Denim Bow and Pink lips....

This evening, I straightened my hair, back combed the crown and pinned back the front section with some denim bow clips.

In keeping with the girly bow theme, I opted for pale pink lips!

I added far too many colours to my eyes to mention, think black eyeliner on the upper and lower lashline with lots of mascara, a golden peach lid and bronze / brown crease with Mac ''Coppering' e/s on the lower lash line.


  • FACE
  • Bourjois 10hr sleep effect foundation mixed with Revlon photoready.
  • Bobbi Brown tinted eye brightener.
  • Mac 'Sun & Moon' mineralized blush.
  • Mememe Beat the blues highlighter 'Sun Beam'
  • Mac 'Moon River' mineralized grand duo on top.
  • Mac Matte bronzer.
  • LIPS
  • Maybelline Pink Pearl Lipstick
  • Nars Turkish Delight.
  • Miss Sporty 'Plum Tart' lipliner.

QUESTION: Do you do your make up first or decide on what you are wearing first?

I usually choose my outfit first and do my make up accordingly, but sometimes I get so stuck on what to wear that I dash right to my make up. I then dress to match or clash with my make up.


Devea said…
You look gorgeous darling! I usually decide on my outfit first, then if I want a pop of color, it makes it easier in which color to chose! :)
Muhsine Emin said…
@Hope Thanks sweetie, yes I 'try' to choose my outfit first, but love doing my makeup so much that I sometimes dress according to my makeup! :)
Tali said…
I tend to get stuck in a make-up routene when i find something that works (now its peaches and nudes with a pink lip) so as my make-up never changes and i always wear skinny jeans and an all saints t-shirt...I dont really have to chose one first! But i do get dressed AFTER i do my make-up as i have a horrid habbit of spilling loose powder!! xx
Tali said…
ps. you look so stunning as always! Peanut has a milf for a mum LOL hehe
Nars Turkish Delight senin icin ozel uretilmis bir urun olsa gerek.Tabi sonunada Turkish Delight Muhsine yazmalilar...Nars'in Reklam Yuzu olmalisin sen...
ellamarie84 said…
I do my makeup first, always. Then get dressed :) I should try it the other way round sometime though and see how I like it!

You look amazing, that bow is lovely and I'm obsessed with your leather jacket :)

p.s. I love peanut, too! He couldn't be more precious!
Hollywood said…
I love your HAIR it looks Gorgeous shiny and healthy !
and I always choose my outfit first this is the hard part the makeup is the fun part =)
Keisha said…
Hey I see your from U.K I really want 2 Barry M lippaints, and gosh in darling... would you want to do a swap or something?
Jekkita said…
very pretty!
i found that its best if i put my makeup on first, that way i feel more confident when choosing an outfit.
Mz. More said…
That bow is adorable. Love the whole look.
VaidaG said…
You are very pretty :)
Erm.. this is going to sound weird, but i'm currently searching for what hair color i should have now, and i loved yours... do you dye it or they are natural? if you dye it, can you give me a name of the colour...? lol
LillianZahra said…
You look lovely! I love the hairbow. I usually try to choose my outfit first before I do my make-up...if I can't decide then I try to keep my make-up neutral-ish so that I don't end up clashing! I'm so indecisive about what to wear/what make-up to do in the mornings - it's awful! x
India said…
Such a beautiful combo on your lips! xx
Dandelion said…
outfit comes first for me..
u look amazig, really like the necklace
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks for your responses girls :) Love reading them!! XX

@Tali lol :D Yes, I only tend to get confused when I'm going out in the evening, during the day my make up is very boring and standard! X

@Alacati cok tatlisin saol :)

@Vaida G.. thanks :) my hair has been dyed quite a few times in the past, lighter and darker, I recently had it dyed at Aveda, and they used a gold tint I think, and I have some lighter brown highlights at the front. It was a lot darker but it's faded after washing. I would say it's a medium brown goldish colour? Hope that helps xx
Muhsine Emin said…
@Keisha Hi, I am not interested in swapping at the moment.. sorry.
Inner Belle said…
I usually get dressed and then decide what to apply on my face, but some days i do my makeup really simple and decide to chuck on wateva

ps i love the colour of you hair!!!
Sara said…
Hey doll! I know I know, I don't have my own computer at the moment, plus I have been very busy. I wish I had more time too :/ Hopefully I can get back to some kind of roll with posting, even if its a few a month! I haven't posted really since 2009! I adore this look on you, love that you picked a deep blue tank with black jacket- gorgeous! Your makeup looks fab as always. I just got MAC Superdupernatural blush, I was wondering if you had tried this one and if it was close to Sun & Moon?! I have soo many similiar blushes and zero spending money, so I am trying to be careful with what I buy! Any help with that would be fabulous before I go splurge when I really shouldnt! The closest MAC store is hours away too so I would have to make a seperate trip AND not to mention my vehicle is in the shop with a 700$ repair charge coming to me! I usually have to order online or swap if I want MAC :/ Alright doll, keep in touch and I will do the same, sorry to hear about your lil peanut! :[ Thats awful but I hope he feels better SOON! I usually pick my outfit then go from there with the makeup. If am wanting a super bronzed out look though, I will purposely pick an outfit to coordinate! ;) ♥ best wishes!
Muhsine Emin said…
@Sara hey, Sara, thanks hun. I don't have that blush by mac so can't say, :/ sun & moon, is like a coral / pink / bronze colour, that looks really natural on the skin. I'm certain that it's not the only blush that can do that. I think it's really pretty but your collection can do without it. your already beautiful, you dont need the blush :) xx
Anonymous said…
gorgeous !!!
def my makeup and hair first
xo mw
MichĂ©lle said…
Super cute bow! Love your eyeshadow :)
I tend to do my makeup first, which is not good because so many times it doesn't match my outfit AT ALL! lol
I should really start doing it the other way around ;)
xo Michelle
Love the pink lips! And what a great idea to put Coppering on the lower lashline, I always seem to have trouble thinking up what to do with it, but it's such a lovely colour, I need to use it more.
While many consider it a faux pas, I ALWAYS have to choose my outfit first. I am big on matching and looove to coordinate my makeup to my outfit and accessories! So fun! You look so adorable in this look by the way! :]
Hinna said…
You look so so pretty! Really glowy xx
Andee Layne said…
love your hair color! Im thinking about lightening mine for the first time in 8 years!
Anonymous said…
you are my inspiration !!!!! i loove ur makeup keep posting pleasee

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