Dr Perricone: No Foundation Foundation Review

You must have seen google advertise this product everywhere! I did, so I jumped at the chance to test it.

This is an oil free foundation that isn't supposed to look like foundation with an SPF of 30.

Here are the product benefits...

It comes with a pump applicator.

Available in one shade to suit all.

The consistency is quite creamy and light...

It dries to a semi matte finish..

What I like:
It's great that it's light and creamy and has an SPF of 30, I found it easy to blend and apply and noticed an even skin tone after application.

What I dislike: The scent, it actually smells like 'copydex' glue, it's very fishy and I just can't stand it. I thought I had a dodgy bottle, but did some research, and no.. that's the scent. The fishy scent does disappear after about 10 minutes, either that or I get used to the smell. This product has no coverage, it should not be marketed as a foundation, it's more like a tinted moisturiser with no coverage, it just adds a sheer tint of colour and evens out your skin tone. The shade is perfect for me, but I can see it being too dark or too light for some people, so I don't see how this shade would suit all. I also think it's way too expensive for 30ml.

Will I use it? Yes, I hate wasting things so, I will try to use it in the summer when I want to wear no make up and protect my face, whilst evening out my skin tone despite the smell. I will not repurchase!

Would I recommend it?
No, unless you have perfect skin and love the scent of fish.

Price: £41 - 30ml/1 fl oz
Learn more HERE.

Disclaimer: I was sent this for review purposes, I did not get paid for this post and I am not affiliated with the brand. This is my honest opinion as always.


Karleigh said…
are they having a laugh?
Unknown said…
The one shade suits all claim put me off, which is why I didn't bother trying it out.
Muhsine Emin said…
@Nooberella clearly :) I don't see it lasting a long time so I can't justify the price.

@VexintheCity 'one shade suits all' never delivers.
Inner Belle said…
thanks for the review, the smell of smelly fish is making feel sick alredy just imagining putin that on my face,

no thank you perricone!
Sarah said…
I sometimes think that Perricone is like the acid test for impartial blogging. If your review says "it smells like fish", we know you're a straight-talker! Some people do find it ok though, I know. Gemma and I were both pretty grossed out by the cream we tried though.
Muhsine Emin said…
@inner belle

As soon as I applied it, my husband was like "what's that smell"? not good!!!

@Sarah it indeed smells like fish, eww, copydex to be exact!
Marisa said…
omg it's so expensive!!!! And foundations with such high spf makes me feel like it would make my face an oily ball |:
Anonymous said…
"unless you have perfect skin and love the scent of fish." LOL!
wow, that is extremely expensive! Don't you just hate when something seems like a really good idea, then you try it out and it doesn't work as good as you'd like?
Unknown said…
I ordered this from QVC a while back and then felt awful when the amount it cost me came up on my bank statement and so sent it back (oh the joys of tv shopping!) I didn't even try it in the end, just felt guilty about the cost! Thanks for the honest review :) xx
Unknown said…
Hi I've been following you for a while and I think you have a great blog, and you're gorgeous!

I'm looking for a new foundation but I don't think I will try this one! I wouldn't stand the smell.

£41 for a bottle of foundation where they've made no effort to cater to your skin tone? How can they expect me to believe that one tone of foundation will be perfect for porcelain skins and then also for my skin tone?

Plus, the fishy smell is putting me off as well, I had a really nice lipgloss that stank of fish so I chucked that away.

The packaging doesn't look too appealing either, it looks like packaging you get in Holland and Barratt for vitamins.
Krasey Beauty said…
I loved the product, but could not stand the small. It absolutely wreaked! Glad I am not alone in that assessment
thestartsteam said…
Thanks you so much for the review : )
iliketweet said…
£41 for tinted moisturiser?! That's ridiculous... That's very pricey suncream.


Unknown said…
Thanks for the review dear. I appreciate your honest opinion. I was thinking about buying this product online (is not available in my country) and I've heard only good things about it but never something about smell. It's great that I hear this from you because I would definitely not been able to wear it. I hate products that smell bad.
Daly Beauty said…
Great review & thank you for saving me some money. I read an interview with Eva Mendes today praising this product but most online reviews were dodgy. You nailed it for me with "smell like fish" lol.

Terrific blog! Following...

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