not the hawaiin tropic. sounds good!

@Dutchess rox thank you so much :)

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